Jimbo Fisher: Jameis Winston dressing for game result of ‘miscommunication’

One of the more humorous moments from Florida State’s overtime win over Clemson on Saturday night was when Jameis Winston came out fully dressed in pads and went through pregame warm-ups with his Seminoles.

Apparently Winston didn’t get the memo that he was suspended for the ENTIRE game and thought it would be a good idea to prepare like he was actually going to play. In an embarrassing moment, coach Jimbo Fisher pulled Winston aside and told the reigning Heisman Trophy winner to change out of his pads. And that’s what Winston did.

On Monday, Fisher explained the nature of the “miscommunication” that resulted in Winston dressing for the game.

Jimbo Fisher Jameis Winston

“That was a miscommunication between us and the locker room because, with the late-night (full-game) suspension, he was scheduled to dress [Saturday] and the stuff was put out in the locker room when he went in to dress,” Fisher said Monday. “He assumed he was going to dress and do warm-ups and went out, and I never saw it. It got miscommunicated.

“[The equipment staff] probably should have never had it in the locker, and that’s exactly what happened. When we saw it, corrected it. He was great about it, went in and came back out and did what he was asked to do.

“That was our fault internally. We were making adjustments, moving around, and that was one part that slipped through the cracks,” Fisher said via ESPN’s Jared Shanker.

Is that really what happened? I think this is a case of Fisher covering for Winston by pinning the blame on the equipment staff. In the end, it really doesn’t matter. It was pretty silly of a player suspended for a full game to prepare like he was going to play … I’m not sure how else that needs to be interpreted.

Jameis Winston dresses for game; Jimbo Fisher tells him to change (Video)

Jameis-Winston-uniformJameis Winston was suspended for Florida State’s game against Clemson on Saturday night. That meant the Heisman Trophy winner wasn’t going to touch the field at all, regardless of how his team performed. Perhaps Winston didn’t understand that.

Prior to FSU’s overtime win, Winston dressed in his full uniform and pads and took the field for warmups. This seemed to irritate head coach Jimbo Fisher, who sent Winston back to the locker room and made him change.

Winston was initially suspended for one half for standing on an FSU campus table and yelling an incredibly immature phrase. The school later increased the punishment to a full game when it was determined that Winston was not entirely truthful when giving his account of what happened.

You can see why Fisher was angry. Winston just doesn’t seem to get it. While he might have thought dressing in full uniform showed support for his teammates, some would look at it as Winston wondering if there’s a chance he gets in the game. Players who are suspended and have no shot at playing don’t need to wear pads.

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Jameis Winston reportedly lied to Florida State about obscenity story

Jameis WinstonJameis Winston lied to Florida State about the obscenity story, leading the school to increase their punishment of him, according to reports.

On Tuesday, multiple students on FSU’s campus tweeted that Winston stood on a table in the middle of the student union and yelled out “f— her right in the p—y!”

A day later, Florida State announced that Winston would be suspended for the first half of the team’s game against Clemson. On Friday night, FSU released news that Winston would be suspended for the entire game.

CNN’s Rachel Nichols reported that the penalty was increased because Winston was not entirely truthful with the school.

FOX’s Bruce Feldman says the discrepancy has to do with where Winston was standing when he said the words.

Initially it was reported that Winston screamed the obscenity on top of a table in the student union, but tweets from students indicate he said the words repeatedly and in different parts of the campus:

Jameis Winston tweets

Winston entered the season as one of the top prospects for the NFL draft, but due to all his off-field issues, he’s likely dropping. One NFL scout was even recently quoted as saying Winston is a “fraud.” This story definitely won’t help the character concerns about the FSU QB.

NFL scout on Jameis Winston: He is a ‘fraud’

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston’s immature behavior is costing him in the eyes of NFL scouts.

Since the widely publicized sexual assault allegations he faced last year, Winston has continued to display poor behavior.

The Heisman Trophy winner was cited in April for stealing crab legs at a grocery store. He was suspended this week for the first half of Florida State’s game vs. Clemson because of an obscene phrase he yelled in the middle of campus. It also has been revealed that he stole soda and acted disrespectfully at a Burger King in July, 2013. He was also investigated in 2012 for his involvement in a BB gun fight that resulted in broken windows at an apartment complex.

What’s interesting is that Winston always seems to say the right thing to the public in his press conferences, and then he goes out and behaves like a complete imbecile. The quarterback’s tendency to say the right thing and act like a jerk when the media is not around led one NFL scout to call him a “fraud.”

Speaking in light of Winston’s suspension for yelling the obscenity this week, an NFL area scout told NFL Network’s Albert Breer that the incident will hurt the QB in the eyes of scouts.

“It’ll hurt him significantly,” the area scout told Breer. “Especially with all the stuff going on in the league. This may force him to stay another year to clean up his image. He’s a fraud. You can’t believe anything he says, because he keeps doing the same things over and over. In my mind, there are night-and-day differences between (Johnny) Manziel’s and his character concerns. Winston has some serious issues.”

Winston was projected to possibly be the No. 1 overall pick in the draft if he left school following the season. You have to wonder if he has scared away some teams with all the allegations he’s faced.

Jameis Winston suspended one half for obscene outburst on campus

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston did, in fact, stand up on a Florida State campus table and yell a very inappropriate phrase. As a result, the Florida State star has been suspended for the first half of his team’s game against Clemson.

Florida State issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon calling Winston’s outburst “offensive and vulgar.” The school said he will face internal discipline in addition to being suspended for a half.

Winston’s poor decision came on Tuesday, when he apparently stood up on a table at the FSU student union and yelled, “F— her right in the p—!” He was referencing an internet meme that has gone viral over the past year or so and is popular on college campuses. Feel free to YouTube it if you’re not familiar.

Winston apologized when speaking to reporters on Wednesday.

Many will say Winston’s comedy act is another instance of college kids being college kids, but he needs to realize he is a celebrity. Winston is a Heisman Trophy winner, national champion, and future NFL player. He’s not going to be able to keep a low profile off the field no matter what he does, but he can take some of the heat off of himself by not stealing crab legs, getting into trouble at Burger King and yelling profanity in public. He needs to grow up.

Jameis Winston reportedly stood on table at FSU student union and yelled inappropriate phrase


Jameis Winston is a Heisman Trophy winner and arguably the best quarterback in the nation, but the Florida State star has made some questionable decisions off the field. He supposedly made another one on Tuesday when he stood on an FSU campus table and shouted out some profanity.

According to several FSU students on Twitter, Winston climbed onto a table and yelled, “F— her right in the p—-!” — perhaps several times. Deadspin rounded up a bunch of tweets from students who claim to have witnessed the act.


Why would Winston (allegedly) do this? We have no idea. He was probably looking to get a few laughs, and I’m sure he got plenty of them. But this isn’t the type of attention a guy who has been caught doing stuff like stealing crab legs from a supermarket and soda from a Burger King needs.

For those of you who don’t understand the reference, the phrase Winston supposedly shouted comes from a popular internet meme that you can learn all about here.

Jameis Winston breaks out the hurdle in great touchdown run (Video)

Jameis Winston used about every move possible while scoring on a quarterback run in the third quarter of Florida State’s season-opening game against Oklahoma State on Saturday night.

Winston juked, hurdled and dove into the end zone to give FSU a 27-17 lead in the game. The 28-yard run was the longest of his career, according to the ABC broadcasting crew.

Jameis Winston hurdle

If he had run like that after stealing the crab legs, he’d never had been caught.

Video via GIFD Sports