Tim Tebow Can Mash Too?

Even though most of the top athletes in the country are multi-talented, they mostly concentrate on one sport these days. Gone are the times of Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson where a guy would pick up his bat and glove down one day and strap on the pads the next. Clemson quarterback and slugger Kyle Parker could follow in their footsteps but he’ll probably end up playing professional baseball and giving up football. The point is that even though many of these athletes are well-rounded, we only know about one side of them for the most part. That’s why it was so spectacular to see Saints quarterback Drew Brees belt home runs in a charity softball game; we just don’t get treated to the other side very often. Well apparently football hero Tim Tebow has a baseball side too.

Tim Tebow has been in Memphis trying to train for his upcoming football season. He’s been working out at a local Memphis high school to avoid drawing huge crowds and he even took batting practice with the Memphis University School baseball team one day. How did he do? Well the Memphis Commercial Appeal says Tebow hit 12 of the 15 pitches out. Wow. I figured Tebow would have good power at the plate, but to have the coordination to drop 12 of 15 bombs without even playing regularly? That’s impressive. I don’t think Tebow will be a successful NFL quarterback but I have plenty more respect for him as an athlete now.

Tim Tebow brings magic to Memphis [Memphis Commercial Appeal]
Tim Tebow puts on a show in batting practice … like, for real [Hardball Talk]

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  • Chance White

    Ya know, I have to disagree with you about Tebow’s odds of being a great pro qb. I’m a full bore Gator hater, and Tebow made me want to rip my hair out at times, but I have to respect him as a player and as a man. I think he will be phenomenal in the pros because he’s the rarest type of player in that he’s coachable. He’s a student of the game, and he doesn’t think so highly of himself that he won’t listen to the input of others. I think when the weaknesses of his game become apparent, he’ll work ten times as hard on those areas and correct them. He’s a hard worker and a great talent, and I see nothing but success for him as an NFL passer. I wish him all the best.

  • Bob Thebeau

    Tim will do good in the NFL , I just wish he new how to special his name the right way insteas of the short cut.

    Thebeau Not TEBOW Maybe he is not french. HAHA

  • http://diamond-stuff.blogspot.com/ Bob Diamond

    I wish Tim Tebow would somehow wind up playing for the Carolina Panthers. We need a winner!

  • Anonymous

    Being a sports fan, I love these articles. Thank you!