Jonathan Papelbon Says Manny Ramirez Was a Cancer with the Red Sox

This is probably something a lot of people thought, and something the press and fans said, but it’s another thing when a player says it. Then again, if any Boston player were to speak up about an issue, odds are it would be Jonathan Papelbon. Check out his description of Manny Ramirez and how Man-Ram single-handedly brought the Red Sox down:

Papelbon described Ramirez as a “cancer.”

“It just takes one guy to bring an entire team down, and that’s exactly what was happening,” Papelbon told Esquire. “Once we saw that, we weren’t afraid to get rid of him. It’s like cancer. That’s what he was. Cancer. He had to go. It (stunk), but that was the only scenario that was going to work. That was it for us.”

The high-energy Sox closer said that he has no issue with anyone on the team being called out once they’ve crossed the line.

If there are any wonders as to why Manny was lingering on the free agent market for so long, I think Papelbon just answered the question. I hope Papelbon doesn’t catch any flack for this comment considering it seems more than fair and appropriate. I also appreciate that Papelbon is unafraid to open his mouth and act like a fool sometimes, even if it makes him look bad. That is something that needed to be said.

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  • SpinMax

    I agree, papelbon should not take any flack. I’m sick of these people who will attack him as breaking an unwritten lockerroom rule. Bullcrap!
    What one person calls a rat or tattletale, I call a whistleblower, something that takes guts. where would we be without canseco’s book? unwritten rules belong in the trash

  • Jeff J

    Manny was a cancer who won them 2 championships including a World Series MVP in 2004. They didn’t win in 2008 when he was traded, so I guess he couldn’t be all that bad. I guess one team’s cancer is another team’s cure, as Manny is alive and well and a huge fan favorite with the Dodgers. Maybe Boston was a cancer to Manny.

  • john Miller

    Boston is a hole.they crucify their own. They did it w Williams Yaz Rice Clemens -no matter who–who workd harder than Manny? Any steroid s? Oh yeah 2 WS and the GM got the credit? The reason everyone hates Boston is not because of the RS, its because their fans suck-theyre not fans, they’re losers-and they only like tragedy–and if you’re not tragic, and won’t suffer w them, they make you pay–manny being manny woulda been loved anywhere but Boston. As we say in NY–Boston Sucks

  • sixlove

    I know that Manny will be a strong asset to the Dodgers, but I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop when he starts loafing in left field and his bad attitude spreads to the younger players. I hope that doesn’t happen, but it’s hard not to live in fear.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I doubt it gets as bad as it was in Boston, if at all. He’ll help the Dodgers more than he’ll hurt them



    about time someone other than Curt Schilling spoke their mind.

    You got to give credit to guys like Lance Berkman and Roy Oswalt who called out steroid jerks like A-fraud for saying their numbers would have been better and they would have gotten millions more had they taken steroids, but didn’t.

    I hate the Red Sox, but now am a fan toward Papelbon because he had the balls to say how much of a jerk Ramirez is.

  • jeffrey

    Papelbon is a loser & so is all the people who love him in boston!! Manny is a future hall of famer!! & guess what? They love him in LA. Hahaha