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Monday, April 23, 2018

Bar Refaeli makes out with nerdy Jesse Heiman in GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial (Video)

Bar Refaeli Jesse Heiman Go DaddyMany people watch the Super Bowl strictly to track the commercials, and we can already tell you that this spot from GoDaddy is going to generate plenty of buzz.

GoDaddy has become a regular Super Bowl advertiser and is know for its commercials featuring copious amounts of T&A. This one hardly has any variance.

In an effort to show how GoDaddy merges “sexy” and “smart” features, the company has beauty Bar Refaeli make out with nerdy “Walter.” The commercial is narrated by driver/company spokeswoman Danica Patrick.

We post this video for two reasons. One, the shock value for this spot is off the charts, so we’re trying to give you a heads up on what to look out for Sunday. Two, we must discuss that lucky nerd.

The dude who gets to make out with the gorgeous Refaeli is Jesse Heiman, an actor whom you have probably seen in many movies. Heiman has appeared in 65 titles according to his IMDB page. He was one of the dudes sitting on the couch for “Topless Tutors” in Van Wilder, and he was the real Petey in “American Pie 2.”

Our favorite Heiman role, though, came in “The Rules of Attraction.”


Fans of “The Rules of Attraction” might remember Heiman for his uncredited role as “lucky party goer.” During the Dressed to Get Screwed party, Heiman is the nerdy dude standing behind Jessica Biel as she snorts coke in the kitchen while conversing with Sean Bateman. Heiman is in the background wearing tighty whiteys and a mask, and he is felt up by two topless girls who begin to make out with him. One of our friends who acted in the movie tells us that Heiman kept getting wood every time they filmed the scene, much to the director’s annoyance. Heiman’s erections were uncontrollable, so if you watch the movie and pay attention to the background, you’ll see him getting a little too excited as two topless girls caress and kiss him.

Making out with hot girls on screen seems to be a regular occurrence for Heiman.

Below is a video montage of his many roles as an extra:

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