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Friday, April 20, 2018

Picture: Classy Cubs Fan Pours Beer on Shane Victorino During Game

If this were a basketball game in Detroit, Shane Victorino might have wound up in the bleachers. As it stood, Victorino made a catch in the bottom of the 5th at Wrigley Field with the bases loaded and one out. Some dopey Cubs fan who likely was a) drunk and b) pissed the team was down 12-2 in the 5th, showed Victorino what he thought of him. In a pathetic act, the fan threw his beer all over the center fielder. Check out the photo via the Sun Times:

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You pay your money, buy your ticket, I guess you have the right to heckle opposing players, even though I don’t like it when it crosses lines. But come on, let the guys actually play. Tossing a beer on someone at the exact moment he’s trying to make a catch? Might as well flash a picture five feet from the batter as he’s trying to hit a 95mph fastball. Deadspin has possibly identified the culprit if you’d like more of this story.

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