Virgin America puts Brian Wilson beard on its Giants plane (Picture)

The Giants began a partnership with Virgin America last year, so what better way to kick things off with a team plane that features a Brian Wilson beard at the nose? In addition to decking out an Airbus A320 jet with Giants logos, the club level at AT&T Park is named after Virgin America, and a high-end bar named “The Virgin America Flight Deck” was created in the 200 level. NBC Bay Area adds that Virgin America will have a channel dedicated to the Giants on their flights. Yeah, now I know exactly what airline to avoid when I move my butt off the couch.

H/T Sawley Vickrey’s The Daily Rival
Picture via Virgin America

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  • Tom Williams

    Not a great idea, it might crash and burn like the Giants did last year. Not that anyone would care, mind you.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2XQFBZV5HYCKMKAEIHEDIKIE54 Alex

    Whoa buddy, you’d better fear the beard!!!! GO SF!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/K6PIY3RD5656A2DV3MRUT36SA4 christian

    I’m pretty sure no one would care if you never posted another comment again.  HUMMM BABY!!!