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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Roy Halladay showed up to Phillies camp in a sweet black hot rod (Picture)

You know that guy on the Dos Equis commercial? I’m starting to think he may not be the most interesting man in the world. Having a mother who has a tattoo that reads “Son” or being allowed to touch the art at a museum is pretty boss, but Roy Halladay may have him beat. The car you see above is what the Doc whipped to Phillies training camp over the weekend. Would you expect Halladay to show up in anything less than a sick black hot rod?

The Dos Equis guy may have won trophies for his game face or bowled a round overhand, but that’s all hearsay at this point. We have personally witnessed the Doc toss a no-hitter in his postseason debut and there are even rumors that he saved a young boy from an anaconda attack during a trip to the Amazon. He is, the most interesting man in the world.

H/T SI Hot Clicks

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