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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Big Baby Got Knocked the **** Out

The Celtics were already playing a man down (Kendrick Perkins was ejected) when another one of their bigs got knocked out of the game. Trying to defend Dwight Howard who went up for a layup, Glen Big Baby Davis got hammered in the face. Howard’s elbow plowed right into Baby’s beak and caused him to black out. Davis tried getting up but he clearly was lost and didn’t have his legs. We later found out that Baby was concussed, no surprise. Check out this Glen Big Baby Davis concussion video that knocked the second Celtics big man out of the game:

I hate to make the comparison, but the Big Baby reaction to getting clobbered by Dwight reminded me of the reaction from Santonio Holmes after the hit he took from Chris Crocker. You have to feel badly for these guys and hope that Baby will be back in time for Game 6.

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