Rob Gronkowski like broken record: ‘I got no reaction’ (Video)

Rob Gronkowski appeared with his brothers at a Boston bookstore on Thursday to promote their new book “Growing Up Gronk.” Part of the promotion meant there would be some media members in attendance, so naturally the inquisitive reporters wanted to ask Gronk about much more than his book. But Gronk knows per New England Patriots policy that he’s not supposed to speak about certain issues.

Rob GronkowskiWhen asked in successive questions about Alfonzo Dennard’s DUI, Aaron Hernandez’s alleged murder, and his injured back, the Patriots tight end did not give much.

“I got no reaction at all,” Gronk answered when asked about Dennard.

“I got no reaction at all. I’m just here about the book,” Gronk answered when asked about Hernandez.

“I’ve got no reaction about that either right now,” Gronk said about his back.

Gronk did say he was in great spirits and enjoying life a lot more, and he also said Roger Goodell was the man to ask about the league’s off-field problems. For someone whose mouth and reckless actions frequently get him into trouble, Gronk did a great job of showing restraint. You could tell how uncomfortable he was having to keep his answers brief.

Freddie Freeman now has Rob Gronkowski in his corner

Freddie-Freeman-BravesFreddie Freeman is putting together quite the campaign for the NL All-Star team’s Final Vote. The Atlanta Braves first baseman was leading the voting as of Wednesday morning, and his prospects got even stronger when an unexpected celebrity endorsed him on Wednesday afternoon.

No, we’re not talking about Lil Jon. The Atlanta-born rapper did tweet his support of Freeman on Tuesday afternoon, but Freeman’s latest endorsement may pack even more of a punch. That’s right, Ron Gronkowski has spoken.

We have no idea why Gronk is a Freeman fan, but his 450,000 Twitter followers should give the Braves star even more of a boost. Gronk was born in New York, so there is no Atlanta connection there. He played college ball at Ole Miss, which I guess is kind of close? In any event, I’m sure Freeman will take the popularity any way he can get it.

Rob Gronkowski joked he was firing Drew Rosenhaus to hire Jay-Z

Rob GronkowskiRob Gronkowski may be in and out of the operating room this offseason, but the series of surgeries hasn’t led to the New England Patriots tight end losing his sense of humor.

Gronk underwent a fourth surgery on his twice-broken, infected forearm last week. He’s also set to undergo back surgery soon. Despite the surgeries, Gronk is still cracking jokes.

During an interview with ESPN’s “SportsCenter” on Thursday, Gronk’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said his client joked about firing him to hire Jay-Z after waking up from surgery.

“Typical Rob. As soon as he woke up, he joked, ‘Hey, I’m firing you.’ I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I’m letting you go. I’m going to hire Jay-Z,’ ” recalled Rosenhaus.

“He was joking with me. That’s the great Rob Gronkowski. Immediately after surgery in the recovery room he’s cracking jokes about letting me go as his agent. He’s one of a kind. Nothing’s going to slow this guy down. He’s a ton of fun to represent and an amazing client.”

Rosenhaus is describing Gronkowski’s upcoming back surgery as minor and says they decided it was a good time to get it done since the tight end is already out with a forearm injury. Rosenhaus believes the forearm is a a bigger concern than the back injury.

Rosenhaus, who often speaks glowingly about his clients, says the forearm surgery “could not have gone any better.” He also does not think the surgeries will hinder Gronk’s career.

“I just think he’s going to have a very long, Hall of Fame career, and I don’t anticipate this difficult stretch that he’s had to be a long-term factor for him,” Rosenhaus told SportsCenter.

Gronk led the league with 17 touchdown catches two seasons ago. He has 38 touchdown catches in three seasons and is on his way to a Hall of Fame career as long as he can continue to play.

Rob Gronkowski reportedly needs fourth surgery, could still play Week 1

Rob-Gronkowski-star-struck-Tom-BradyMultiple surgeries on the same body part can never be a good thing, and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is heading for his fourth. According to Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald, Gronkowski needs a fourth operation on his surgically-repaired forearm to replace the metal plate that is holding it together.

Just a few days ago, reports surfaced that indicated Gronkowski has been looking “great” during offseason workouts and that there was a possibility he could avoid a fourth surgery. Guregian’s sources say the fourth procedure is a must, but that Gronk could still be ready for the start of the season if all goes well.

If it doesn’t, the Patriots could have a problem. The plate in Gronkowski’s arm needs to be replaced and the surrounding tissue needs to be checked for infection. If there is no infection, the fourth surgery should be his last and the recovery period would begin immediately. If there is an infection, Gronk would need more surgery and could miss time during the 2013 season.

Obviously, the Patriots are hoping everything in his arm comes back clean and this nightmare can end. It’s hard to believe Gronk is only 23 years old with all the injuries he has had, which has to be a major concern for New England given the massive contract extension they gave him last season. For the record, there is no indication that any of this was caused by Gronkowski rumbling with his brother on stage in Vegas.

Rob Gronkowski reportedly ‘looks great’ at Patriots workouts

Rob Gronkowski spikeRob Gronkowski is waiting to hear whether he will need a fourth surgery on his troublesome forearm, but it sounds like he’s doing pretty well in the meantime.

Gronk broke his forearm while blocking on an extra point in a Week 11 win over the Indianapolis Colts in November. He returned in Week 17, but he re-broke the forearm in the team’s playoff victory over the Houston Texans in January. Gronk had a second surgery on the forearm, but his arm got infected and required a third surgery. Reports in April indicated he would need a fourth surgery because of the lingering infection, but the team has taken a “wait-and-see” approach. Now it sounds like there is a possibility Gronk could avoid a fourth surgery.

ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss says Gronk has been participating in the Patriots’ offseason program and “looks great.” He says there is a possibility that Gronk could avoid the surgery and notes that doctors will make their decision in a few weeks.

The Boston Herald reported in April that doctors would decide whether Gronk needs a new metal plate inserted in his left forearm. If he has the surgery, he would go through a 10-week rehab period, which could put his status for Week 1 in jeopardy.

Rob Gronkowski makes hilarious attempt at anchoring ‘SportsCenter’ (Video)

Rob-Gronkowski-SportscenterOne of the main reasons we know Rob Gronkowski is a genuinely goofy guy is the awkwardness he displays during interviews. Those of you who think he does stuff like this strictly for attention are wrong — that’s just Gronk being Gronk. Don’t believe it? Look no further than the New England Patriots tight end’s attempt at anchoring SportsCenter alongside Chris McKendry on Wednesday.

“I’m Rob Gronkowski,” he began. “Welcome to the latest live edition of SportsCenter. Alongside Chris McKendry, I’m Rob Gronkowski, again. Coming up, a lot to get to today. In addition to live reports with the Heat, Adam Schefter has details on Robert Griffin’s third recovery.”

Just read the damn teleprompter! I believe that’s “Robert Griffin III’s recovery. And Gronk clearly threw in that first “I’m Rob Gronkowski” in before realizing the producers of the show had that covered, which is why he wound up introducing himself twice. Did you expect anything less? When this dude tells you he’s sorry for partying, don’t believe him. He may be sorry that he’s not sorry, but he certainly isn’t sorry.

Rob Gronkowski: I would never put myself in jeopardy of getting hurt

Rob-Gronkowski-shirtlessRob Gronkowski has grown accustomed to being criticized for the way he carries himself during the offseason. Last year, the “Summer of Gronk” became all the rage among football fans and party animals. The New England Patriots tight end got off on the same foot again this year when he was spotted wrestling on-stage in Las Vegas with a cast on his surgically repaired forearm.

Patriots fans cringed when they saw that video, especially when you take into account that Gronkowski’s arm has needed multiple surgeries. However, Gronk told “Mike and Mike in the Morning” on Wednesday that he would never jeopardize his health like that.

“They’re my fans,” Gronkowski told the hosts, via ESPNBoston.com. “They’re looking out for … they’re big fans of the Patriots and they just want to see the team do well. I totally understand where the fans are coming [from], where they don’t want [me] to put myself in jeopardy of getting hurt. I totally understand that. I would never do that, put myself in jeopardy.”

When asked whether or not the team had spoken to him about his antics, Gronk stuck to the Patriot way and said anything he talks about with them is “confidential.” However, it seemed fairly obvious that Belichick was not pleased about the Vegas wrestling when he was asked about it last week.

Gronk, who clearly loves having a good time as evidenced by this T-shirt, admitted that he is still adjusting to life in the spotlight.

“It’s a little different,” he said. “Growing up, just doing whatever you want and no one looking at you and no one really caring, and now you go out … I was in the airport on the way here and everyone has their camera out videoing me walking through the airport. It’s weird at first, but you just can’t let it get to your head at all, affect you at all and just keep doing what you’ve been doing since Day 1, which I have been.”

The 23-year-old seems to have calmed down a bit since Super Bowl week, which makes you wonder if the Patriots have already had “the talk” with him. Whatever the case, New England fans have seen their past two seasons end with losses while Gronk was battling serious injuries. That’s where the concern stems from, and Gronk seems to understand that. If not, he’s a pretty good liar.