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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Bryce Harper gets card for free burritos for life from Chipotle (Picture)


What’s the point of making millions of dollars a year if Chipotle Mexican Grill is going to give you free burritos anyway? What do you spend your money on? Cars? Personally, I’d be all set with the free burrito card. Give me a few hundred bucks per week after that to pay my bills and I’m all set.

As you can see, Bryce Harper was stoked on Tuesday when Chipotle gave him a personalized card that allows him to get free burritos for the rest of his life. Since he’s only 20 years old, that could potentially be a lot of burritos.

“Thanks chipotle for my free burritos for life card!” Harper wrote on Twitter with the photo you see above. “The best thing ever! I really appreciate it!”

From Chipotle’s standpoint, having Harper post a picture of his free burrito card on Twitter for his 175,000 followers to see makes it more than pay for itself. Harper already has his own beer and a trademarked product from Under Armour. This was just Chipotle’s way of getting in on the action.

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