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Monday, January 23, 2017


Percy Harvin reportedly threatened to walk out on Vikings after hearing about Aaron Hernandez’s contract extension

Before the 2013 season begins, the Minnesota Vikings may be faced with making a difficult decision about whether to sign Percy Harvin to a lucrative contract extension or trade him while he still has value. According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, there is a belief around the league that Harvin is not happy with his current situation with the Vikings — which is something many have speculated despite denials from Harvin.

Harvin is set to become a free agent after next season, but he reportedly wants a contract extension now. To make matters more complicated, it is believed that he wants a deal closer to the eight-year, $132 million one that the Detroit Lions signed Calvin Johnson to last year. He wants more money than the five years, $56 million Dwayne Bowe  got from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Harvin considers himself to be a very special player, and he is not alone in that thinking. He also happens to have reputation for being a difficult player to deal with, as he reportedly wanted to be traded last offseason and got into a shouting match with head coach Leslie Frazier toward the end of the 2012 season. His disciplinary issues even date back to college, where he supposedly grabbed his Florida receivers coach by the neck during a disagreement.

According to Cole, Harvin also threatened to walk out on the Vikings last season after he heard that former teammate Aaron Hernandez had received a five-year extension from the New England Patriots.

We have heard of players becoming upset when their teammates get extensions before them, but Harvin must really feel he is undervalued to be threatening his team over what other organizations are doing.

Unless the Vikings are willing to throw a ton of money at Harvin to keep him happy, it’s probably safe to say his days in Minnesota are numbered. Mike Wallace is set to hit free agency, and he is a player that the Vikings could go after if they feel they need to trade Harvin and bring in another playmaker. At this point, it sounds like that might be best for all parties.

H/T ESPN 1500 Twin Cities
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Bobby Valentine rips on himself in hilarious fantasy baseball commercial (Video)

Bobby-Valentine-CBS-commercialSay what you will about Bobby Valentine and his inability to hold a job in professional baseball, but the man clearly has a sense of humor. Valentine’s career with the Boston Red Sox lasted about as long as most of us expected and went about as well as we would have imagined, so he decided to take a safer job as the athletic director at Sacred Heart University this year. It would also appear that he is making a few bucks from CBS Sports.

When you have been fired as many times as Bobby V. has, it becomes a punchline. And what do companies do with punchlines? They turn them into advertisements, which is why has decided to feature Valentine in a fantasy baseball commercial. As you can see, the advertisement is dedicated to Bobby V. basically heckling himself for being fired so frequently throughout his career. It’s hilarious.

“I know, I’m fired.”

Talk about having no shame in your game. Valentine may say stupid things that inhibit his ability to land new jobs, but he still has his marketability.

Matt Barkley responds to Merril Hoge criticism in fantastic way (Video)

Peyton-Manning-SNLMatt Barkley has been a popular topic of discussion for NFL analysts leading up to the draft. The former USC star was once considered a lock to be selected in the first round, but an injury and some inconsistent play have led to some uncertainty heading into April.

As you can see from the video above, ESPN’s Merril Hoge is one analyst who feels that NFL teams should be concerned over Barkley’s arm strength and decision making. In order to make his point, Hoge used a bunch of arrows on one of ESPN’s magic video boards. When someone brought the segment to Barkley’s attention, he responded on Twitter by writing “sometimes too many arrows is too much” and posting this hilarious GIF on Twitter:


Is that perfectly played or what? If you ask Lane Kiffin, it wasn’t Barkley’s fault that USC had one of its most disappointing seasons in school history last year. Whatever the case, there is no shortage of Barkley doubters. The only thing he can do at this point is use the criticism as motivation, post hilarious GIFs about it and hope to prove everyone wrong.

Mark Cuban lends Bulls the Mavericks’ plane after mechanical issues

Mark Cuban is one of the most opinionated owners in all of sports. Let’s not sugarcoat it — he’s downright obnoxious at times. However, the Chicago Bulls would tell you that the Dallas Mavericks owner can also be incredibly generous.

On Saturday night, the Bulls were flying to Indianapolis for their Sunday game against the Pacers when they had some frightening mechanical issues with their plane.

“Apparently a compressor in engine No. 3 had some trouble, and it sounded like it exploded, but I guess it’s like a jet engine backfire, which is very loud,” Bulls radio analyst Bill Wennington told ESPN 1000’s “Waddle & Silvy Show” on Monday. “Sparks fly out of it. It happened actually right after … the captain thrusts the engines forward and it revs up and starts to go, about three seconds after that you hear a ‘Boom!’ ‘Oh, what was that, are we stopping?’ The plane keeps going down [the runway] and you’re thinking, ‘Oh no, why aren’t we stopping?'”

Fortunately, the plane’s pilots were able to safely turn around and get the team back to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, where they were sent home and returned the next morning to use the Chicago Blackhawks’ plane to get to Indianapolis. They used their hockey compadres’ plane to get back to Chicago after a loss to the Pacers, but Cuban came to the rescue after that.


WBC umpire completely butchers call after Curt Smith fails to make catch (Video)

WBC-blown-callOne of the beautiful things about the World Baseball Classic is that we get a chance to start ragging on umpires for blown calls a full month before we typically would. During Thursday’s game between Cuba and The Netherlands, the home plate umpire completely blew a call on a foul ball that clearly dropped into the dugout but was ruled a catch.

Upon viewing the first angle of the play, you can see where the umpire was confused and almost had to take guess about whether or not Curt Smith caught the ball. In all fairness, umpires don’t have the luxury of viewing several camera angles before making a call. That being said, the second angle showed that Smith clearly dropped the ball and then picked it up while leaning over the railing.

You can understand why Cuba was furious. The good news is the bad call didn’t cost a team in the playoffs like this call did. That probably won’t save the guy from being embarrassed when he watches the replay and realizes how badly he botched it.

H/T LBS contributor A. Liu

Gunner Kiel reportedly planning to transfer from Notre Dame

Notre Dame quarterback Gunner Kiel was one of the most highly-touted prospects of the 2012 high school recruiting class, and he took several schools along for the ride. Kiel, who is from Indiana, committed to Indiana University in the summer of 2011 before switching to LSU. He was set to enroll at LSU last January, but his mother reportedly became very emotional about her son going to school so far from home. At the last second, Kiel wound up committing to Notre Dame.

Now, the 6-foot-4, 210-pound freshman may have changed his mind yet again. According to Irish Sports Daily, Kiel intends to transfer from Notre Dame. He spent the 2012 season as the scout team quarterback for the Irish and was redshirted, meaning he still has four years of eligibility remaining. Many believed Kiel could challenge Everett Golson for the starting quarterback position this spring.

Kiel graduated early from high school and was considered the nation’s top prep school quarterback in the class of 2012. When he switched his commitment to Notre Dame just days before he was scheduled to enroll at LSU, Les Miles was not pleased.

“There was a gentleman from Indiana that thought about coming to the Bayou state,” Miles said at the time, via “He did not necessarily have the chest and the ability to lead a program, so you know.”

It’s unclear what Kiel’s motives would be for transferring from Notre Dame or where he intends to go. While we don’t know a whole lot about Kiel as a college quarterback just yet, we can be certain of one thing — he’s one indecisive young man.

Terrell Owens signs with modeling agency

Terrell OwensTerrell Owens may not have a career in the NFL any longer, but he appears to have a future in modeling.

Owens apparently has signed with the Los Angeles branch of global modeling agency Next Management.

The information was shared on Twitter Thursday by Owens’ former personal assistant, Adrienne Williams, and retweeted by Owens who thanked her for the congratulations.

Owens even has a profile in the Los Angeles section of Next Management’s website alongside scores of other models.

Terrell Owens Next Models

Owens’ publicist, Diana Bianchini, gave Larry Brown Sports confirmation that TO has signed with the modeling agency.

“Terrell has had a modeling contract in the past,” Bianchini wrote in en email. “Most can see why this would be a natural fit for him. NEXT approached him. He signed about a month ago and we are all very excited by this deal.”

Next Management boasts top models such as Abbey Lee, Anja Rubik, Arizona Muse, Malgosia Bela, Meghan Collison, Suvi Koponen, and Zuzanna Bijoch as a part of its roster, according to the agency’s website. They also represent superstars like Andrés Velencoso, David Agbodji, Jon Kortajarena, Marlon Teixeira, and Larry Scott on the men’s side.

Owens is 39 and has not played in the NFL since 2010. The six-time Pro Bowler was released by the Seattle Seahawks last August after trying to make their roster in the preseason.

Owens has long been infatuated with his looks, famously uttering the catch phrase, “I love me some me!” It looks like plenty of others love them some Owens.

Oklahoma high school team loses playoff game after player scores on wrong basket

oklahoma-mistakeCan a loss get more crushing than this?

Hugo (Okla.) High School’s basketball team was 3.7 seconds away from beating Millwood in the state’s Class 3A quarterfinals Thursday until a blunder of epic proportions changed the outcome.

According to Anthony Slater of The Oklahoman, Hugo junior guard Trey Johnson received an inbounds pass as he was going to his basket. Instead of dribbling out the remaining 3.7 seconds, he took advantage of the open court and tossed in a layup. Unfortunately, he completely forgot which way his team was going, and he scored on his own basket. The layup on the wrong basket erased his team’s one-point lead and gave Millwood a stunning 38-37 victory.

“When I saw the kid going that way, I was like, ‘No, he’s not. No, he’s not … Oh, yes he is,’” Millwood coach Varryl Franklin told The Oklahoman. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Franklin told Slater he felt terribly for Johnson, comparing it to Chris Webber’s blunder with Michigan in the 1993 NCAA Tournament championship game against North Carolina.

“I feel sorry for him,” Franklin told The Oklahoman. “Just like Chris Webber, when he called the timeout. I really do feel sorry for him. But hey, I’ll take it.”

Can you imagine how badly the youngster feels? He only had four points in the game, including the two in the wrong hoop. Let’s just hope he’s able to overcome it, because a loss that crushing could stick with someone for a long time. Hey, on the bright side, Johnson should take comfort in knowing that NBA players have made similar mistakes.

UPDATE: The Oklahoma City Thunder reached out to Johnson and offered him tickets to a game.

H/T Mark Ennis

Kobe Bryant says he would call Buss family and tell them to cut any Laker who doubts the team

Kobe Bryant has a cutthroat attitude on and off the court. We already knew that. He wants all of his Los Angeles Lakers teammates playing hard and constantly believing that they can win a championship.

But how much sway does Kobe have within the Los Angeles Lakers organization? Enough to get a player cut?

Bryant was a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” early Friday morning. He was asked how his teammates reacted to his guarantee last month that the Lakers would make the playoffs despite being 4.5 games out of the last spot.

“If anybody in that locker room would have said, ‘Well, I don’t know if we’re going to make it,’ I would have called the Buss family and said, ‘Cut this guy right now!’ Get him outta there!'” Bryant said with much laughter.

Ordinarily we would have dismissed the statement as a total joke, but this sounds like something Kobe actually would do. You remember when he said the Lakers should “ship [Andrew Bynum’s] ass out” if it meant acquiring Jason Kidd in a trade? Yeah, Kobe may have been joking, but he was also probably serious. The only question is whether the front office — and Buss family — would listen.

Bryant also told Kimmel that his career is coming to an end “soon” and that he is not going to another team.

“It’s coming to an end and I’m happy it’ll be with a Lakers uniform,” said Bryant.

This post would not be complete without sharing a photo of the leopard shoes Kobe was sporting:


JaVale McGee is not a fan of ‘Shaqtin a Coon’

JaVale McGeeJaVale McGee does not seem to be a fan of “Shaqtin’ a Fool.”

The Denver Nuggets center was interviewed on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” following his team’s 107-92 win over the Los Angeles Clippers Thursday. He did not seem to enjoy the hosts’ multiple references to his recurring appearances on “Shaqtin’ a Fool.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with “Shaqtin’ a Fool,” it’s a regular bit that is done each week on “Inside the NBA.” Shaq leads a countdown of the five screwiest moments in the NBA over the past week (you can watch it here) while he and the crew make fun of the plays.

McGee, whose goofball reputation precedes him, seems to make the segment every week because of his mind-numbing errors. Shaq’s constant mocking of the Denver center led to an awkward interview Thursday.

Asked by Ernie Johnson about his relationship with Shaq, McGee answered “[Shaq]’s more like a bully, I guess, that likes me, I guess.”

When Shaq praised McGee while reminding him he would end up on “Shaqtin’ a Fool” every time he screws up, McGee accepted it.

“No press is bad press,” said McGee.

But McGee did want to make one thing clear: “I don’t watch Shaqtin’ a coon,” he told the crew with a smile on his face.

Coon is a derogatory term used to describe black people, and McGee’s mention of the word led Johnson to say the interview had taken an unexpected turn.

McGee also seized his opportunity to zing Shaq, closing his interview by telling the Big Fella he’s “old as dirt.”

It’s pretty based on that interview that McGee doesn’t think much of the segment that has become a tribute to his idiotic plays on the court.

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