Magic Johnson gets Vin Scully’s name wrong twice at new Dodgers owners press conference

Magic Johnson spoke enthusiastically at the Dodgers’ new owner press conference held at Chavez Ravine on Wednesday, but he made one major mistake. As LBS contributor Arsen Dadyan pointed out to us, Magic actually called legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully “Vince” on two occasions (seen at the 6:30 mark in the video above).

The former Lakers star spoke about all the great things the new owners of the Dodgers were going to accomplish. He promised that “we’re going to win again,” and “we’re committed for the long haul.”

And while Johnson did a great job leading the pep rally and giving the fans plenty of reasons to expect great things in the future, he showed that maybe he’s not quite as knowledgeable about the team as the front he’s created would indicate.

No true fan of the team would call Vin Scully “Vince.” Scully is widely regarded as the greatest announcer in baseball, and perhaps all sports. Everyone knows his name is Vin. But for someone like Magic Johnson, who comes across more as a figurehead paraded out in front of the masses as the ownership’s representative because of his legendary status in LA is comforting to the fans, this seems like a sure sign that he’s been fudging it all along.

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  • Anonymous

    His name actually is Vincent. Maybe this is what Magic calls him. 

  • Gene

     He has always been called Vin or Vinny, but never Vince.  Just because you love Magic John son, don’t give him a free pass on this one.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2LGNHI44FFI3HK5KE5T6LNE4U4 KR K

    Magic has virtually no command of the english language, never has.  Having him as the face of the new ownership seems smart on the surface but a group led by a baseball player would have been a better choice.  Remember magic’s talk show?  The guy is a language butcher.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VNOAU526P4ZFBY7CZPPIUTAQBY JohnM

    I’m guessing there are people who watch or listen to games, but who do little reading about the team, also think his name is “Vince Skully” (because the ‘n’ of Vin and the ‘s’ of Scully run together.)  What this really shows is Magic Johnson doesn’t do much reading about the Dodgers, or doesn’t make mental notes about things like that (“oh, I thought it was ‘Vince'”), when he does encounter them.