Lamar Odom’s top choice reportedly is Knicks

Could the Kardashians be taking New York for a second time? According to a report from Ian Begley, Lamar Odom’s top choice in free agency would be to join the Knicks.

Begley reports that Odom’s priority is to be comfortable, and he feels he can be in New York.

The problem for the Queens native is that he’s still on the Mavericks’ roster and they are trying to trade him before June 29. Any team that has him on their roster at that date owes him $2.4 million guaranteed next season.

If Dallas is unable to trade Odom, they are likely to waive him, at which point he could be claimed or become a free agent.

Though Odom seems interested in signing with the Knicks, they may not want him. The Lakers could have some interest given that several of his former teammates would welcome him back, but the decision would be up to the front office. We do know that scenario would be pleasing to his wife.

Photo credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M27FFLM5CWS4M4CUMYODASZMGA 7_MarvelousSon_2

    Come Back to LA! We would LOVE to have you for a couple more seasons!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SKIRPXVFVO5UV5LTZ7GTVXZG2A 7.7.7

    Lamar quit acting like a big baby…and act like someone who is paid millions to play ball

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SD4IBV3RZMZCZBPX6URQNNJLHY Tom

    Why did LA get rid of this loser/cry baby?  PLEASE take him back and get a refresher on why he was let go by LA to begin with!  I hope he gets picked up by a losing team. The real question is where does little gold digger Khloe want to go?

  • Anonymous

    Acting like a big baby? His cousin is killed, he is deemed not liable in an accident wherein a young kid on a bicycle dies. I that does not make you depressed, you have no soul. Lakers would love the guy back, great player, attitude. You may question his attitude in Dallas but I just explained the reasons. Notice he NEVER had a problem in LA?  Probably also being with a bunch of cowboys, rednecks in Dallas did not help.

  • Anonymous

    PS, sixth man of the year award last year. PERIOD. You don’t lose your talent just like that. Welcome back the Lakers, Lamar. We missed your game and smile.

  • Anonymous

    The Lakers obviously need to go young and I dont see Lamar
    fitting that mode !!!!  He burned a bridge with his bosses here (L.A.) so
    I doubt if he would be welcomed back by mgmt.  I think he now understands
    how good he had it here and will be positive for some team next year !!!!

  • Anonymous

    How he played in Dallas has no excuse, he was getting paid 8 million to play like he did for the Lakers and because he wanted to act like a baby, played like crap and eventually pushed Mark Cuban to the point of finally realizing he was a lost cause.  No reason for him to act the way he did, being a professional sports athlete, you run into the possibility of getting traded, thats life. You don’t go from Sixth man of the year to playing like a scrub who doesn’t even bank a million a season.  Hope either a noncompetitive team picks him up or no one does and he can sit his crybaby ass in the unemployment line, just like Allen Iverson. 

  • Anonymous

    Trade him to the Bobcats,  Mr. Cuban. That’s be good for the dummy and his Sasquatch.

  • tom lewis

     He totally tanked on the Mavericks and they just told him to go home..Now he wants to choose where he goes? Here is a clue loser, go where they don’t need a player but a little girl.