Screaming Spurs Fan Lady ruins game for viewers (Video)

If you were watching the fourth quarter and overtimes of the San Antonio Spurs-Golden State Warriors playoff game on Monday night, you undoubtedly heard “Screaming Spurs Fan Lady” yelling every time the Spurs did something good on the court.

This woman’s shrieks were so persistent and so annoying, she stole the focus of the game away from the players on the floor.

See, the problem is that the Spurs were getting crushed by the Warriors in the third quarter and fourth. It wasn’t until late in the game when San Antonio made an 18-2 run in the final four minutes of regulation that she became painfully noticeable. But once the Spurs started to come back, she was unbearable.

[UPDATE: Has the Screaming Spurs Fan been identified?]

In the video up top, you can hear her truly losing her mind when Danny Green made a 3-pointer to tie the game at 106 and send it to overtime.

According to Deadspin’s Tim Burke, the annoying fan could not be heard from the crowd mic. He surmised that the woman was sitting right behind TNT’s announcers, which would make her one of these people:

Spurs TNT

The hatred for Screaming Spurs Fan Lady was strong. Take a look at all these tweets:

Video via Guyism/World of Isaac

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  • http://twitter.com/gac4life2 gac4life

    It made the game almost unwatchable what a dumb bitch. I’m surprised nobody told her to stop screaming. Yelling if fine, screaming like you’re being raped is not fine… idiots…

  • al

    if that was a grown woman she was doing it deliberately,if it was a little girl her parents should have stopped it,i wanted to strangle the bich she was distracting the warriors players and she knew it I hate screamers and they should be thrown out,because if anyone did throw something at her,which they should have,he would definitely be thrown out,even though she is ruining the game for everyone around her .stupid dirtbag.

  • Ridge blank

    Maybe someone is molesting her or something.

  • Guest

    I loved it. I was at a Spurs v. Clippers game earlier this year when Timmy hit the game winner with a second or so to go. Loudest and PROUDEST arena in sports.

  • iwannabeaCowboy

    I loved her! I was at the Spurs v. Clippers game in March. Timmy hit the game winner. Loudest and PROUDEST arena in sports. Go Spurs Go!!