Zack Greinke ejected after spiking baseball in first inning (Video)

Zack Greinke was ejected in the first inning of Saturday’s Brewers-Astros game after spiking a ball following a close call at first base.

With a runner on third, Astros second baseman Jose Altuve hit a ground ball in between first and second to score the run. First baseman Corey Hart made a diving stop to field it and tossed to Greinke who raced to first. Greinke touched the bag at the same time as Altuve, so first base umpire Sam Holbrook called Altuve safe.

Greinke turned around and spiked the ball, likely because he was frustrated with the call and/or giving up the run (Carlos Gomez misplayed a ball in center to give Jordan Schaefer a triple to lead off the game). Holbrook immediately ejected Greinke, who had only faced two batters and thrown four pitches.

Milwaukee manager Ron Roenicke came out to discuss the call with Holbrook and was ejected for arguing.

The questionable ejection put the Brewers in a horrible spot because it meant the bullpen would have to pitch almost the entire game. It also came at a bad time for Milwaukee as Greinke is being mentioned in trade talks, and the quick ejection prevented interested teams from being able to see him pitch.

It’s also worth mentioning that Holbrook is part of umpire Joe West’s crew, which is notorious for questionable calls.

Here’s a video of Greinke talking about the ejection after the game. He says he was mad at himself for making a mental mistake on the play:

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  • http://twitter.com/SUalltheway Will Smith

    A new low for umpires, just sad.

  • Anonymous

    Grienke has been around long enough to know, you can’t throw a hissy fit like that. Right next to the ump too…stupid. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QX4NWMDDEVY2NTBBY3RBRGF6NM squeaker…

    Tell Sam that people don’t buy tickets to watch umpires eject players.  Some of these clowns in blue need to be given their walking papers…..

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen worse cases similar to this that either got a warning or nothing said.  IMO the ejection was premature.  Just a note…..a pitcher has to go 5 innings to get a win but only 4 pitches to get a loss????  Kind of lopsided to me.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MHM3IRNO3Y5MS3W7JUDOQFEUHA Wayne

    Little people take a little power and turn into big jerks.

  • Anonymous

    If a batter throws down his bat or helmet after a bad call he’d get ejected, so why do people think a pitcher shouldn’t get tossed for the same thing, but with a ball?  Mental mistake for Zach. Good call by ump.   Today, after seeing the video, Grienke even said it looked bad.