Teen David Denson hits 515-foot home run at Marlins Park (Video)

david-densonHigh school senior David Denson might not be one of the top prospects in the country, but it’s hard to imagine a teenager having more power than him.

Denson, who turns 18 on January 17, hit a 515-foot home run at Marlins Park during the 2012 Power Showcase. DPL Baseball says Denson hit 19 home runs in the showcase, including three off the scoreboard. The showcase’s website says Denson won the home run derby with his 19 blasts.

Denson is 6-foot-4 and weighs 252 pounds. He is listed as a first baseman and pitcher, and he throws 90 mph according to his profile. The South Hills High (Calif.) senior is committed to play college ball at the University of Hawaii.

For reference, Bryce Harper received attention for hitting a 502-foot home run at the same event at Tropicana Field in 2009. Both players were using metal bats. Here’s video of Harper’s blast:

Here’s video of Denson trying out for the Area Code Games at USC last year. As you can see in the video, he doesn’t make solid contact anywhere near as often as Harper:

Forearm bash to Cut Four

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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/HZXK3ZV6MXFVZ5ENADOKLMMAFM Patrick

    hitting batting practice speed pitches won’t get you to the majors! Better hope this guy learns to hit fastballs and curves!

  • brian sax

    I agree but a phenomenal feat even so…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=697235103 Brandon Etheridge

     Its a high school “home run derby” not a scouting show. Maybe he makes
    the show as a pitcher and doesn’t have to worry about fastballs and
    curve. Also they are using metal bats and a pitching machine that puts it right down the middle. Thanks for coming out with your comment though.

  • http://twitter.com/cpmorris0 Christopher Morris

    Did I hear the “ping” of an aluminum bat.  So what?

  • FrenchmanII

    Aluminum bat? why not use a superball while you are at it

  • Andrew Joseph

    You still have to hit the ball… and he did. Regardless of the circumstances – which are the same for everyone in the event, he hit it farther.  

  • Tony Drake

     Aluminum bat works better than a fungo….

  • Tony Drake

    If a standard wood bat was used, that 515 shot would had been about 390ft…. Big deal.

  • tmunson15

    two fasteset ways to the majors… left handed pitcher and left handed (switch hitting) catcher. is this kid a southpaw?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EZ3U2UZNYXGLUKGR64IBKUAH64 Mex-Vet

    Patrick, I know David Denson  personally and let me tell you he can hit fastballs like its nobodies business! He canalso hit curves. Come to So Cal and watch him play. He plays in a very competitive league against top prospect pitching and he hits the leather off the ball!

    David Denson is for real.