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Sunday, June 26, 2016


Empire State Building showed Mets colors to honor Gary Carter (Picture)

Gary Carter only spent five seasons in New York, but the city loved him enough to light up the Empire State Building in the Mets’ orange and blue colors Friday in his honor. Carter died Thursday because of brain cancer. He was an 11-time All-Star and had four 100-RBI seasons, two with the Mets.

In a tweet announcing the move, the Empire State Building called Carter a “humanitarian and World Series Champion.”

The Hall of Fame catcher helped the Mets win the 1986 World Series, their second in franchise history.

Photo Credit: Tom Kaminski CBS Chopper880 via, H/T SbB Live

Nets cut ticket prices for Magic game to show Dwight Howard they have fans

It’s no secret the Nets stink (they’re 8-23). It’s also no secret they desperately want Dwight Howard. So with Howard and the Magic making their only trip to New Jersey this season on Wednesday, in what may as well be called “Dwight Howard Night,” the Nets going the extra mile to make sure they impress the soon-to-be free agent center.

On Friday Deadspin uncovered a special ticket offer that the Nets, who are second-to-last in attendance this season, are offering to fans for the game (emphasis is Deadspin’s):

On February 22, your NETS will face off against Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. For this one night only the NETS are discounting tickets in the Loud & Proud section to $12! We need YOU there to rock The Rock and give your NETS a true home court advantage!

How to Purchase Tickets:
Tickets are just $12!
Tickets available ONLY at Prudential Center Box Office beginning at 11AM day of game
12 ticket limit
Fans buying tickets must be wearing NETS apparel to show they are loud and proud!
PLUS, the first 2,500 fans to arrive at Prudential Center will receive a free ticket voucher to a future NETS home game.

You have to commend Mikhail Prokhorov’s franchise for having the guts to do something that reeks of desperation as much as this, even if it is technically bribery. What form of corruption is next for Prokhorov, rigging the Russian presidential election in his favor? And yet, if becoming president isn’t enough to impress Howard, nothing is.

Photo credit: US Presswire

Shaq and Jalen Rose fighting again, trying to decide who’s a worse analyst

A feud between Shaq and Jalen Rose that has been brewing since at least 2010 reappeared on Thursday night.

Jalen, now a DUI getting, racist statement making NBA analyst for ESPN, sent the following tweet Thursday evening mocking Shaq’s girth:

TNT aired Jalen’s tweet and Shaq played ignorant, saying he didn’t know who Jalen was, and that he only watches two people on the rival network — none of whom are Rose.

Rose responded by blasting Shaq’s pathetic analyst skills. The former Michigan Fab Five member sent two tweets ripping Shaq’s on-air work. Rose deleted the tweets, but luckily Jocks and Stiletto Jill grabbed them for us:


Jeremy Lin describes his ideal girlfriend

Jeremy Lin has reached a level of popularity where he could probably get almost any woman he wants. But for right now, he’s still a single guy still searching for that special someone. Luckily for him, he’s in the treasure trove of beauty that is the Big Apple. So what kind of girl is Lin looking for? He told the New York Post‘s Steve Serby during a Q&A on Friday.

“First she would really love God and be a faithful Christian,” Lin explained. “And then after that, I think, a desire to serve other people, to help with the underprivileged, do a lot of social work . . . great personality and easy to be around. Someone that’s definitely chill, low key, low maintenance.”

Oh. So much for all that talk about gorgeous women in New York.

But this is hardly a surprising answer from Lin. Not only has he been open about his faith, but he’s also one of the most modest stars the NBA has seen in some time. So, of course he’s looking for someone with great character above all else. Attractive significant others can become distractions anyway. Need we look further than Tom Brady or Kris Humphries?

Photo credit: US Presswire

High school RB Alvin Kamara receives 105 letters from Alabama in one day

Alvin Kamara of Norcross (Ga.) is one of the top junior running backs in the country. So, it’s only customary that he will be receiving phone calls and letters from some of the biggest football programs in the land. But what he says showed up in his mail box one day recently is unprecedented: 105 letters, all from the Alabama Crimson Tide. I wonder if the Tide might be interested in him.

“I was shocked,” Kamara told “I didn’t expect there to be that many in the mailbox. When I opened it, it was overflowing and some of them fell out.”

Kamara’s 1,500-plus yards rushing for Norcross last season and stellar performance in the Rising Seniors Georgia Junior Bowl in December has made him one of the most prized recruits in his state. A four-star prospect according to Rivals, he’s already received scholarship offers from Alabama, Auburn, Georgia and Clemson, among others.

Whatever school he decides to play for will probably be lucky to have him. But let’s just hope his mom will be on board.

H/T Jan and Gunther

Cowboys DE Jason Hatcher says he doesn’t know who the team’s leaders are

Winning a Super Bowl without leaders is nearly impossible. Every successful NFL team has players who aren’t afraid to let their voice be heard in the locker room and on the field. Maybe that explains why the Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl since the 1990s. On Friday, Dallas defensive end Jason Hatcher was asked who the Cowboys’ leaders are. He couldn’t provide an answer.

“Uh, dude, I got to be honest with you — that’s a good question,” Hatcher said during an interview with KESN-FM 103.3 according to the Dallas Morning News. “That’s a good question. I really don’t know, man.

“That’s another thing we really need. We need like a Ray Lewis. We don’t have that. We have talent and everything we need, but if we get like a Ray Lewis, everybody buys into him. When Ray Lewis speaks everybody listens to him, a guy like that. You really don’t got that. I think we definitely need somebody like that.”

Tony Romo should take that personally. The Cowboys quarterback talks like a leader sometimes and says he is confident this team will win a Super Bowl, but obviously his teammates don’t look up to him. Considering he is the quarterback of the immediate future, that is not a good sign.

“You have to have somebody who will hold you accountable and with a leader like that, everybody is held accountable, guys aren’t doing their own thing here or there,” Hatcher continued. “Everybody is going in one direction. Once you have that, you’ll be good. We’re still looking for it.”

Another person I would have expected to be mentioned as a leader is DeMarcus Ware, but obviously his stats don’t translate into a leadership role. If players on the Cowboys can’t even pretend they knew who their leaders are, they are in trouble. The problem for Dallas is leadership qualities can’t be taught. If Hatcher’s thoughts are shared by the rest of the team, the Cowboys will likely continue to stockpile talent but fail to win big games.

Jeremy Lin says it’s weird seeing his face on every website

Jeremy Lin has already become popular across the globe. For someone who went from bench player to international superstar in a span of two weeks, Lin is handling his rise to fame quite well. But even he admits all the new attention is a little weird.

“I would just say logging onto my computer … when I get on the computer, I go to ESPN, I go to NBA, I go to Yahoo! Sports, I go to all these sites … and now I go there and I see my own face and I’m just like ‘Whoa, what’s going on,'” Lin told The Michael Kay Show. “I guess that’s the weirdest thing [about my popularity].”

Very few people have the ability to relate to Lin on the matter. The demands for his time and attention must be tremendous right now, yet he’s managed to stay focused on basketball. You don’t see him in commercials or doing tons of interviews yet. He’s handling his media obligations before and after games and going out and winning. Oh yeah, and he’s on the front of many websites these days, regardless of whether they’re sports or straight news. That must be weird for someone who was only regarded as a local hero in NorCal until now.

Dereck Chisora slapped Vitali Klitschko at their pre-fight weigh-in (Video)

Most sports fans in the U.S. probably had no idea Vitali Klitschko was fighting this weekend. His opponent, Dereck Chisora, decided to do something about that.

As the two were face-to-face for the customary stare-down a day before their WBC heavyweight fight in Munich, Chisora took an open-handed palm and slapped Vitali in the face. Klitschko did not retaliate, deciding to save it for their fight.

“I am going to hit back on Saturday,” the 43-2 champion said. “He will get his beating.”

Chisora is only 15-2 and far smaller than the 6’7″ Ukrainian. That may be the only hit he lands this weekend.

via Chris Mannix

Tim Wakefield enjoyed an incredibly rare career, and we all enjoyed it with him

Tim Wakefield defines class. In an era where it oftentimes seemed like players were more concerned with steroid-pumping and gum-flapping than they were with baseball, Wakefield approached the game the way everyone should. For the better part of 19 seasons, Wakefield took the ball every fifth game, did his best to help the Red Sox win, and always said the right thing. If you’re a parent of a ballplayer, Tim Wakefield is the type of guy you hope your son or daughter takes after.

On Friday, Wakefield announced he is closing the door on one of the most admirable careers a player has ever assembled. Wake’s 430 starts and 3,006 innings are the most in Red Sox team history. He fell a mere six wins short of Roger Clemens’ team record of 192 and will finish second on Boston’s all-time strikeout list with 2,046. And he did it all using a knuckleball.

As a starting pitcher, Wakefield took the mound 430 times. Each time he did, hitters knew exactly what they were in for. On very rare occasions, Wakefield would mix in a crummy curveball or a 71-mph fastball.  For the most part, guys knew what pitch they were going to see. It was going to flutter and float and take forever to get to the plate, and it would still be one of the most difficult pitches to hit in baseball.


Hanley Ramirez now says ‘Third base with the Marlins forever baby’

Until the season is underway, we have no way of knowing how Hanley Ramirez truly feels about playing third base for the Marlins. Jose Reyes is the team’s shortstop and Hanley can either deal with that or put up a stink. At the end of the day, it will be up to him. As for whether or not he’s on board with it, opinions have varied throughout the offseason. Earlier this week, Ozzie Guillen said Ramirez was not 100 percent on board with the move but would be by opening day. Franklin Mirabal, a writer for the Dominican Newspaper Hoy, then wrote a piece about how Hanley’s relationship with Reyes would inevitably be strained by the situation. Ramirez responded to the article with a series of tweets on Friday, which the Sun Sentinel translated.

“Folks, via this medium I want to let everyone know that what came out in the newspaper Hoy about me, the team and Guillen is a lie,” Ramirez wrote.

“And now what are you going to talk about if the whole world knows I’m going to play third base with the Marlins?” he added in a separate tweet. “Trying to soil my image with lies. Third base with the Marlins forever baby.”

Hanley then tweeted the photo you see above of him and Reyes hanging out at a golf course. At the moment, all is well. It’s fun to speculate about the situation getting ugly, but it’s tough to argue with, “Third base with the Marlins forever baby.” For now, Ramirez and Reyes appear to be looking forward to holding down the left side of the Marlins’ infield. Whether you believe Hanley or not, his Wednesday tweets should close the discussion — at least until the season begins.

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