David Wells Calls Out Joe Torre: J-Fraud

Alright, so I’ve already done my share of ripping Joe Torre for co-authoring his “don’t call it a tell-all” tell-all book. I reserved some judgment because I hadn’t yet read it, but still considered the entire gesture to be pretty poor on his part. No need to reveal some of the locker room gossip from the Yankee days. Well, there was an excerpt in SI that confirmed what I had read about the book — Torre harbors bitter feelings toward Brian Cashman for the way things ended. Anyway, once Torre spilled the beans you figured the players would start bad-mouthing him Jon Gruden-style. First in line as you might have imagined was David Wells. Check out what Boomer served up on The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio:

[Joe Torre] should be called J-Fraud. He managed guys like Jeter — guys that were very easy to manage — those everyday players. But when there were guys under the bubble that were struggling, or basket cases like me I guess, he didn’t want anything to do with us.

Joe, he wasn’t tough on guys, he just treated you like crap. If you weren’t in his little circle — the circle of trust — then he could care less about you. I’ve had quite a few confrontations with him. It’s like guys get to fly early … I had to fly with the team — it’s stuff like that. If you’re going to do it for one guy, you might as well do it for the rest, and that’s what he didn’t do with the majority of guys.

I’m not sure which players were given the preferential treatment, but I’m guessing it’s pretty easy to figure out. Boomer also said that the ’98 team was so close it was like they didn’t need a manager; guys always hung out together and went to restaurants together. Wells told the hosts that they could have managed the team that year, confirming what I’ve said all along. If players were going to come out and start bad-mouthing Torre now that he’s spewing all, no surprise it’s starting with Wells. I expect more to come. And I’m looking forward to more Roger Clemens testicle-rub down stories, too.

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  • SpinMax

    Gee whiz David, I wonder why you weren’t in his circle of trust….oh I see why.

  • Gene

    Joe Torre has violated the cardinal rule of the locker room: what goes on in here stays in here.

    I have always thought that Torre was overrated as a manager, since he couldn’t win in the last six years with by far the largest payroll in baseball. I guess being the highest paid manager isn’t enough; he needs some extra spending money for yoga and the beach.

    Kudos to David Wells. He certainly was not an exemplary player, but he got this one right.

  • TA

    Get over yourself, Gene. Half of these guys are on steroids that you cannot even test for (just compare A-Rod and Pujols’s measurements to Schwarzenegger when he was winning all of his Mr. Olympias [and openly juicing]). These people are nothing but a bunch of bunch overpaid degenerates. They do not deserve any consideration, or for that matter our time and money. I hope they and their teams implode. And as for Wells, he ate himself out of baseball. Maybe if he wasn’t such a fat bum, managers would’ve tolerated him a little more.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    At that same token, Spin, then why is Torre violating his circle of trust?

  • SpinMax

    Just how far does this unwritten lockerroom go, Larry? If he were to write about good things that
    happened in the lockerroom, then it would never get mentioned. For the last 10 years the media has
    written a thousand stories about what went on in there, whatwent on between Jeter and Arod,
    etc. Torre just filled in the blanks. Art Donovan has made a post-football career out of telling
    stories about what happened behind the scenes and he is praised.

    I just don’t figure how it’s ok in one circumstance and not in others. All unwritten rules suck.

  • JS

    Gene – I’m not sure if Torre needs the extra money for yoga and the beach. Maybe McCourt charges Joe to park at Dodger Stadium.