Steve Phillips: Thank God for Steroids

There are many ways to look at the steroid era in baseball. For most, it is an embarrassment — cheating in every sense of the term.  Most fans feel like they were cheated for more than a decade.  What Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds were able to do is no longer reality.  It was all manufactured.  Regardless, it made for some entertaining moments.

Those entertaining moments are what someone like Steve Phillips focuses on.  In fact, Phillips thinks baseball would be dead right now if not for those few — excuse me, the enormous population — who took up juicing.  According to the USA Today via The Big Lead, Phillips said, “Thank god for steroids. It brought the game back from extinction,” during an interview on XM radio.

Keep in mind this is the same guy who said he would trade Stephen Strasburg for Roy Oswalt.  But if the affair-having Phillips is right, the game of baseball is in serious danger.  With the way MLB has cracked down on testing and tried to put the issue of steroid use to rest over the past couple years, we as fans are led to believe that the days of 55 home runs in a season are over.

Without the astronomical statistics that supposedly brought the game back to life, what will keep it afloat?  Will fans take to no-hitters the same way they took to the long ball in the late 90s?  Will going to the ballpark and watching a dominant pitching performance have the same effect as watching six home runs fly into the stands? Time will tell.

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  • Anonymous

    The error in the post is not whether Phillips’ opinion can be trusted it’s why his opinion can;t be trusted. The fact that Phillips had an extramarital affair or two or three or more isn’t relevant to his knowledge of the game. Nor is his comment that he would have traded a prospect (Strasburg) for a veteran starter (Oswalt) any more damning than a GM’s decision to trade Randy Johnson for Mark Langston. It’s just a decision based on his evaluation of the team’s need at the time.
    Looking at the steroid comment on its own it may seem off the mark in the politically correct hate steroids environment we have today but factually he may be correct. The game was recovering slowly until the McGwire / Sosa battles took the front page. By the time Bonds became an annoying front page item the game was on solid ground again. I believe baseball would have recovered albeit more slowly from the impossibly stupidity of the strike simply because it’s baseball and in spite of the screaming of football lunatics, it is still America’s game.

  • http://www.fantasybaseballdugout.com Jonathan Bentz

    While I wouldn’t go as far as saying “Thank God for steroids,” I get the sentiment. The steroid era – while tainting the history of the game – was good for the BUSINESS of the game. And it’s not like the 50 home run season is impossible in today’s game, either. However, the Brady Anderson’s and Greg Vaughn’s of the world aren’t going to be doing it, anymore, either. If that makes baseball less interesting to the casual fans, so be it. But the league continues to make more money every year, so what is there to worry about?

  • http://sorebuttcheeks.blogspot.com/ steroids

    finally someone with some common sense about the steroids issue.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HX7ZSHTFXURBGSPVYBNYSS7YB4 Frederick Puccini

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