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Monday, December 10, 2018

Chinese Man Beaten for Having David Beckham Haircut

I’m sure you’ve often thought to yourself, “Man, I’d love to kick that guy’s ass” when you saw him wearing something ridiculous. In China, that actually happened, and now three men are facing five years in prison for administering a beat down. Twice. The details from the China Daily:

Three men assaulted a man (Huang) because his hairstyle resembled David Beckham’s mohican-style haircut … One member of the group, surnamed Zhang, spotted his neighbor sporting what he described as a David Beckham haircut when he returned to his home in Tongzhou district at around 4 pm on Aug 12 after drinking.

The victim was then told he was arrogant and asked if he wanted to fight. Huang said Zhang told him to call his friends so they could have a gang fight, but he refused.

Zhang called five friends and they beat Huang with a stick and an empty beer bottle.

As if that wasn’t enough, they saw Huang trying to flag down a cab to get medical treatment and got upset. The group threw Huang into a cab and took him down to a river where they beat him again, this time dousing his dome in the water to ruin the haircut. Ordinarily I’d say that the message to take away from this event has to do with tolerance. Instead, I’ll settle for the real message which is don’t get a David Beckham haircut.


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