Chipper Jones now dating Playboy model Lexi Ray aka Taylor Higgins

Chipper Jones is retired, freshly divorced, and apparently dating a Playboy model.

The folks at Busted Coverage put it together that Larry Wayne is dating a woman named Taylor Higgins, whose stage name is Lexi Ray Taylor.

Lexi Ray posed nude for Playboy Cyber and was their Coed of the Week for March 4 2010. She was listed as a nursing student at the University of Kentucky. Per Busted Coverage’s research, she also has a profile on a webcam site, though she has not logged on to that page since August.

Higgins maintains two Twitter profiles. She has one in her performing name Lexi Ray Taylor, but she hasn’t updated that one since July 25 (the account was deleted shortly after this story was published). She also has a personal account where she has been freely tweeting about her dates with Chipper. She lists her location as Georgia for both accounts.

Chipper tweeted on Nov. 16 to say that his divorce from ex-wife Sharon Logonov was finalized.

Per Higgins’ Twitter account, the two have celebrated Halloween together and gone hunting.

This good catch is just another reason why Chipper Jones is a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

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Photo: Taylor Higgins/Twitter

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U7OA66VKQ5BSVHSPUTPVOPEF6M willie hilton

    Chip shes going to gut u 2 … He will be broke in 5 years Stupid ball player

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BBYPV6KKH65XFGRUJIOUO5ICQ4 James

    Was a great ballplayer.. 1st ballot HOF.. But as a man, he’s a scumbag.. Look at his history…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WTW2CH357B5ZAHC6DYAXNMV2YY Ticked Off Traveler

    Yeah, right, she wouldn’t give him a second look if he wasn’t a former ballplayer and wealthy; what a fockin’ idiot he is. She’ll take him for everything he has!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DMXWT5GXXMSUA4IJOLHSMWYZI4 Eric

    Damn, I wish someone would get on here and spew a bunch of crap about you guys.. He played a childs game for a living and became a hall of famer in the process. Now he’s dating a Playboy model. I guess there’s room for a little jealousy after all..

  • Marco Rincones

    There are such things as pre-nups and smart financial gurus who Chipper should have in tow here so he’s not a broken man by 50.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LK7URZHNXJAR4GC6KEJPTZ2OFA Robert

    Larry “Chipper” Jones was overrated as a ballplayer. NEVER did anything good in big games. Now he dumps his wife for a stripper. Classy move Larry,  I hope shooting a few good loads is worth it.

  • MissLollyPop

    when you’re rich and you got a big ding-a-ling, you can “make moves” like this…LOL. Seriously, I think Chipper is sexy as hell. Id jump all over him, rich or broke, just because he’s the kind of guy that Id date. Typically, he fits the physical profile of the kind of men that I dig…so you go with that, while you assess what else he’s bringing to the table, mentality-wise.

    And if at some point, i didnt think he had his head together, Id have no problem walking away. But thats just me…a lotta women fall into this daze, thinking that a Chipper Jones is their knight in shining armor. End of the day, he’s just like any other man…and men do what men do (wink).

    Your job as the female is to be exactly who you are, with the hope and confidence that ‘you are enough!”

    and we dont know that there werent some solid reasons why he got divorced. We always assume that its the guy’s  fault that the marriage fell apart…WELL, LET ME SPEAK FOR US LADIES!…LIVING WITH YOU MEN, AINT A WALK IN THE PARK, EITHER!

  • rocketman85

    I am sure mom and dad are so proud of the way Larry Wayne Jones has turned out. Great husband lol, awesome father (who knows??) great role model – scumbag) one day all you will have is the legacy your left behind in life! 

    When you face God you can always say yo man I was one of the best switch hitters baseball players ever and look at what I did for the Braves. And God you know understand I had to satisfy my HUGE EGO and I  needed to be reminded of how great I was. Karen and Sharon just did not do it for me! Sharon is just the mother of my kids and opps there is that Hooters Chick too. But you understand do you God?Wait God this is not what I had in mind as my final destination. Where are all those virgins mohammad talked about? Why is it so hot? where the AC? I am Chipper Jones dang it! Now stop playing around and show me to my playboy palace! I have all of this money , you can’t do this I am Chipper Jones!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/The.JR.Jake John Merritt

    What a dog!  The woman he marries bears all his children, takes care of the home and all its problems all those years while he is playing and providing, stays true to him, welcomes his retirement with excitement for the entire family and he dumps her.  True classlessness Chipper.  You are more like a ‘Cow Chip’.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W4UIK25NDWJLMA2R4EI5HW3NCA ken

    disgraceful–glad this idiot has retired—great player,but dumber than a box of rocks