Isiah Thomas to Finally Be Fired?

Just as soon as he got crowned Deadspin’s Sportshuman of the Year, this story has to come out. Man, they just don’t let you enjoy your moment in the sun these days, do they? Apparently not, because Frank Isola of the New York Daily News writes that James Dolan is finally leaning towards canning Isiah at the end of the season:

Garden chairman James Dolan recently told confidants that he knows a coaching change must be made and that he is preparing to do just that, according to a source close to Dolan. No timetable was given, but the source indicated that Dolan is leaning toward making a change before the end of the season.

It is not clear whether Dolan would allow Thomas to continue in his role as the team’s highest-ranking decision-maker once he is removed from the bench. Such a scenario would seem unlikely, but Thomas’ survival skills should never be underestimated.

I guess all those rumors about Isiah having naked pictures of Dolan running a salad-tossing train with some trannies might not be true. Though the source of the report is anonymous and somewhat vague, I have to think Isola knows what he’s writing. Sure we all could have guessed Isiah would finally be out after the year, but now it finally seems as if his run could be over. Crazy that it might finally over after all the Isiah garbage and embarrassment Dolan put up with.

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  • SpinMax

    Outside of New York, nobody should be calling for his firing. I want them to be miserable, I despise the Knicks.

  • james r. finn

    isiah thomas will become the major prophet of the nba, when his prophecy is fulfilled and the knicks reach the playoffs. The team has heard of his confidence in them and it has paid off with wins against mighty Detroit, the Wizzard, and the Nets.
    The press should be charged for harrassment. keep watching, it may take the entire second half to pull it off.
    What’s that I hear? Knicks win? Knicks win!

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