LaMarcus Aldridge keeping the ball from his 44-point game

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LaMarcus Aldridge went for a career-high 44 points in Portland’s 110-105 win over the Denver Nuggets on Thursday night, and he was so proud of his big game, he said he was going to keep the ball from it.

“Yeah I am,” Aldridge answered when asked by TNT’s Craig Sager if he was keeping the ball. “This is my eighth ball I got.

“My first two are 30-20 games, my 42-point game … things like that,” Aldridge said of the balls he keeps.

Aldridge held up the ball proudly because he is adding it to his collection.

Sager also asked Aldridge about being an MVP candidate.

“I love it. I work hard every summer, my team believes in me. I’m truly blessed by god and just go do it.”

LaMarcus has really taken his game to another level this season. He’s averaging career-highs in points (24.2), rebounds (11.6), assists (2.9) and free throw percentage (81.6). His 1.9 fouls per game are the lowest of his career, and his 1.7 turnovers per game are his lowest in four seasons. He has really improved across the board.

Aldridge went 15-of-29 from the field, 14-of-17 at the line, and he scored the final 15 points of the game for the Blazers. He also had 13 rebounds, five assists and two blocks. It’s hard to beat that, though Durant has topped the point total 4 times (4!!) in the past three weeks.

Roy Hibbert plans to wear cup next time he faces LaMarcus Aldridge

Roy HibbertThe Portland Trail Blazers defeated the Indiana Pacers in a thrilling 106-102 game on Monday night, thanks in large part to LaMarcus Aldridge’s willingness to drive to the basket. Aldridge helped the Blazers overcome a career-high 43 points from Paul George by attacking the hoop in the second half and getting to the free throw line. He finished with 28 points and 10 rebounds.

And in the process, Aldridge got the best of one of the game’s better defenders. Roy Hibbert fell to the floor in pain two times after he was called for blocking fouls on Aldridge. After the game, he told Candace Buckner of the Indianapolis Star that Aldridge kneed him in the groin both times. Hibbert then sent this hilarious tweet.

Aldridge couldn’t resist the opportunity to respond to Hibbert’s swipe, and a very classy Twitter exchange followed between the two.

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LaMarcus Aldridge says he had a ‘deadly’ blood virus last week

LaMarcus Aldridge underwent hip surgery in May, which eliminated him from consideration for the Olympic team, but as he revealed on his Blazers.com blog (dubbed L.A.’s Rehab Central) on Friday, he came down with something last Saturday that could have eliminated him from more than the Olympics. L.A. explains the scary details:

On Saturday I came down with a blood virus. I quickly became sick and had to be rushed to the hospital. I thought it was a case of bad food or a bad cold, but I was wrong.  It turned out to be a very serious virus that if not treated quickly could actually be deadly! One thing I know for sure is that I’ve never felt worse in my life and there were times I wasn’t really sure where I was going. Thankfully I had a lot of family support and great medical care that helped me fight through it and now I’ve turned the corner and I’m feeling much better.

Aldridge, who missed the Blazers’ final eight games this season with that hip injury, also underwent a heart procedure for a separate condition in December. The specifics of Aldridge’s blood virus are still unclear, but the team has been briefed on the situation and seems convinced he’ll be fine.

We’re glad to hear Aldridge will be OK. But if the Blazers don’t have the absolute worst luck when it comes to their players’ health, we don’t know who does.

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LaMarcus Aldridge Willing to Skip NBA Season if it Means a Fair Deal

One common theme we witnessed throughout the NFL lockout was optimism.  For the most part, we were given the impression that the players and owners wanted to get a deal done.  Both sides wanted a “fair” deal, but the feeling of a cancelled season never actually became a reality.  That has not been the case thus far with the NBA lockout.

LaMarcus Aldridge, the Blazers’ player representative for the NBA players association, told The Oregonian on Tuesday that talks have not progressed between the union and the NBA and that a deal is by no means in the immediate forecast.

“No,” Aldridge replied when asked if there was any reason for optimism. “Both sides are pretty (far) off right now. So it’s going to be a while.”

When pressed further and asked if he would sit out the 2011-2012 season if a fair deal cannot be agreed upon, Aldridge said he would be open to that if that is what it takes.

Obviously it is in the best interest of all involved parties to play hardball at this point, but while players consider playing football, entertain themselves with beach volleyball, and join college fraternities, it is not looking like the labor negotiations are moving forward.  Aldridge’s opinion is likely the opinion of many other players across the league.  It is still early, but at this point it appears that the NBA lockout is far more likely to cancel the upcoming season than the NFL lockout was before it.