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Sunday, April 22, 2018

DeMarcus Cousins attempts 3-pointers with game on the line (Video)

DeMarcus CousinsDeMarcus Cousins needed only one possession to solidify his growing reputation as one of the biggest boneheads in the NBA.

The Sacramento Kings were down to the Los Angeles Lakers 101-98 in the final 20 seconds of their game Saturday. Cousins, for some reason, was hanging out beyond the 3-point line and decided to attempt to draw a foul by leaning in to Dwight Howard while shooting the ball. His shot was blocked by Howard. Howard did fall on Cousins, meaning a foul should have been called, but it was not. Cousins proceeded to ask the referee why a foul wasn’t called — while the play was still going on — and then when he got his head back into the play, he called for the ball from John Salmons and attempted another three!

Cousins’ second 3-point attempt went off the front of the rim, and Steve Blake secured the rebound. Kobe Bryant took the ball from Blake, was fouled, and made both his free throws to give the Lakers a 103-98 lead, which was the final score.

Cousins entered the game as a 17.6 percent 3-point shooter for his career.

We’ve shared many stories about Cousins’ stupid behavior on the court, and this is right up there with all of them. In fact, the sequence reminds us a little too much of what another boneheaded center did last year.

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