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Saturday, August 27, 2016


Adam Morrison has hair below his shoulder, long goatee now (Picture)

Adam Morrison showed up for a workout with the Nets on Monday sporting an interesting look. And by interesting, we mean he likely had to remove a trench coat before changing into his basketball clothes.

The former Gonzaga star and third overall pick by the Charlotte Bobcats hasn’t played in the NBA since spending the 2008-2009 season with the Lakers. Morrison has been playing in Europe since then and parted ways with his Turkish team Besiktas in April. He and 20 other players were working out at a Nets free agent mini-camp.

Best part of all, a picture from the Nets PR Twitter account shows Morrison was playing with a headband too.


Mike D’Antoni says he didn’t get out of his pajamas for a month after resigning

Mike D’Antoni was so distraught by the way things worked out with the Knicks this season that he ended up resigning in March. D’Antoni spoke with SI’s Jack McCallum for his first interview since resigning, and he talked about how devastated he was after stepping down.

“I got into my pajamas and didn’t get out of them for a month. You know those people who deliver the food from Meals on Wheels? They were the only ones who saw me,” he said.

D’Antoni was sure to specify that resigning was his idea and not one pushed on him by the Knicks. He also bristled at the suggestion that he quit the job, correcting McCallum to point out that he resigned.

D’Antoni said he’ll likely sit out the upcoming season, and he called the report that he wanted the Magic coaching job “bull****.” He also offered an interesting perspective on Jeremy Lin, who shocked everyone with his rise from benchwarmer to All-Star-caliber starter.

“Anyone who claims they saw this in Jeremy is kidding himself. But we liked him. We thought he could be good. And, then, when he started to be real good … of course it was surprising … but it somehow made sense. The things he does — he can get into the lane, he can shoot, he’s tough, he’s athletic, his confidence was growing and growing. It became almost logical that he was that good during that time.”

At least we know D’Antoni hasn’t lost his sense of humor since stepping down. Can you just picture D’Antoni in a matching striped PJ set, hair all long and uncombed, just shuffling around his house all depressed? He probably had a glass of OJ in one hand, and the remote control in the other to alternate between Jerry Springer and cartoons. Such a depressing image.

Pat Burrell supposedly agreed to take picture with girl only if he could grab her boob (Photo)

Pat Burrell made a valiant return to Philadelphia over the weekend to be honored by his former franchise. By the looks of things, he had plenty of fun doing so.

Known as a ladies’ man throughout his MLB career, the former slugger hit the bar scene pretty hard and apparently got touchy feely in one pic. According to Crossing Broad, the woman who shared this picture on Twitter says Burrell would only take the picture if he could grab the girl’s boob. Naturally, she relented. It’s not quite as awesome as the Brian Urlacher boob grab photo, but it’s still pretty good.

Just a reminder: Pat Burrell was the machine.

H/T Busted Coverage

Erin Andrews, Chace Crawford not dating

Earlier on Monday we shared a report from US Weekly saying ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was dating actor Chace Crawford. The dating report was based on the two being spotted out together a few times. LBS writer Steve DelVecchio decided the report was based on “loose information,” and it looks like his skepticism was warranted.

SI’s Jimmy Traina, who is friendly with Andrews, wrote on Twitter that the rumor is “not true.”

He later wrote on his PM Hot Clicks that “Andrews told me the story is false and they are not dating.”

Either Andrews is downplaying the report because she does not want her love life to be the source of scrutiny in gossip mags, or the magazine took a piece of information and made a big leap with it. If the latter occurred, it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done something like that.

Livan Hernandez showers ball boy with sunflower seeds after he boots ball (Video)

If you think Major League Baseball players are under a lot of pressure, trying being the ball boy or ball girl. These club employees have balls ripped at them just as hard — sometimes harder — than the players themselves and they still have to try and make the play. In ballparks where the bullpens are in the outfield, the ball boys and ball girls are under less pressure. As you can see from the video above, the job is probably even harder when they have the opposing team’s relievers breathing down your neck when a foul ball comes their way.

When the Rays ball boy was unable to come up with a fairly routine grounder during a game against the Braves on Sunday, Tampa’s Livan Hernandez decided to shower him in sunflower seeds. Nobody enjoys booting a grounder, but this poor fella had to deal with harassment from the opponent after his miscue. Hopefully the team pays him overtime after witnessing the sunflower shower. Yes, we know Hernandez was just messing around.

Thanks to SI Hot Clicks for pointing the video out

Russia bans alcohol from any London Olympic receptions involving athletes

If any Olympic athletes from Russia are looking to party this summer at official Olympic events, they’re going to have to do it the clean and sober way. During the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver, Russian state oil company OAO Rosneft threw a party that featured imitation gas pumps that dispensed hard alcohol. No such events will be taking place at the London Olympics, as Russian Olympic officials have banned alcohol from official Russian receptions involving athletes.

As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, a Russian newspaper ran the story about the alcohol ban Monday under the heading “Stone Cold Sober.”

“Olympic values are not commensurate with the consumption of alcohol,” a spokeswoman for Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said according to the newspaper.

The story also indicated that the decision may have been a result of Russia’s disappointing performance at the Vancouver Olympics, where they ranked sixth overall in total medals with 15 and managed to take home only three golds. Considering Olympic athletes are generally some of the most well-conditioned and healthy people in the world, this shouldn’t be a huge deal. If there are any Russian athletes who planned on relying on an alcohol diet to keep them fresh in London, now is the time to turn to plan B.

Note: This post also appeared on Medal Detector
Photo credit: The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Lions reportedly keep Titus Young out of OTA’s for punching Louis Delmas

When Lions organized team activities began on Monday morning, receiver Titus Young was not in attendance. Unlike others who are nursing injuries or attending to personal matters, Young had a different reason for not taking part: He is not welcome at the team’s facilities.  According to, Young has been banned from Allen Park indefinitely after he reportedly punched safety Louis Delmas during voluntary workouts last week when Delmas wasn’t looking.

Delmas and Young got into a fight over an unknown issue, but it was apparently the punch itself that the team deemed unacceptable. Delmas was present at the start of OTAs and there is no word of him having been punished in any way.

“This is the voluntary part of our offseason program,” Lions coach Jim Schwartz said. “There is no need to comment. It sort of entails that it is not voluntary. I’m not going to comment on any other thing, other than (Stephen) Tulloch (who will miss the next few weeks to an injury) because Tulloch will be down for a significant period of time.”

Voluntary means those who are allowed at the facilites are welcome, so chances are that means nothing with regard to Young. As Eye on College Football pointed out, the second-year receiver out of Boise State has had temper problems since college. He was suspended indefinitely at Boise State for disciplinary problems before rebounding to become a major part of the Broncos’ offense. Last season, he punched a Saints player in the face when Detroit was down 17 points against New Orleans and attempting to get back in the game. As far as non-football issues are concerned, this obviously isn’t a great way for Young to begin the new season.

Photo credit: Mike Carter-US PRESSWIRE

Erin Andrews reportedly dating actor Chace Crawford

If a double date that involves Erin Andrews and Tony Romo is something that interests you, you may soon be in luck. As we know, Tony Romo is married to former American beauty queen Candice Crawford. According to US Weekly, ESPN’s most celebrated sideline reporter was recently spotted out a couple of times with Candice’s brother, Chace Crawford.

Chace Crawford has been out on “a couple” dates with Erin Andrews, a source tells Us Weekly. “They’re getting to know each other,” the source says of the Gossip Girl actor, 26, and the ESPN sportscaster and Dancing with the Stars alum, 34, who have been spotted out and about at events and cozy dinners in NYC.

Take that loose information for what it’s worth, but it should be noted that Chace and Romo have been known to bro out at a theme park together. If E.A. and the male Crawford — who is known for his role as Nate Archibald in the popular TV series “Gossip Girl” — truly are dating, I wouldn’t be surprised if the four of them become the best of friends in the coming months.

UPDATE: Jimmy Traina if SI Hot Clicks says he spoke with Erin Andrews and she said the rumor is not true. If Jimmy says it, we believe it. So much for that.

H/T Shutdown Corner

Semyon Varlamov falls down with Russia’s IIHF championship trophy (Video)

Over the weekend, Russia finished off an amazing undefeated run to win the IIHF World Championship. Led by NHL stars Alexander Ovechkin, Pavel Datsyuk and Evgeni Malkin, the Russians were hardly ever tested in the tournament. By winning their first gold since 2009 and defeating Slovakia 6-2 in the final game, Russia has once again established itself as a world hockey powerhouse. However, they could use some improvement when it comes to postgame celebration.

As you can see from the video above, Russian goalie Semyon Varlamov took a tumble as he was raising the championship trophy in triumph on Sunday afternoon. Fortunately for Varlamov and his teammates, he was able to land safely on his can and avoid an Alabama-style trophy disaster right in the middle of the ice. If the trophy were as big as the Stanley Cup, I can see the weight of it bringing a player to the ice. With this trophy being about 1/8 the size and Varlamov playing a position that requires tremendous balance, I’m not exactly sure what happened here. We’ll just call it the exhaustion of victory.

Reds to pay tribute to Chipper Jones with logo on the side of bases (Picture)

With the Braves beginning a four-game series in Cincinnati on Monday evening, the Reds have decided to pay tribute to one of their franchise’s most famous opponents. At the end of the season, Chipper Jones is all but certain to call it a career. When he does, it will only be a matter of time before the seven-time All-Star and 1999 NL MVP makes his way to Cooperstown. Since this is likely the last time the Reds will ever host the Braves third baseman, they have decided to pay tribute to him with a special emblem on the side of the bases.

According to the Braves official Twitter account, one of the bases will be presented to Chipper, another will go to the Braves Hall of Fame and the third will go to the Reds Hall of Fame. Teams don’t typically give opponents this type of treatment, but Jones is hardly just any opponent. He’s an 18-year veteran who made it through the steroid era with a clean name. If anyone deserves to be presented with a custom base in a visiting ballpark, it’s Chipper.

Thanks to LBS reader Dave for the tip

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