Ohio State reported Tim Tebow-Clifton Garrett phone conversation as violation

Urban-Meyer-Jets-should-unleash-Tim-TebowThe Ohio State football program committed four violations that the school self-reported to the NCAA in 2013, including one that involved Tim Tebow.

According to the Buckeyes’ self report to the NCAA, 2014 linebacker recruit Clifton Garrett, who ultimately signed with LSU, called Ohio State coach Urban Meyer on the phone. Meyer told Garrett that he was on vacation in Florida and happened to be dining with Tim Tebow, among others. Garrett asked to speak with Tebow to wish him luck on the upcoming season, and Meyer complied.

Meyer says the conversation between Garrett and Tebow lasted about eight seconds and that Tebow did not recruit Garrett. Regardless, the conversation was considered a secondary violation.

You’re probably wondering how this even became an issue. The call was publicized after Garrett tweeted about it last year:

Poor Urban Meyer. Always the victim of just making innocent moves. And he didn’t even get Garrett after all that!

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Tim Tebow makes fun of himself for lack of NFL contract in Super Bowl commercial (Video)

Tim-Tebow-T-Mobile-commercialTim Tebow may have lost his job, but he kept his sense of humor. The former Florida star has been unable to find work in the NFL since he was released by the New England Patriots over the summer. Ironically, Tebow was able to turn his lack of work into an advertising gig for the Super Bowl. The end result is actually very entertaining.

Tebow appeared on “Good Morning America” on Friday and debuted his T-Mobile commercial that will air during the Super Bowl on Sunday. The ad focuses on all the things Tebow has been able to do — ride a bull, practice stand-up comedy, throw a football on the moon — now that he is unemployed. The punch line?

“Bottom line — contracts hold you back.”

You may not know it’s a cell phone commercial until the very end, but someone came up with a great idea. Tebow remains an extremely marketable person despite the fact that his NFL career may be over.

Video via The Big Lead

Tim Tebow almost nailed his National Championship Game prediction on the nose (Video)

Tim Tebow ESPNIt looks like playing quarterback and winning football games isn’t the only thing Tim Tebow does exceptionally well. The guy is almost perfect as a game analyst, too.

Tebow made his debut as a college football analyst for ESPN on Monday, and the guy almost nailed his pregame prediction on the nose.

“Well Auburn might be a team of destiny, but tonight Florida State is deeper top-to-bottom, and with Jameis Winston and Telvin Smith’s leadership in the fourth quarter, I think they win 35-31,” Tebow said before the game.

And what helped Florida State beat Auburn? Jameis Winston’s leadership in the fourth quarter. Our friend Timothy Burke at Deadspin put it perfectly about Tebow:

“Is he the Godhead himself? Or maybe the Lord sent him a text?”

Teebs was only off by a point on his prediction — FSU won 34-31.

Tim Tebow hired as analyst for SEC Network, ESPN

Tim Tebow FloridaTim Tebow still has not given up his dream of being an NFL quarterback, but it looks like he is ready to begin moving forward in his career.

The former Heisman Trophy winner and first-round pick by the Denver Broncos has agreed to a multi-year deal to serve as an analyst for the SEC Networkand ESPN. Tebow will first appear on ESPN Jan. 6 to provide analysis for the BCS National Championship Game. His primary role will be as an analyst for “SEC Nation,” which is a pregame show on location from different SEC campuses each week during the college football season.

SEC Network is scheduled to launch in August, but Tebow will appear on the network before then.

In the months leading up to launch and after, he will contribute to a variety of ESPN platforms including SportsCenter, ESPN Radio, and the network’s Heisman Trophy coverage, offering in-depth perspective as a legendary Southeastern Conference player.

Tebow’s analyst duties will not prevent him from pursuing playing opportunities.

“I am so excited that ESPN has given me this incredible opportunity,” said Tebow. “When I was six years old I fell in love with the game of football, and while I continue to pursue my dream of playing quarterback in the NFL, this is an amazing opportunity to be part of the unparalleled passion of college football and the SEC.”

As much as people would be inclined to mocking Tebow for accepting his fate as a talking head, I actually think he’ll do well in this role. He’s a huge fan of the SEC with a great sense of the conference’s history and he loves college football. But will he fawn all over players the way Jon Gruden does? Probably. That might be the only disappointment.

Major broadcast networks reportedly prepared for Tim Tebow bidding war

Tim TebowThe more time that passes, the less likely it seems that Tim Tebow is ever going to play in the NFL again. While the former Florida star has made it clear that he refuses to give up on his dream of playing quarterback, it might be wise to start considering some career alternatives. Last month, Tebow reportedly hired a well-known broadcasting agent and began considering a career in television.

On Wednesday, The Big Lead reported that it is a virtual certainty that Tebow will be working as a college football analyst next season. Multiple sources reportedly told The Big Lead that ESPN, CBS, and FOX are all vying for his services.

ESPN is said to be interested in having Tebow join its SEC Network, which will debut in August 2014. ESPN is aiming to recreate a version of “College Gameday” for the SEC Network, and the network reportedly wants Tebow to join the panel and play the role of Kirk Herbstreit. CBS, which airs the top SEC games each week, is also interested in bringing Tebow on board given his status as an SEC legend. And FOX, which could be looking for a big draw for its new FOX Sports 1 network, supposedly wants to hire Tebow as an analyst.

The network that wants Tebow the most could be CBS, as The Big Lead is reporting executives are willing to “blow up” their pregame show if they have to in order to get Tebow to join.

While we are unaware of how much truth there is to any of the speculation, it seems fairly obvious that Tebow would have little trouble finding a job working as a television analyst. It’s all about ratings, and we know how much of a ratings machine he can be.

Mysterious powder, photo of Tim Tebow lead to hazmat scare in New Jersey

Tim TebowA letter that was addressed to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop caused an evacuation of City Hall on Monday. The letter, which was later tested and deemed harmless, contained a mysterious white powder that was clearly intended to cause some sort of chemical scare. The letter also reportedly contained a photo of the one and only Tim Tebow.

According to The Jersey Journal, a source noted that the letter contained “spiritual stuff, heaven stuff” and the photo of Tebow. It is unclear who the letter was from or what the sender’s motive was. The building was evacuated for about an hour until the powder was tested and city workers were allowed back inside.

There’s nothing funny about a biological scare, given some of the problems politicians and city offices have had with anthrax over the last decade or so. Still, we can’t help but chuckle at the fact that there was a picture of the Teebs included with the letter. This guy truly is everywhere, even if he remains unemployed.

H/T Deadspin

Tim Tebow still working on his quarterback skills (Video)

Tim Tebow PatriotsTim Tebow was spotted throwing passes at USC on Tuesday and running through some different quarterback drills. Is this a major development? Not at all, but the timing is interesting given the news we heard earlier this week.

On Monday, reports surfaced that Tebow has hired a well-known broadcasting agent and is exploring the possibility of beginning a career in television, either in the NFL or at the collegiate level. Then on Wednesday, TMZ posted a video of him throwing passes and working out. If nothing else, that would seem to indicate that the former Florida star hasn’t totally given up on his football dreams.

There’s a difference between working out to stay in shape and working on your throwing mechanics. It appears Tebow was doing a little bit of both, just like he did a few months ago. It could be that he simply enjoys tossing a pigskin around, or it could be that he’s still waiting for a call. My guess is it’s a little of both.