Rob Gronkowski visits children’s hospital as an elf in a wheelchair (Video)

Rob-Gronkowski-elf-wheelchairRob Gronkowski isn’t going to let a torn ACL and an impending knee surgery keep him from spreading holiday cheer to kids who are in need. Gronk, who was rolling around in a wheelchair, visited Boston Children’s Hospital on Tuesday dressed in an elf suit.

As an added bonus, that is also New England Patriots running back Stevan Ridley you see wearing a Christmas-themed onesie. Believe it or not, it wasn’t Ridley’s first time rocking a onesie.

Gronk is expected to have surgery within a couple of weeks. It can’t be easy suffering yet another significant injury and being sidelined for another playoff run, but we commend him for not sulking about it. Charity is more important than football.

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TJ Ward on Rob Gronkowski hit: Everyone knew this would happen with new rules

Rob GronkowskiNew England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is expected to miss the remainder of the 2013 season and perhaps a large portion of the 2014 season with a knee injury. The hit that reportedly tore Gronkowski’s ACL and MCL was this brutal diving tackle by Cleveland Browns safety TJ Ward.

A number of people have accused Ward of having intent to injure with how aggressively he dove at Gronk’s knee. However, Ward said on Sunday that the NFL has basically given defenders no choice.

“If I would’ve hit him up high, there’s a chance I was going to get a fine,” Ward said, according to the Boston Globe. “It’s kind of being caught between a rock and a hard place. It’s a decision you have to make, but you have to follow the rules at the same time. When they set the rule, everyone knew what was going to happen. This can happen if you have those types of situations. It’s pretty much inevitable, and they forced our hand with this one.”

That is precisely the reason Tony Gonzalez and other players have said they would rather be hit in the head than have opponents diving at their knees. Ward said he went over to Gronkowski to check if we was OK after the play, adding that he prayed for him because “it looked bad.” That said, Ward believes he was simply playing the game the way the league wants it to be played.

“But I’ve got to play football, man,” Ward said. “I’ve got to play football.”

Personally, I didn’t have a problem with Ward’s hit. The hit clearly bothered Bill Belichick, but it was well within the rules. If stuff like this keeps happening, the NFL will probably make hits below the knee illegal as well, leaving a target area of between the neck and thighs. Who knows what will become of the game if and when that happens.

Report: Rob Gronkowski believed to have torn ACL in right knee

Rob GronkowskiRob Gronkowski suffered what is believed to be a torn ACL in his right knee after being hit by T.J. Ward during the New England Patriots-Cleveland Browns game on Sunday.

FOX NFL reporter Mike Garafolo reported the news on Twitter and says Gronk will have an MRI on Monday to confirm the extent of the injury.

Gronk could not put weight on his leg after getting hit low by Ward. He was carted off the field and it was pretty obvious he suffered a serious injury.

[WATCH: See the play where Rob Gronkowski got hurt]

Gronkowski has had some rotten luck lately. He broke his forearm last season while protecting on an extra point. He re-broke the forearm after returning early from the first injury. He had four surgeries on the forearm in seven months because of infections. He also had surgery on his back.

If Gronk needs surgery for a torn ACL, that will mean six surgeries for him since last November.

Rob Gronkowski leaves with knee injury after hit from TJ Ward (GIF)

Rob Gronkowski was carted off the field in the third quarter of the New England Patriots-Cleveland Browns game on Sunday after taking a hit to the right knee from Browns safety T.J. Ward.

Gronk caught a pass from Tom Brady and was streaking down the field until being cut down by Ward. He was down on the field with an apparent right knee injury and could not put any weight on his leg. It was so bad that players from both teams expressed support for the tight end when he was carted off.

Rob Gronkowski knee

Gronk is the Patriots’ most dangerous receiving weapon, so this would be a huge blow to their offense. He already missed the first six games of the season to recover from offseason forearm and back surgeries, and now he could be out the remainder of the season.

Gronk had 37 catches for 560 yards and four touchdowns in six games this season. He had two catches for 32 yards before being carted off.

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Sport Science simulates how close Rob Gronkowski could have gotten to Tom Brady pass

Rob Gronkowski catch

Just in case you thought the no-call on the final play of the “Monday Night Football” game between the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers was the right decision, ESPN put their Sport Science team on the case to prove you wrong.

Sport Science says the contact between Luke Kuechly and Rob Gronkowski occurred a third of a second before Robert Lester intercepted Tom Brady’s pass. By their calculations, had Gronk not been held by Kuechly, he would have been able to stop, adjust, and make a play on the ball.

“It would have been highly improbable for Gronk to make the catch, but certainly possible,” John Brenkus concludes.

You can watch the interesting segment below. The shot above is their simulation of how close Gronk may have been able to get to the pass.

Rob Gronkowski will reportedly appear in ‘Entourage’ movie

Rob Gronkowski spikeNow that the main cast from HBO’s hit series “Entourage” has all signed on to star in an upcoming film version of the show, the producers are working to put together a bang-up supporting cast. With the latest addition reportedly being New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, they’ve sure got our approval.

According to TMZ, Gronkowski’s theatrical manager Henry Penzi said Gronk is expected to make an appearance as himself in the “Entourage” movie. A number of well-known athletes such as Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson and Michael Phelps appeared in the “Entourage” series over the years, so Gronk will likely just be making a cameo rather than playing any type of significant role.

Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that Kate Upton could potentially play the female lead in the movie. That was enough to get us excited, but the addition of Gronkowski makes it that much better.

And hey, the Gronkowski brothers are currently pitching an animated series around Hollywood. Maybe this will help Rob get his foot in the door. We’ll cross our fingers.


Rob Gronkowski mocks Asian fan: ‘They told me he could only cook fried rice’ (Video)

Rob-Gronkowski-shirtlessNew England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski held a friendly Q&A with fans at Bar Louie Restaurant in Foxboro on Sunday night. During said Q&A, Gronk reminded us of why Bill Belichick must hold his breath every time the 24-year-old makes a public appearance.

At one point, Gronkowski began poking fun at a fan who started dancing. The fan, who happened to be Asian, was wearing Gronk’s jersey. After the gentleman entertained everyone by cutting a rug, Gronkowski made a regrettable comment into the microphone.

“They told me he could only cook fried rice,” Gronk said.

The remark was followed by some awkward laughing. Rather than stopping there, Gronkowski called the man “Leslie Chow,” referencing Ken Jeong’s character in “The Hangover.” Yikes.

One of the people who was hosting the event then took the microphone to remind everyone that they signed a waiver saying they would turn over any cell phone footage they took, though it sounded like the guy was joking. In any event, it was a poor choice of words from Gronkowski. Damn Gronk — always up to no good.