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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Celtics rookie Fab Melo breaks a folding chair during photo shoot (Video)

Oftentimes when a 7-foot, 255-pound basketball player tries to take on a folding chair, the folding chair wins. Or maybe it loses? I guess it depends on your viewpoint, but what I mean is not all folding chairs are designed to support men of that stature. During a recent photo shoot with some of his fellow NBA rookies, Celtics center Fab Melo learned that the hard way.

As you can see from the video above that Pro Basketball Talk passed along, Melo was taking a seat in between three other rookies to pose for a picture when his chair completely gave out.

“I think the chair was too weak and an accident happened,” Melo explained. “I lost weight. I’m good now. I know that I gained weight (before). But yeah, the chair fell.”

Don’t worry, Fab — this offensive lineman knows exactly how you feel. Melo will probably experience a number of embarrassing moments while making the transition from college to the NBA, so this is great practice for that.

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