Is Seth Curry glad Austin Rivers left Duke?

Even as a freshman, Austin Rivers was arguably Duke’s best and gutsiest player last season. But now Rivers has left the Blue Devils behind for the NBA’s money-be-greener pastures. He’ll be tag-teaming with Anthony Davis on the Hornets this season.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to Duke guard Seth Curry, who believes the Blue Devils can be even better next year despite Rivers’ departure. Why?

“We like each other,” Curry told CBS’s Shawn Krest. It’s not that the Duke players hated each other last season, Curry elaborated, but “we weren’t close like this.”

“The biggest thing is trying to be more of a family,” Curry also said to Blue Devil Nation (via The Dagger). “Just get to know each other off the court. This summer we’ve been really hanging out a lot more and getting to know each other. It seems like everyone likes each other more this year, so it should be a fun year.”

It’s important to note that not once did Curry utter Rivers’ name in any of those remarks. But the incredible hubris that Austin “Call Me ‘Sub Zero’ Before I Play a Single College Game” Rivers is known for has been unmistakable. Even he’s acknowledged it. He’s also been accused maybe once or twice of being a ball hog. And none of that is really conducive to Coach K’s brand of ball.

So, Curry might not have mentioned Rivers, but, directed at his former teammate or not, his comments appear to confirm that Duke is better off without Rivers’ wannabe-Kobe mentality.

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Seth Curry Shoots Lights Out for Duke

Is there room for another Curry brother to capture our hearts this year? Maybe if he were wearing a different uniform. In case you forgot about him because of his year off or in case you didn’t know about him, let this post serve as your official notice: it’s time to pay attention to Seth Curry.

Curry is the younger brother of Steph Curry, the baby-faced scoring machine who led Davidson to the Elite 8 in 2008 while averaging nearly 26 points per game. Both young men are the son of Del Curry, the former NBA veteran, first-round pick, and one-time NBA leader in three-point shooting percentage. Maybe we could get some genetics doctor to test the family’s DNA because it sure seems like the sharpshooting gene has been passed down to the sons.

Seth Curry is a sophomore at Duke, playing his first season for the Blue Devils. He spent his freshman season averaging 20.2 points per game for Liberty before deciding to transfer, forcing him to sit out last season. Curry has already proven that the year off was worth the wait for Blue Devils fans.

In his first game against Princeton Sunday, Seth scored 14 points making 3 of 5 threes. In his second game on Tuesday, he poured in 17 points making 3 of 4 threes. Curry is shooting 66% from beyond the arc on the young season and he’s a perfect 9-for-9 at the free throw line. The defending champs are loaded once again, and that includes Curry who will be their outside shooting threat the entire season. Too bad he chose to play for Duke because those Curry kids are pretty darn likable otherwise.