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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Visiting teams say Cubs new scoreboard makes it hard for relievers to warm up

One of the updates the Cubs made to Wrigley Field for the 2012 season was a new LED scoreboard in right field. The new addition, which is featured in the photo above, was built on the idea of not having to clutter the bleachers with advertisements. This way, ads can be rotated through the scoreboard sitting under the right field bleachers and are less invasive to the park itself. But there seems to be one problem: It’s too bright.

According to the Chicago Tribune, opposing players have complained that the lights on the new scoreboard get so bright at times that it makes it difficult for their relievers to warm up. The visiting bullpen at Wrigley is located down the right field line, and teams have complained that catchers have trouble seeing the ball because of the LED board.

“Warming up the pitcher in the bullpen, that new scoreboard they have, the numbers are white, and the ball is coming out of there, so it’s really difficult to see,” Cardinals bullpen catcher Jamie Pogue said Tuesday. “It doesn’t make it a whole lot of fun for us back there trying to catch those guys.┬áBut it will be in (the Cubs’) hands, whether they want to try to fix it to help the opposing guys out or not. I had heard the other teams that have been here complained about the same thing.”

Pogue is not the first to complain, as the Brewers reportedly had an issue with it during their two night games on the first Wrigley homestand this season. The Cubs say they tested the brightness of the scoreboard before the season and determined it is not an issue. Gamesmanship, anyone?

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