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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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Giants coach responds to talk that he gave Bills bulletin board material

Pat Shurmur

Pat Shurmur shared some thoughts on Josh Allen this week that the Buffalo Bills are supposedly using as bulletin board material heading into Sunday’s game, but the New York Giants coach does not understand why.

Shurmur was asked on Wednesday if Allen was in the mix for the Giants when they had the No. 2 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, and he said he would “never comment on how in the mix anybody is” but did share some positive thoughts.

“We thought he was a big, strong thrower. A guy that had a chance to be a starter in the NFL, and he has been for them,” Shurmur said, per SNY’s Scott Thompson. “I think he’s made steady improvements. He’s a very strong-armed guy. He’s helped them win some big games already. Just like any young player, you see where he’ll make mistakes and then correct them.”

For whatever reason, the Bills interpreted that as a shot at Allen since Shurmur said the former Wyoming star “had a chance to be a starter” rather than saying he had all the makings of a star quarterback. Matthew Fairburn of The Athletic reported that Shurmur’s comments were being displayed on TVs inside the Bills’ facility this week. When asked about that on Friday, Shurmur basically said it’s nonsense.

Teams use bulletin board material — whether real or perceived — all the time to give them an extra boost. Heck, we even saw one college coach literally invent a fake quote in an attempt to motivate his players, so you can’t blame the Bills for trying. That said, Shurmur clearly didn’t mean any of what he said as a slight.

Bills QB Josh Allen has solution for autograph-seeking Dolphins fan

Josh Allen

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen had the perfect solution for a Miami Dolphins fan who was seeking his autograph at training camp on Tuesday.

Allen saw the young boy, who was wearing a Dolphins jersey and hat. The quarterback grabbed the boy’s Dolphins jersey and appeared to toss it aside. Instead, he came through with one of his jerseys for the boy and signed it with a personalized message.

The young fan said he ended up trading his Dolphins jersey for Allen’s jersey. The Bills quarterback also gave the boy the hat he was wearing it and signed it for the youngster.

That’s how you do it, Josh. Turn them one fan at a time.

Despite being called “trash,” Allen actually played well as a rookie. Though he passed for just 10 touchdowns and 12 interceptions, he rushed for a team-best 631 yards and eight touchdowns. The team won six games, five coming in his starts.

Frank Clark replacements that Seattle Seahawks could target in draft

The Seattle Seahawks have had a busy week. On April 16th, they finalized the big contract with Russell Wilson. When you pay the quarterback the big bucks, you have to make decisions on who else to pay, and on Tuesday, one of those decisions involved trading away the team’s leading pass rusher, Frank Clark, rather than pay a long-term deal.

This is a big draft for Seattle. They now have two first-round picks in the twenties, and can decide to address replacing Frank Clark’s production with a first-round talent on a cheaper deal, and also look at replacing Earl Thomas early in the draft.

This draft actually sets up nicely for deferring getting a safety until the later first round pick, and acquiring a pass rusher either with the 21st overall pick, or by a slight trade-up if necessary. The Chiefs on the other hand, probably were not going to have an impact pass rusher fall to them at 29th overall.

I will also point out that, by the traditional value chart, the 21st and 29th pick should be equal to about the 7th or 8th overall pick (and by my wins-added value chart, those two picks are worth between the 6th and 7th overall picks). So Seattle has the draft capital to make a big move and get one of the top pass rushers if they want to do so, and can make a deal for any number of them that could fall. Will they want to? Seattle only had four picks in the entire draft before this trade, and none until pick #84 after that 21st overall selection (they have now swapped pick #84 for pick #92 as part of the Clark trade as well). If you are Seattle, you now want to see teams make big moves for quarterbacks that also drives the draft board down slightly, if you want to now stand pat at 21, get the pass rusher, then trade down again with the just-acquired pick.

Let’s take a look at who might be available, and where, for Seattle (and you can see my full mock draft based on average draft position and need here).


Josh Allen is probably going to be gone in the first five picks. But Seattle has to be prepared for contingencies. If someone jumps for a second quarterback early, if there is a surprise pick in the first five slots, Allen could still be on the board when the Giants come up at #6. Dave Gettleman has never traded down and it’s not really his M.O., but if Allen is there heading into picks 6 through 8, Seattle could get it done with an elite replacement.


Sweat is a wildcard. On average, when I examined the mock drafts, he was going at pick number 11, with a large variation. He could go off the board by those same range of picks where Seattle could target moving up for Allen, or if they want to exercise a little patience, he could still be on the board as it gets past Denver and to Cincinnati at 11 and Green Bay at 12. Green Bay could be a team very amenable to a move down to still target receivers and tight ends. A trade of the 21st, 29th, and 125th pick for the 12th and 44th overall picks could get it done. Getting an impact pass rusher while getting a mid-second round pick would put them in prime range to still address the safety position at the point in the draft where it makes the most sense.


Brian Burns and Clelin Ferrell are currently occupying that mid-first round tier among pass rushers. Both are going off the board on average in the same range, Burns at 18.2 and Ferrell at 18.9. Burns was available at pick 21 in one-third of the mock drafts I studied, and Ferrell in 28% of them. One of the two of them was available in just over half the mock drafts. So, just by waiting, Seattle has a decent chance of landing one. Those chances go up if there is a run at quarterback or offensive line by pick 18. Seattle also has the ability to watch the board develop into the teens, and then once one of them comes off the board, move for the other. They can probably swing a deal by including the fourth round pick to move up into the mid-to-late teens. Minnesota, for one, is a team that should be amenable to a move.

10 potential trade-up targets in the 2019 NFL Draft

Dwayne Haskins

The 2019 NFL Draft is approaching, which means all of the speculation, rumors and insider reports will come to an end and we’ll finally see exactly what each of the 32 general managers are thinking.

As part of that, we’ll likely see a flurry of trades, with many of those coming at the top of Round 1. But the jockeying won’t end there as teams contentiously wheel-and-deal in an effort to fortify their rosters. What players will they be trying to trade up for? We have an idea.

Here’s a look at 10 prospects who are most likely to be targeted in trade-up scenarios.

10. D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss

The overall feeling on Metcalf is mixed at best. Some have him projected to go in the top 10, others in the top 20, and more yet in the second round. It’s anyone’s guess where he eventually goes, but in the event Metcalf falls into the No. 20 range, someone is going to take a flier and not risk waiting for him to fall further. The Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers are all potential buyers in such a scenario, so keep an eye out for some late-Round 1 shakeups if Metcalf remains available at that point.


Jalen Ramsey does not back down from calling Josh Allen ‘trash’

Josh Allen

Josh Allen appears to be on track to return from his injury to face the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, which means the rookie quarterback will have a chance to prove himself against Jalen Ramsey. And if you think Ramsey is going to back down from his controversial offseason remarks ahead of a matchup against the Buffalo Bills, you’re wrong.

During his infamous interview with GQ Magazine that was published back in August, Ramsey bashed several NFL quarterbacks. The All-Pro cornerback had a particularly unflattering assessment of Allen, whom he called “trash” and said he was “excited as hell” that the Jags get to face the former Wyoming star this season.

On Tuesday, Ramsey said he stands by what he said about Allen.

It’s unclear exactly what Ramsey is referring to when he says he had a reason for being so harsh on Allen. Some believe it’s so Ramsey can intimidate the rookie and hopefully challenge him into throwing in his direction, while others think Ramsey took aim at Allen because of the racist tweets he sent years ago that went viral before the Bills drafted him.

Whatever the case, Allen said Monday that he “could care less” what Ramsey thinks and is only worried about his own teammates. The rookie will have a tough task in front of him if he does return from his arm injury on Sunday.

Bills’ Josh Allen will be full practice participant Monday

Josh Allen

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen appears to be on pace to return for Week 12.

Coach Sean McDermott said Monday that Allen would be a full participant in practice to start the week, a good sign as he seeks to return to action against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

While McDermott is still being conservative in his estimate, all signs point to Allen playing Sunday. The quarterback has been throwing for about two weeks now as he works his way back from an elbow injury that has held him out since Week 6. Barring a setback this week, he should start Sunday.

Bills QB Josh Allen has resumed throwing

Josh Allen

Help may finally be on the way for the Buffalo Bills in the near future.

Rookie quarterback Josh Allen resumed throwing on Friday, Bills head coach Sean McDermott told WKBW reporter Joe Buscaglia. McDermott also did not rule Allen out for the Bills’ Week 10 game against the Jets.

Allen has been out since injuring his elbow on Oct. 14. He was projected to miss at least 2-3 weeks and has already missed three games. If he does not return against the Jets, he would miss his fourth game in a row and then have a bye before Buffalo plays again in Week 12.

Even though he wasn’t putting up big stats, the Bills still won two games when Allen was playing.