Brandon Phillips accuses Pirates player of making racist comments toward him

Bad blood has developed between the Pirates and Reds over the course of the season, as a number of players have been hit by pitches and taken exception to it. Another incident occurred on Monday night when Brandon Phillips was hit by a pitch from Pittsburgh hurler Jared Hughes, resulting in a warning for both teams.

It is unclear whether or not he’s claiming it happened before or after he was hit, but Phillips wrote on his Twitter account after the game that a Pirates player made a racist comment toward him.

Phillips gave no clarification and simply followed up with a tweet about how pleased he was to get the win in extra innings. While we hope it’s not true, it certainly wouldn’t be the first case of racism or cultural insensitivity that we’ve seen in professional sports. Rivalries exist and tempers are going to flare, but there’s no excuse for any player to bring race into a disagreement.

UPDATE: Phillips talked with Hughes and they both say there is no issue.

Photo credit: Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

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  • http://twitter.com/lsxsx Lsxsx

    oh come on… who said it? Don’t make vague accusations. Was there a racist comment or not? Don’t play a fake race card. Who said what? and don’t say you couldn’t tell who it was

  • Shawn Watkins

    Calling shananigans on this one!  Dont believe it for a second.  With the amount of diversity in this game if there was a racist remark it would have gotten blown up by now.  The bottom line is he can thank his own pitching staff for getting him drilled.  They chose to play the tough guy game, now they gotta live with it.  You cant pretend to be a bully then try to recieve a victims  sympathy.  Suck it up!

  • Clifford Burton

    If none of the involved parties provide specifics then there’s not much to discuss. And if there’s not much to discuss beyond “HE SAIDSHE SAID, then why even bring it up?

    Santa Monica