Gregg Popovich finally took off his tie and stopped coaching

Gregg Popovich coaching

The image above is how San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich looked with three minutes remaining in Game 5 of the NBA Finals and his team up by nearly 20 points. He was about to win his fifth NBA title and the guy still had his arms folded and a scowl on his face. Classic Pop.

But why did he have such a stern look on his face? He knew that when the moment to finally celebrate came around, he’d be letting down his hair and untying that tie.

Gregg Popovich no tie

And how about his face when Kawhi Leonard was named NBA Finals MVP? Have you ever seen this emotion from Pop?


Apparently Pop does smile and show positive emotion. And he does that when all the work is finally done.

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  • Flashmannn

    As a Mavs fan, I hate both teams that were on the court, but I have tons of respect for Pop, so I will defend his lack of emotion by saying he is the NBA version of Tom Landry.

  • Spud for Spurs

    Agreed on the Landry analogy.

  • Spud for Spurs

    Coach Pop almost always has that morose look on his face, but I did see him smile a couple times after last night’s Game 5 victory. One may wonder about his demeanor, but there’s no doublt that he is one of THE BEST NBA coaches, if not the best ever!
    And I found it manly that following the game Pop loosened the necktie a little, then untied it, then took it off.

  • Flashmannn

    I heard Dat Nguyen (who now works for a San Antonio sports station) on Dallas radio a few days ago and he links Pop with Bill Parcells. Parcells was Nguyen’s coach in Dallas.