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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is a Major Jerk, Flips Out on Security Guard (Video)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been getting into so much trouble lately you would think Manny Pacquiao’s people are setting him up to make him look bad. First there was this nonsense, and most recently it was this ridiculous incident. And now we have video confirmation of the jerk Mayweather can be so we don’t have to rely on hearsay. Check out this video from a security camera at Mayweather’s gated community:

Thanks to Andy Gray, who’s been doing a great job filling in for Jimmy Traina at SI Hot Clicks, for the video link. Floyd may have received the benefit of the doubt the first few stories because he’s a public target. Now that we’ve actually seen video, we know first hand that he’s a jackass.

AFC and NFC Pro Bowl Roster Snubs: Aaron Rodgers, Matt Cassel and More

The 2011 Pro Bowl rosters were released Tuesday and there were some players left off the team that deserve a spot. Overall, the voters (a combination of fans, coaches, and players) did a pretty good job identifying the players who deserve to be on the roster. But of course there were some head-scratching selections, and a few close calls that we would like to address.

We realize that half the players will pull out of the game because of injury, lack of desire, or because they’re in the Super Bowl, but we still need to do this so people understand who really deserves to be in the game. Without further ado …

AFC QB: Matt Cassel over Peyton Manning. I’m not saying Peyton shouldn’t be there as an alternate, but the reality is he hasn’t had a great season and Cassel has outplayed him. Peyton’s 17 interceptions are my biggest issue while Cassel only has thrown five.

NFC QB: Aaron Rodgers over Matt Ryan. Ryan has enjoyed a strong season and has led Atlanta to the top record in the NFC, but Rodgers has been slightly better and more directly responsible for his team’s success than Ryan. Rodgers has done it all this year without a running game. Actually, he has been Green Bay’s running game.


Robert Meachem Injured by Photographer, Sean Payton Not Happy

Saints third-year wide receiver Robert Meachem had one of his best games of the season Monday night against the Falcons. He had 10 catches for 101 yards in New Orleans’ 17-14 road win that makes them 11-4. You would think he’d be all smiles after the game, but an overzealous photographer screwed things up by tripping Meachem, injuring his ankle:

Saints coach Sean Payton was understandably upset Tuesday over the circumstances by which Meachem was hurt. “I heard about it,” Payton said. “I think he’s going to be fine. You can make any type of light of it that you want but there’s an issue though. I have an issue when there’s free reign.” Payton went on to say that aggressive photographers who want the picture create problems. He’s right, and those on-field mad rushes after games turn out to be stampede-like dangerous situations.

The good news is Meachem should be fine and we now have another addition to our large collection of weird sports injuries. Thanks to LBS tipster Billy Johnson for the story.

Photo Credit: Michael DeMocker/The Times-Picayune

TCU Fans Traveling Hard to Pasadena for Rose Bowl, Wisconsin Too

Because most of the early bowl games are so uninspiring, a fun game has been tracking the amount of tickets sold for each game. Several schools have struggled to sell tickets resulting in poor attendance figures for most games. One bowl game that won’t have the same issue is the Rose Bowl.

The January 1st game featuring the atypical matchup of TCU and Wisconsin should be well attended in Pasadena. The Badgers sold out their allotment of tickets early in December. TCU was not far behind. As reader Aaron Benton noted to LBS, Horned Frog fans sold out their 20,000 ticket allotment in four days.

Back when we were predicting the BCS bowl games, we called TCU an “undesirable team” because they do not travel well. Apparently that is not the case, and the reason is pretty easy to see: crappy bowl games to cap off an average season don’t pique the interest of many fans. Seeing a big-time bowl game at the end of an excellent season is an entirely different story. TCU fans are clearly amped to see if their Horned Frogs can remain unbeaten with a win in the LA-area and are paying big money to see it happen.

Leroy’s Sports Betting App Coming to Droid, Already on Blackberry

Great news for all you gambling degenerates out there (and yes, I know that’s like the entire LBS audience), there will be increasingly more ways to lose money betting on sports. For residents in Nevada, the Leroy’s sportsbook has been offering a betting app through the Blackberry since September. The app was approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board last week and deemed “problem free.” The next step as pointed out by The Wiz of Odds is building and approving an app for Android phones. Not sure when it’s coming for iPhones.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Leroy’s, they run the sportsbook at Hooter’s, Sahara, and Riviera in Las Vegas. They often offer different odds from what’s available on the rest of the strip because most other hotel’s sports books are linked and thus share the same odds.

The one catch of course is that your phone’s GPS must say you’re in Nevada in order for the app to work. Though many people do their sports betting with offshore casinos, advancements like this make it more likely for people to do keep their betting with American sports books. And who knows? Maybe the droid app will be ready in time for folks who want to do Super Bowl betting.

Beijing Ducks May Target Smush Parker to Replace Steve Francis

Smush Parker. Yes, that Smush Parker. The one who had a bout with a parking attendant and the same one who called out Kobe Bryant may actually be a savior for a Chinese basketball team. The Beijing Ducks are looking at Smush to replace fellow American Steve Francis according to Sportando via Ben Maller.

Franchise is leaving his Chinese team after playing just four of their 32 games. He reportedly only saw 14 minutes and showed up out of shape (SHOCKER! I know). Francis reportedly admitted Monday that he was not physically prepared to help the team and that’s a big reason he decided to leave.

Being overweight and unprepared to play seems to be a common occurrence for Francis. It’s one of the reasons the Rockets got rid of him and one of the reasons the Grizzlies did too. As well as Francis started off his career in the NBA, it’s hard to believe this is what’s become of the three-time All-Star.

Gilbert Arenas 75-Foot Shot Bounces of Shot Clock and In (Video)

The Orlando Magic recently acquired Gilbert Arenas, among other players, in hopes of building a strong team that can win a championship as soon as possible.  It took Orlando’s new core a little time to get going, but they seem to be off and running with a couple of big victories over the past week, including one on Christmas Day that snapped the Celtics’ winning streak at 14 games.

As for Arenas, Monday night’s game against the Nets may have given the guard a better understanding of why his new team is called the Magic.  Agent Zero (actually it’s Agent One now) hit nearly a full-court shot at the buzzer in the first half.  Unfortunately the shot didn’t count, as you basketball geniuses have figured out by reading the title of the post.  In any event, it was pretty impressive.  Check out the Gilbert Arenas 75-foot shot video, courtesy of Pro Basketball Talk:

Now if I were reffing the game, I would have given the Magic one point for the difficulty of the shot.  That would also make me a cheater and a fraud, so it would be a nice way to get to know my peers and start fitting in.

Sergio Kindle’s Second DUI Proves He Just Doesn’t Get It

As you have probably heard, Baltimore Ravens rookie linebacker Sergio Kindle was arrested for drunk driving on Sunday and had a blood-alcohol concentration of more than twice the legal limit of .08. This is Kindle’s second DUI since 2007, and he also crashed his car into a building in 2009 — an accident he attributed to texting while driving.

Kindle was the 43rd overall pick in this year’s draft out of the University of Texas. He suffered a fractured skull in July when he reportedly fell down two flights of stairs. The Ravens signed Kindle, despite the fact that he was unlikely to play at all this season (and he isn’t going to) to a one-year contract worth about $300,000. Now, it’s unclear if Kindle will ever play for the team that drafted him — or any other team — given his history of character and health concerns. Doctors recently told Kindle that he may not be ready to play next season, anyway.

The DUI also comes less than a week after Ravens receiver Donte’ Stallworth received an award for courage following his own drunk driving incident in 2009. It seems like Kindle should have learned something from the “courageous” Stallworth, but obviously he didn’t. It’s clear he didn’t learn anything from his previous DUI and obvious he’s an irresponsible person. There are plenty of typically responsible people who make a mistake and learn from it but two DUIs indicates a larger issue.

Kindle’s physical gifts are undeniable, but his judgment is lacking. He’s strong, fast, and agile on the field, but he can’t figure out how to turn the corner when it comes to his decision-making off it. If he’s lucky, the Ravens will consider keeping him around for one more year only because they spent such a high draft pick on him.  It seems more likely that his shot will come from somewhere outside of Baltimore, if he’s fortunate enough to be given another one.

Could Shaquille O’Neal Be Fined For Talking About a Fine?

After the Celtics lost to the Magic on Christmas Day, Shaquille O’Neal was extremely unhappy with the game’s officials. During his postgame press conference, you got the impression that Shaq wanted to be fined if it meant being able to take a shot at the refs.  He accomplished that goal when he referred to the officiating crew as “control freaks.”

The NBA fined Shaq $35,000 for the comments, but the artist recently known as Shaqeeta made it clear that he didn’t give a crap when reporters asked him about it on Monday.

“Whoop-de-freakin-doo,” O’Neal said.  “That’s my reaction.  Here’s my quote: Over my 18-year career, I’ve probably paid $90 million in federal tax, $20 million in FICA and $1 million in David Stern Tax.”

Considering how long Shaq has been around, I doubt Stern will break his stones too much and slap him with another fine for basically laughing in the face of the NBA’s disciplinary system.  In reality, Big Daddy Diesel is just saying what everyone else in the league feels when they get a fine.  Imagine going to work, saying something about your boss, and getting a $10 fine for it.  I’m sure you’d be terrified into not doing it again, right?  The ability to blow off steam and dog the refs was obviously worth $35,000 to the big guy.

Mike Singletary Proved He is Not Head Coach Material

Mike Singletary began his San Francisco 49ers career with a powerful message: “I want Winners.”

He screamed and hollered and got the attention of the entire football world. He tried to make us believe that he was everything a coach should be. A football coach should be tough as nails and take no crap from no one. He should be able to command a locker room, scream louder than anyone, and force his players to listen. Everyone was excited about Coach Singletary, at least in a Bay Area hungry for the glory days of the past. Would he be able to channel his inner Ditka and lead the 49ers back to the promised land?

After two and a half seasons we have our answer — no. Late Sunday night, Singletary finally got what he deserved. Owner Jed York fired him with one game remaining in the 2010 season.

I’m typically not in favor of firing coaches mid-season, but this was a move York had to make. The fans were so angry with Singletary that the Niners owner had to let them know their cries weren’t falling on deaf ears. Singletary only had managed a 5-10 record with a very talented roster, so he had to go. His words were not enough to build a successful season — some actual coaching was needed.


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