Jameis Winston breaks out the hurdle in great touchdown run (Video)

Jameis Winston used about every move possible while scoring on a quarterback run in the third quarter of Florida State’s season-opening game against Oklahoma State on Saturday night.

Winston juked, hurdled and dove into the end zone to give FSU a 27-17 lead in the game. The 28-yard run was the longest of his career, according to the ABC broadcasting crew.

Jameis Winston hurdle

If he had run like that after stealing the crab legs, he’d never had been caught.

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Jalen Ramsey kicked out of practice for knocking Jameis Winston down

Jalen-RamseyFlorida State sophomore defensive back Jalen Ramsey learned the hard way recently that you don’t hit the quarterback in practice — especially when he is a Heisman Trophy winner. Ramsey reportedly got into it with several teammates on Sunday and was sent home from practice after knocking Jameis Winston to the ground.

Seminoles coach Jimbo Fisher ripped Ramsey when speaking to reporters after practice.

“It ain’t typical. It’s not what we’re going to do,” Fisher said, per Natalie Pierre of the Tallahassee Democrat. “He was told not to do something and he defied me. So we’ll judge from there. And I’m very upset with him. It’s lack of leadership. It’s lack of character.

“He’ll decide if he wants to play at Florida State.”

Fisher has kicked other players out of practice in the past for excessive contact, so Ramsey wasn’t necessarily given the boot just for hitting Winston.

“They’re gonna do things my way or they ain’t gonna play here,” Fisher added.

Ramsey is said to have gotten into a “series of physical altercations” before putting Winston down. Ramsey started 14 games for Florida State last year and is one of the Seminoles’ best defensive players. He recorded 49 tackles, a sack, an interception, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. He was one of the anchors of the No. 1-ranked pass defense in the nation.

We know this type of stuff happens at the NFL level all the time, as evidenced by the fight that took place between Martellus Bennett and a rookie last week at Chicago Bears training camp. Bennett was fined and suspended for that. Fisher obviously isn’t going to tolerate it, either.

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Florida State’s ‘Ask Jameis Winston’ session turned into a joke


Someone in the Florida State athletic department thought it would be a good idea to allow fans to use the hashtag #AskJameis to ask Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston any question they would like on Sunday. This may come as a shock to you, but most Twitter users chose to ask questions that were unrelated to football.

Winston was asked countless questions about crab legs, the rape case he was involved in and some other off-field incidents. Deadspin rounded up some of the questions and comments for us.

If you go on Twitter and click #AskJameis you’ll get an even better understanding of why this was such a bad idea. Here’s a great summary of how it went overall:

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Jameis Winston’s girlfriend Breion Allen makes 1-handed touchdown catch (Video)

Breion Allen catchJameis Winston had some fun on Instagram Wednesday, posting a few videos of him doing big things on a practice field. But nothing can top what his girlfriend did.

Included in the videos he posted was a clip of him throwing a pass to his girlfriend, Breion Allen, in the end zone for a touchdown. Allen impressively runs a post pattern and makes a one-handed grab for the score. She wanted to go up and dunk the ball as celebration, but she couldn’t quite make it.

Allen, you may recall, plays basketball at Rice, so that explains her impressive skills.

Not to be outdone, here’s Jameis throwing himself a deep pass and snagging it like a couple of crab legs:

Just like Sid Luckman.

Jameis Winston Burger King incident police phone call released (Audio)

You know what they say about stealing soda from a restaurant … it’s just a gateway to stealing bigger and better things later in life … like crab legs.

Jameis Winston and two other men were accused of stealing soda from a Burger King near the Florida State campus on July 21, 2013. The incident didn’t come to light until last November, when it was finally reported in the context of the Winston sexual assault case. It was easy at the time to brush aside the event as a college kids being college kids kind of thing, but placed in a greater context it looks bad now.

Jameis Winston crab legs

The phone call a Burger King assistant manager made to police was published by TMZ on Wednesday. In the call, you can hear how annoyed the employee is.

“I need three teenagers removed from my store,” she says.

The employee says the three guys were “causing a scene” in the front of the store after she caught them stealing soda. She also complained that they wouldn’t leave.

Like I said, it was easy to brush aside Jameis getting busy in a Burger King soda room at the time, but when you look at what came up later — the crab leg incident — it all kind of amounts to Winston being a shady character. Plus, then you add in the sexual assault allegation, and it could make some people more suspicious.

Jameis Winston crab legs theft video released

Jameis Winston crab legsThe Jameis Winston crab legs theft video was posted Thursday by the Tampa Democrat, giving us the chance to finally get a visual image of the legendary tale we’ve all heard about. Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near as exciting as it sounds. All it is is a dude walking around a grocery store. Really inspiring stuff, I tell you. In all your years on this planet, I bet you’ve just been waiting and waiting for a video of a casually-dressed Jameis Winston cruising around a supermarket in sandals while ordering crab legs.

About the only funny part of the video was seeing the reaction of some of the people early in the video upon realizing Jameis Winston just walked by. Now they not only can tell their friends they saw Winston at the store, but they can say they saw Winston the night of the great crab caper!

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Jameis Winston police report indicates theft was intentional

Jameis Winston crab legs

I swear to you that when I first heard that Jameis Winston was cited for allegedly stealing some gourmet seafood from a grocery store, I thought it had to be a prank. I had this “Animal House” vision and figured Brother Boone was behind Winston, stuffing the guy’s sweater with crab legs as a joke. Because no sane person actually takes the time to order seafood from the deli counter, specify what kind of seasoning they want on it, and then walk out with the grub.

Who leaves that kind of trail? Apparently Winston does.

Tallahassee.com obtained the police report from the incident and there is one detail that makes it seem pretty obvious that the theft was intentional.

According to the police report, Winston went to the seafood counter to order his food — 3 pounds of crab legs with Old Bay seasoning and one pound of steamed crawfish with Cajun seasoning. He took a spin around the market and went back to pick up his food. He also grabbed some butter before making his way out of the store. But the tip-off about the theft came from security video, which apparently shows Winston appearing to “pause in front of a Leon County deputy who was working in-store security detail at the time.” The belief was that the pause was an attempt by Winston to avoid walking in front of the deputy because he knew he was stealing.

Winston was initially suspended from Florida State’s baseball team for the theft, but he was reinstated after doing 20 hours of community service.

[Also see: The Jameis Winston crab legs memes are already fantastic]

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