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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Luke Scott shows up to Rays camp with boar’s head from hunting trip (Picture)


Tampa Bay Rays first baseman Luke Scott is not your average human being. He enjoys speaking his mind and getting a rise out of people. The latter is likely what inspired him to bring a hunting trophy with him to spring training on Monday.

As you can see from the photo above that Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times shared on Twitter, Scott brought an actual wild boar’s head from a boar he says he killed while on a spear-hunting trip into the Rays locker room. The Times’ Gary Shelton painted a more detailed picture of the scene for us.

Scott bounced through the clubhouse carrying a large boar’s head — the first one he killed with a spear, he would later explain. The eyes stared ahead blankly, and the tusks curled around the snout. Scott thought it would be a wonderful attachment to the side of his locker.

Soon, he would tell the story, again, about the clacking sound the boar made just before it threatened to charge. To emphasize, Scott thrust his lower jaw forward and clacked himself.

Different guy, Luke Scott.

Different guy, indeed. This is the same Scott who once trashed one of America’s most beloved ballparks and said a slump had reduced him to tears and prayer. He also verbally abused Red Sox fans at one point last season. To a person like that, bringing an animal’s head into the locker room ain’t no thang.

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