Steve Smith, Darnell Dockett share thoughts on NFL players in trouble

Darnell-Dockett-CardinalsThe arrests in the NFL have seemingly piled up over the past two weeks, and the attention paid to the alleged crimes have been more magnified than ever.

On top of the Ray Rice scandal, Greg Hardy conviction, Ray McDonald arrest and Adrian Peterson indictment, Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested Wednesday for alleged domestic violence.

In light of all the negativity surrounding the league, outspoken players Steve Smith and Darnell Dockett (pictured) shared their thoughts via Twitter.

Smith, who is in his first season with the Baltimore Ravens, focused on the domestic violence issues:

Dockett, a longtime Arizona Cardinals DL who is out for the season, was critical of all the players getting in trouble, including Dwyer.

Dockett tweets

Both players have done and said a lot of stupid things, but these tweets were among their better ones.

Steve Smith called out Panthers after first Ravens TD (Video)

Steve-SmithBaltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith proved he still has plenty left in the tank when he torched Pacman Jones for an 80-yard touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. Smith threw a nasty stiff arm after making the catch and jogged into the end zone. He then sent out a warning to the Carolina Panthers.

The Ravens were in the middle of an important divisional game, but Smith was clearly already thinking ahead to his Week 4 contest against his former team.

“And if you f—ing think I can’t play, you’re gonna find out week four motherf—er!” Smith yelled into the camera on the sidelines.

While Smith has said he cherished his time in Carolina and will always consider it to be his home, he has made it perfectly clear he is unhappy that the Panthers chose not to bring him back. He already said there is going to be “blood and guts everywhere” when he faces his former team, and his Week 1 warning reaffirms that he is anxiously looking ahead.

Video via Black and Blue Review
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Steve Smith buys Lardarius Webb Dunkin’ Donuts after practice fight


Steve Smith and Lardarius Webb got into an altercation during Baltimore Ravens minicamp on Wednesday. The fight doesn’t sound like it was quite as spirited as the one Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks got into, but the two veterans had to be separated by teammates.

On Thursday morning, Smith let everyone know he has no hard feelings toward Webb by offering him Dunkin’ Donuts.

“Peace offering from 89,” Smith wrote along with the photo you see above. “(Lardarius Webb) everybody loves dunkin. #glazeUpson the world runs on dunkin #stevesmith.”

I hope Smith is getting a little kickback from Dunkin’ on that one, because that’s a pretty solid advertisement for them. Glaze up, son? That’s gold.

Fortunately for Webb, Smith didn’t draw any blood during the scrum. It wouldn’t have been the first time he clocked a teammate during practice.

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Did Ron Rivera take shot at Steve Smith with NASCAR analogy?

Ron Rivera PanthersCarolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera spent some time recently with another successful coach in sports to try picking up some tips. That person is Chad Knaus, who is Jimmie Johnson’s crew chief and has helped his driver win six championships.

While talking with ESPN’s David Newton about what he learned from Knaus, Rivera made an analogy that some believe applies to the situation with former Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith. It came up in the context of Knaus swapping out Johnson’s entire 7-man pit crew in 2010 and going on to win the Sprint Cup.

“This guy may jack the car up a 10th of a second faster, but he doesn’t work as well together with others,” Rivera said, “while this guy may be a 10th of a second slower, yet he works well with everybody. We’re the same way. It’s about, ‘How does this guy fit in the locker room?'”

And just like that, the team’s reason for cutting Smith — the franchise’s leading receiver — became even more clear.

A report said the Panthers’ GM viewed Smith as a distraction, and what Rivera said about the locker room seems to be the exact issue with Smith.

However, in March, the Panthers said Smith was cut for football reasons and cited his declining speed. Maybe both were factors in the decision.

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Steve Smith gets pulled over during radio interview

Steve SmithBaltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith had a bit of a hiccup during his interview with The Dan LeBatard show on ESPN Radio Thursday. The veteran wide receiver was pulled over by police shortly after the interview began.

Smith was in the middle of answering a question about players in the NFL that he doesn’t like when it sounded like he got distracted.

“Oh, see you guys got me in trouble,” he said. “I’m getting pulled over by the police.”

Smith said he was not speeding and that he was guessing the cops pulled him over because he was talking on the phone. He offered to put the hosts on hold until after he dealt with the police, so they chatted among themselves for a while. It didn’t take long for him to return to the phone line.

“Hey, when you don’t have any warrants or prior arrests it goes a long way with being a good citizen,” Smith said.

He downplayed the influence of the fact that he is an NFL receiver and said he was cleared when police realized he had no priors. When asked why he got pulled over, Smith pulled the race card.

“Hey, you know, a brother driving a nice car,” he said. “Sometimes they’ve got to make sure the registration all matches up.”

And that was that. Fortunately for Smith, slugging an unsuspecting teammate doesn’t go on your permanent record. Otherwise, he may have had to chat with police a little longer.

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Steve Smith will have ‘SR’ on the back of his Ravens jersey


Steve Smith will be the second wide receiver named Smith on the Baltimore Ravens’ roster when he takes the field this summer. The obvious thing for him and Torrey Smith to do would be to wear “T. Smith” and “S.Smith” on the backs of their jerseys, but the former Carolina Panthers has found another way to distinguish himself from Torrey. He’ll be wearing “SR.”

Smith has a son who is also named Steve, which is short for Stevonne. He shared the photo you see above on Twitter Thursday and wrote “1st one with SR,” though I’m not sure if he means the first Raven with “SR” or the first player in the NFL. If it’s the latter, Smith would be wrong. Titus Young added “SR.” to the back of his jersey in 2012 after his son was born during the offseason.

Or, as our friend DJ Gallo pointed out, maybe the Ravens are simply admitting they have signed a senior citizen.

Steve Smith chooses Ravens over Seahawks, Patriots, Chargers and Redskins

Steve Smith PanthersSteve Smith signed a 3-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens on Friday, a day after he was released by the Carolina Panthers.

Though Smith chose to sign with Baltimore, he had no shortage of offers or interest.

According to Ravens reporter Aaron Wilson of The Baltimore Sun, Smith said he had an offer from the San Diego Chargers. Smith also said the Seahawks, Patriots and Redskins wanted him to come for a visit. Bill Belichick even spoke to him personally told him that the Patriots wanted to bring him in. Smith cancelled his Monday visit to New England after signing his deal with the Ravens.

Smith’s deal will pay him $1 million next season and includes a $3.5 million signing bonus.

Though Smith turns 35 in May and had declining production last season, this list of interested teams shows us that many franchises out there still believe Smith can be a good, productive player. That’s what we’ve been saying all along.

This is a good addition for the Ravens at a fair price. We don’t expect Smith to make it to his third year with the team or maybe even his second, but he should be good to go next season.