Florida fans use ad in Georgia school newspaper to talk trash (Picture)

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As a college student, the one place you would expect to be free from trash talk during a big rivalry week is on your own campus. Chances are there are very few Florida Gator fans on the Georgia campus, so one would think only positive stuff would be floating around about the Bulldogs heading into arguably their most important game of the season this weekend. As you can see from the photo above that Saturday Down South shared with us, that is not the case.

A group of Florida fans took out a full-page ad in the Georgia student newspaper this week just to troll the Bulldogs. The ad predicts a three-touchdown victory for Florida in addition to a series of negative hypothetical quotes about Mark Richt’s squad and a reminder of the lack of success they have had against highly-ranked opponents.

No word yet on whether or not Richt will pull a Charlie Weis and try to intimidate the the school paper.

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Georgia cheerleader Sidni Vaughn transfers to Georgia Tech, where her boyfriend David Scully is the kicker

She did what? Even for cheerleaders, transferring from one major rival school to another is a big time no-no. That certainly applies to Georgia and Georgia Tech, but one brave cheerleader recently made the jump. Sidni Vaughn will cheer for the Yellow Jackets this fall after leading Bulldog fans last season. Why? For starters, she felt that Georgia Tech would give her a better opportunity to gain experience in her aspiring field of physical therapy. As an added bonus, her boyfriend also happens to be the kicker at Georgia Tech.

Vaughn insists, however, that she did not make the switch from Athens to to Atlanta because of David Scully. She says she is not “some lovesick girl that followed him to Tech,” but did admit life will be easier.

“It feels like everything fits better together,” Vaughn told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I think it’ll be a lot better because I can truly support him and be happy with what I’m doing.”

What is perhaps most surprising is that the Georgia Tech cheerleading squad has been very receptive to Scully joining them. She said she was prepared to deal with hate messages via Facebook or other forms of social media but to this point has not seen any. If cheerleading is to be considered a real sport, the Tech squad is going to have to show a little more passion than that. If nothing else, at least make her the water girl for the day or something.

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Video: Georgia Players get Caught in Hedges

In all my years of watching Georgia football, I’ve never seen a player get caught in the hedges. Somehow on Saturday against New Mexico State, two Bulldogs got caught in the bushes. At first it was receiver Tavarres King getting stuck on an incompletion in the second quarter:

Then it was Aron White who plunged into the hedges after catching a touchdown pass towards the end of the first half:

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Georgia Regrets Scheduling Boise State, Thought Kellen Moore Graduated

College football teams schedule their non-conference games with one of two goals in mind: to pick up an easy win or build their strength of schedule.  By scheduling Boise State as one of their non-conference opponents, Georgia was hoping to give themselves an opponent that would demand national attention but was also beatable. According to Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt, that was before Georgia knew Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore was sticking around.

On Friday, Deadspin passed along an interview between Richt and WCNN in Atlanta from Sports Radio Interviews.  Here is what the Georgia coach had to say when asked about scheduling the Broncos.

“[The athletic director] came to me with that and he was like, ‘Well, that quarterback’s a senior and he’s leaving.’ I really didn’t look at it. I knew that he had been there a long enough time that he was probably on the way out. After we signed on the dotted line, then I went and looked at the depth chart and realized he was still there. Then I was hoping he would turn pro early and he didn’t do that.”

Richt has every right to be concerned about Moore, who has been an absolute monster over the past couple seasons.  He has thrived in the Broncos’ system to the tune of 39 touchdowns and three interceptions in 2009 and 35 touchdowns and six interceptions last season.  Joining the Mountain West and not wearing blue uniforms at home could hurt his production a little, but Moore is as legit a college signal-caller as they come.  Next time the Bulldogs will do their homework.

Georgia’s Derrick Lott Out 4-6 Weeks After Scooter Accident

For those of you who missed me a few weeks back, I was busy buzzing around Bermuda on a scooter endangering the life of my fiancee.  While I say that sarcastically, those things really are dangerous — especially in a country with different traffic rules.  Having ridden one before, I completely understand how a player like Georgia’s Derrick Lott could suffer an injury while using one.

Lott is said to have suffered a lower leg injury that required surgery after he crashed his scooter into a fixed object, as UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson shared with the Atlanta-Journal Constituion on Wednesday.  We have featured our fair share of weird injuries on LBS including this one, this one, and this one, but I must admit Lott’s is a bit more understandable.

That being said, injuries like this show us why professional athletes’ contracts have become much more detailed in recent years with regard to motorcycles.  Scooters have been a problem for Georgia for quite some time now, with baseball player Chance Veazey having been paralyzed from the waist down in a 2009 accident.

Should athletes not ride scooters because of the risk?  I guess you could say they should never leave their house if you want to argue that, but it certainly doesn’t help.

Mark Richt’s ‘Win at All Costs’ Thoughts Are Laughable

Georgia football coach Mark Richt got all righteous during a meeting of “Bulldog faithful” in South Carolina last week. First, Richt drew attention for calling out the practice of over-signing, which is an unethical yet commonly-used practice employed by Nick Saban most notably. The he took an idealistic stand against the world of college football according to the Ledger-Enquirer, saying “There’s been a bit too much of the winning at all costs in college football and I hope the tide turns in the other direction.”

I love Richt’s righteous approach and wish more programs followed the rules and put winning behind ethics, but I know that’s unrealistic. However, I wouldn’t complain about someone preaching about morals if the remarks hadn’t come from someone who is ONE OF THE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTORS TO THE PROBLEM.

Georgia is notorious for its football team having run-ins with the law. From 2008-2010, the program had 25 arrests, all documented by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The charges ranged from DUI to battery to hit and run to theft, so they vary in severity, but there is little doubt Georgia fostered a team of criminals. Think about it, they didn’t take come EDSBS’ coveted Fulmer Cup for nothing; a lot of hard work went into winning that title. We even noted a few of the arrests back in 2008, pointing out that the arrests indicated Georgia was in mid-season form.

And honestly, if you want to talk about winning at all costs, who can forget the honorable gesture of a Georgia assistant giving an opposing kicker the choke sign before he attempted a field goal against them. But maybe we should forgive the coaches and players. After all, they may be taking their lead from this man.

Preach on, Brother Richt, and don’t let a little thing like facts get in the way of your ideals.

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Isaiah Crowell Signs with Georgia, Breaks Out Puppy Bulldog on TV

Isaiah Crowell is one of the top rated running backs in the country and one of the most-coveted high school players (he was ranked as the top RB on ESPN and Rivals’ lists). On Signing Day Wednesday, he announced he was choosing Georgia over Alabama. The Carver High product combines with several other in-state recruits to form what coach Mark Richt terms a “dream team” of local players.

Richt’s squad has been struggling lately, going 8-5 in 2009 and 6-7 this past year which was Richt’s first losing season. He had a well-publicized plan to recruit in state and keep local players at home — hence the “dream team” concept. Crowell helped make Richt’s dream come true by finally accepting the scholarship offer that was extended to him when he was a freshman.

So what’s the story behind the bulldog puppy you ask?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found out that “Crowell’s friend and backup running back Cequanti Ford brought out his bulldog puppy for him to hold.” Keeping in stride with the antics many high schoolers devise on Signing Day, “the two had hatched the plan Tuesday to add flair to the ever-growing pomp of signing-day announcements. Ford had to smuggle in the puppy — named Uga, naturally — to keep the decision a secret.”

I ripped into a Rutgers signee for his self-centered jerk move during his announcement and I’m no fan of the egotistical display put on by many of these teenagers. Breaking out the puppy however didn’t hurt another school, and let’s face it, it was kind of cute. Now all that remains is seeing if Crowell can live up to his high school billing. Let’s just say if he comes close to matching Knowshon Moreno’s production he’ll be in fine shape.