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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

JR Smith once ordered $3,000 of food from room service just to see them bring it

JR SmithJ.R. Smith is already a clown and jacka–, but you already knew that. Most of the great anecdotes from the NBA over the past few seasons have involved him. But if you still weren’t convinced about what a bad seed Smith is, this story might take the cake — literally and figuratively.

Adrian Wojnarowski rips Smith to shreds in a column published early Friday. He describes Smith as a player who cons media members and teams by saying the right things but doing the opposite. He also characterizes Smith as “a soft, spoiled suburban jump-shooter,” even though Smith portrays himself as an inner-city gangster type. Then Woj truly delves into the inconsiderate nature of Smith.

According to Woj, Smith consistently displayed disrespectful behavior while with Zhejiang of the Chinese Basketball League during the lockout in 2011, which is nothing new based on what we’ve heard. Smith is said to have made unreasonable demands about what kind of car he needed to drive him around and missed practices to go shopping. But this story about one thing he allegedly did is the absolute worst:

Perhaps his greatest excess of idiocy had been a weekend of running a room service bill into the proximity of $3,000, a source with direct knowledge told Yahoo Sports. He kept ordering food, stacking piles of trays upon trays – “just to see if they would keep bringing it to the room,” the source said.

Now that is the worst. At least when Allen Iverson was leaving behind his clothing on road trips, it was on his dime. That’s a pretty darn disrespectful act from Smith — loading up on a bill just because it’s not being paid by you. These kinds of jerks don’t last in pro sports as long as they think they will. Smith probably won’t make it in the NBA beyond 30.

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