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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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Rams WR Cooper Kupp goes down with non-contact knee injury

Cooper Kupp suffered what looked like a serious knee injury in Week 6 but ended up missing just two games, and the Los Angeles Rams are hoping the same will be true after he went down again on Sunday.

Unfortunately, the latest injury appeared even more concerning. Kupp was running a route in the fourth quarter of the Rams’ game against the Seattle Seahawks, and he went down after making minimal contact with a defender. He immediately clutched his left knee.

The injury Kupp suffered on an illegal tackle against the Broncos may have looked uglier than his latest injury, but non-contact injuries are always some of the most concerning. That would be a tough break for Kupp and the Rams after the receiver was able to fight his way back onto the field.

Cooper Kupp appears on track to play Week 9 against Saints

The Los Angeles Rams are traveling to New Orleans on Sunday to take on the Saints in what many expect to be the shootout of the week, and they should be getting a nice boost in their passing game.

Cooper Kupp, who suffered what at the time looked like a season-ending injury in Week 6, returned to practice on Wednesday. While he was a limited participant, Rams coach Sean McVay said there’s a “good chance” the wide receiver will suit up.

The undefeated Rams are one of the deepest offensive teams in football, and they have had no trouble continuing to score points in Kupp’s absence. Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks have been able to pick up the slack, while Todd Gurley continues to run (and catch) like an MVP candidate.

Still, having Kupp back will only make L.A. more dangerous. The 2017 third-round pick has missed the past two games after suffering a sprained MCL, and those injuries have a tendency to linger. He could be playing at less than 100 percent if he suits up, but it’s a positive sign that he’s back on the practice field after how nasty the initial injury looked.

Cooper Kupp could reportedly miss time with sprained MCL

Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp left Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos after suffering what appeared to be a serious injury, but he was surprisingly able to return despite being carted off. However, the possibility still exists that he could miss some time.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Kupp suffered a sprained MCL and the Rams are bracing for the possibility that they could be without him in Week 7.

Kupp’s leg bent awkwardly underneath him when he was dragged down by a Broncos defender with an illegal tackle. There was initially speculation that his injury looked serious enough to be season-ending, so it was a welcome sight when he returned to the game in the second half.

With 30 catches for 438 yards and five touchdowns, Kupp is an important part of the Rams’ high-powered passing attack. L.A. is hoping for a quick recovery.

Twitter reacts to Cooper Kupp returning to game after being carted off

Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp left Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos in the first half after suffering what appeared to be a serious lower leg injury. There was even some speculation that his season could be over, but he wasn’t about to go down that easy.

Kupp’s ankle turned awkwardly underneath him as he was being dragged down on an illegal horse collar tackle. He was carted off the field.

Fortunately, tests must have revealed Kupp suffered no structural damage. The Broncos also said he underwent concussion testing and was cleared. Kupp returned to the game for the second half, and the reactions on Twitter were fantastic:

Kupp is an important part of the Rams’ high-octane offense, so they must be relieved his injury was not nearly as bad as it initially seemed.

Cooper Kupp carted off after suffering leg injury on illegal tackle

Rams logo

The Los Angeles Rams lost a member of their high-octane passing attack on Sunday, as wide receiver Cooper Kupp was carted off the field in the first half after suffering a painful looking leg injury.

Kupp took a hand-off from Jared Goff on a jet sweep and turned it up field for a first down. He was taken down by Denver Broncos defensive back Darian Stewart on a horse collar tackle, and Kupp’s ankle twisted underneath him as he was being dragged to the ground.

Kupp was carted off the field, so it appears the injury could be serious. That was a perfect example of why the horse collar tackle has been banned.

Eight NFL players making noise in training camp

Sam Darnold

While we are only a game into the NFL preseason, we have seen enough of training camp and game action to know who’s really starting to make an impression on coaches and teammates. A lot of the players are rookies, but some veterans and post-hype players are standing out as well. These players are standing in terms of how they’ve done in games, how they’ve looked in practice, and even how they interact with their teammates.

Here’s a look at eight NFL players making some noise early on in training camp.

Saquon Barkley, RB, Giants

Everyone expected Barkley to be great, and he certainly has been. All you need to do is watch his first preseason carry and you’ll see the skill he brings to the table. Barkley appears to have energized Giants camp; he looked very impressive in his first preseason game, and they’re putting a lot of responsibility on his shoulders considering he’s a rookie. He looks ready to handle it all.


15 biggest disappointments of NFL Week 11

Jason Garrett

Week 11 saw plenty of surprises and several big disappointments as the playoff race truly heats up. Playoff contenders are separating from each other, with some teams looking a bit worse for wear as they come up against each other.

So who was a letdown in Week 11? Here are 15 big disappointments.

Dallas Cowboys in the second half

They say it’s not about how you start but how you finish. And the Dallas Cowboys could not have finished Sunday’s game any worse. Dallas went into halftime leading their division rivals 9-7. After that, they gave up 30 unanswered points as the wheels completely fell off. The Cowboys allowed touchdown drives of 75, 90 and 85 yards. They punted twice on their possessions in between Philly’s big scoring drives. Then they gave up a strip sack that was returned for a touchdown as the game turned into a laugher. As if that weren’t enough, their first decent drive of the half ended with an interception in the end zone. This marks two straight embarrassing defeats for Dallas without Ezekiel Elliott.

Sean McDermott, coach, Bills

The easiest thing to do would be to list Nathan Peterman and his five first half interceptions on here and be done with it, but frankly, that would be unfair to Peterman. He wasn’t ready and he shouldn’t have started — especially over Tyrod Taylor, who had done nothing to lose his starting job. But McDermott decided to make the change, and he watched as Peterman was picked off five times in one half as the Los Angeles Chargers essentially had the Bills buried by halftime.

This is on the coach. It’s his job to know his players and put them in the best situation to win. Now, he’s put the rookie Peterman into an awful spot, dented his confidence, and left Taylor wondering what McDermott saw in him to make him the inferior option. It is an enormous self-inflicted error that has only served to muddy the waters — especially when he was left with no choice but to put Taylor right back in after the nightmarish first half.

Cooper Kupp, WR, Rams