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Monday, June 25, 2018

Jeremy Lin describes his ideal girlfriend

Jeremy Lin has reached a level of popularity where he could probably get almost any woman he wants. But for right now, he’s still a single guy still searching for that special someone. Luckily for him, he’s in the treasure trove of beauty that is the Big Apple. So what kind of girl is Lin looking for? He told the New York Post‘s Steve Serby during a Q&A on Friday.

“First she would really love God and be a faithful Christian,” Lin explained. “And then after that, I think, a desire to serve other people, to help with the underprivileged, do a lot of social work . . . great personality and easy to be around. Someone that’s definitely chill, low key, low maintenance.”

Oh. So much for all that talk about gorgeous women in New York.

But this is hardly a surprising answer from Lin. Not only has he been open about his faith, but he’s also one of the most modest stars the NBA has seen in some time. So, of course he’s looking for someone with great character above all else. Attractive significant others can become distractions anyway. Need we look further than Tom Brady or Kris Humphries?

Photo credit: US Presswire

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