Rangers Fan Shannon Stone Dies After Falling Going for Foul Ball (Video)

366 days after Rangers fan Tyler Morris fell at the Ballpark in Arlington going for a foul ball, another fan did the same thing. The difference is when Shannon Stone lost his balance and fell over the railing, it cost him his life. Here is the tragic video:

The man who died is Shannon Stone (pictured below), who has been a firefighter for nearly 18 years in Brownsville, Texas. As if the story isn’t tragic enough, this detail will truly make your heart break.

“They had him on a stretcher, and they were carrying him out, and he was saying stuff,” said A’s reliever Brad Ziegler, who was in tears after being informed of the man’s death. “He was saying, ‘Please check on my son. I was here with my son,’ and people were saying, ‘We’ll check on your son. We’ll make sure he’s OK.’

It’s hard to believe that he was conscious, asking about his son, and then ended up dying. Going to a game and catching a foul ball is part of what makes being a fan fun. Nobody is supposed to die during an exciting moment like that.

We’ll pass along the same advice we gave last year after a similar incident. Stadiums need to have higher railings to ensure this sort of thing does not happen.

We send our best wishes to Stone’s family and hope they will be able to overcome the tragedy.

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  • http://www.newser.com/user/83561792/1/roland47.html P.Nutgallery

    I could not agree with you more. My condolences to the family in this difficult time.

    That having been said, I believe this was a tragedy waiting to happen. I’ve been in this stadium and there is a litany of safety issues. To say it is poorly-designed would be an understatement. There is no regard for spectator safety, whatsoever…not just in the section where this man was sitting, but all around the entire stadium.

    As you pointed out, this is not the first time someone has fallen. While trying to get to the seats we purchased, I almost fell over the railing because the front row of seats is right up next to the railing, in addition to the railing being extremely low.  There is no room to walk, let alone juggle over others’ legs and feet. It’s ridiculous.Frankly, I hold the stadium owners/operators partially responsible for the gross negligence that led to this man’s death and I hope his family sues and wins a large settlement because this definitely could have been avoided with just a little bit of common sense and foresight on their part.

    Reaching for foul balls is something that is reasonable to expect at games and accommodation needs to be taking into account for that.  The fact that people want to sit in their front row seat and slouch forward and lean on the railing does not come before the safety of everyone else in the stands.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P6KM3ZNG4X2MZ4KLYJKVMQM5RQ Rahul

    This guy was trying to catch a ball meant for another man! But losing life for that is cruel!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a horrible accident! But I don’t agree on building higher fences. Don’t think that a higher railing will stop people from climbing the railing, to now be even higher and still potentially falling, maybe even more so since they will be less stabilized by standing on the railing in the first place. How many hundreds of fans lean over to catch balls without incident? It’s a horrible accident. If people want to hold ballparks accountable then the parks should put up netting throughout the park so no balls come in contact with fans….period!! Or prohibit any fan from leaning over, but then again what’s to stop them from doing it?? I feel sorry for the family and mostly for the lil boy! Nothing can bring back his dad! 

  • http://www.newser.com/user/83561792/1/roland47.html ItsThatLiberalAgain

    The railings in that stadium are only 30″ tall. That’s not tall enough. Local regulations set a minimum of 26″ which is even more ridiculous. 
    If they build them higher and someone climbs the railing that’s on them.  But I have almost fallen over the railing while simply walking to and from my seat, and I was not consuming alcohol. The railing simply is not tall enough. 

  • Anonymous

    If the rails meet minimum requirements, I don’t see any case. Our rails do and they still seem short