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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rangers Make Good Use of Rain Delay

As much as I can’t stand the Rangers — and they’re easily one of the teams I dislike the most in baseball — they’re actually becoming somewhat likable. They’re playing well, they have Hamilton who’s mashing, and Milton’s on fire, too. Plus, they have Ron Washington’s old, drunk ass managing them in between drags off his cigs and shots of Crown Royal (note: this is only what goes on in my head, not reality). What’s not to like about them? OK, they’re still an amateur ballclub always inciting crap with the Angels, so I can’t like them too much. But what they did during a rain delay at Shea Stadium on Saturday was awesome. Check out their slip and slide:

Video via FanIQ. Let’s see, I saw Milton, Hamilton, Kinsler, Michael Young, and it looked like Saltalamacchia in there, too. Not quite sure who else I missed. I like to see guys like that having fun, not taking themselves too seriously. Maybe that’s why they’re playing well — they’re actually enjoying themselves like they’re the Oakland A’s or something. And why is it that we keep getting fun moments that involve baseball tarps?

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