Sun Bowl official botched missed field goal call, had it overturned (Video)

This is precisely why we have instant replay. During the first quarter of the Sun Bowl between USC and Georgia Tech on Monday, USC kicker Andre Heidari clearly missed what should have been a relatively easy 37-yard field goal. The only problem was the official standing underneath the left upright didn’t see it that way, and he signaled that the kick was good.

After an animated protest from Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson, the play was reviewed and overturned. As you can see from the photo below, the ball clearly passed over the upright and missed wide left:

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Georgia Tech returner Orwin Smith gives up safety on boneheaded kickoff play

Georgia Tech kick returner Orwin Smith committed an ultimate bonehead play on Saturday during a kick return. Smith caught the ball in the end zone, was thinking about taking a knee, but his momentum carried him past the goal line. His hand touched the half yard line before he decided to take a knee, meaning he officially had come out of the end zone before downing himself behind the line. The result was a safety that gave Miami a 12-0 first-quarter lead, which they soon blew. The two points turned out to be extremely costly for Georgia Tech. Miami tied the game at 36 in the final minute to send it to overtime, where they won 42-36.

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Georgia Tech debuted its unique honeycomb uniforms (Pictures)

Athletic apparel companies are in such competition for attention, they’re going to great lengths to get noticed. Even Russell Athletic has joined the likes of Nike and Under Armour by unveiling some crazy threads. What you’re looking at above are the unique honeycomb-pattern uniforms Georgia Tech wore for their season-opening game on Monday against Virginia Tech. What’s interesting about these uniforms is that Georgia Tech’s classic yellow jacket logo is nowhere to be found on the jersey.

In a press released announcing the new jerseys, Georgia Tech acknowledged the change is part of an effort to relate to the new trend in college football.

“Uniform design is a very hot topic among student-athletes,” said Athletic Director Dan Radakovich. “College football players today want to feel they have the most modern, cutting edge designs in which to perform. The key is to maintain a connection to our history and tradition while providing the apparel that attracts the very best student-athletes nationwide.”

They also explained why they chose a hexagon/honeycomb pattern for the jerseys.

“The hexagonal pattern has become synonymous with Georgia Tech, as the shape is considered the strongest geometric object and used by yellowjackets to build their nests.”

Below are more images of the honeycomb unis:

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Georgia cheerleader Sidni Vaughn transfers to Georgia Tech, where her boyfriend David Scully is the kicker

She did what? Even for cheerleaders, transferring from one major rival school to another is a big time no-no. That certainly applies to Georgia and Georgia Tech, but one brave cheerleader recently made the jump. Sidni Vaughn will cheer for the Yellow Jackets this fall after leading Bulldog fans last season. Why? For starters, she felt that Georgia Tech would give her a better opportunity to gain experience in her aspiring field of physical therapy. As an added bonus, her boyfriend also happens to be the kicker at Georgia Tech.

Vaughn insists, however, that she did not make the switch from Athens to to Atlanta because of David Scully. She says she is not “some lovesick girl that followed him to Tech,” but did admit life will be easier.

“It feels like everything fits better together,” Vaughn told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I think it’ll be a lot better because I can truly support him and be happy with what I’m doing.”

What is perhaps most surprising is that the Georgia Tech cheerleading squad has been very receptive to Scully joining them. She said she was prepared to deal with hate messages via Facebook or other forms of social media but to this point has not seen any. If cheerleading is to be considered a real sport, the Tech squad is going to have to show a little more passion than that. If nothing else, at least make her the water girl for the day or something.

Photo credits: Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE, Josh D. Weiss-US PRESSWIRE