Fedor Emelianenko Eye Pictures – Swollen Shut After Big Foot Beatdown

MMA heavyweight superstar Fedor Emelianenko surprisingly lost in the first round of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix on Saturday night. Antonio Big Foot Silva used his height, weight, and overall size advantage to push Fedor around, especially in the second round. After Silva got on top of the Russian, he went to town raining down blows on Emelianenko’s head. The end product was this damage to Fedor’s right eye that ended up swollen shut:


Even with the shut eye I’m still surprised the fight was stopped. Fedor’s eye had shut during the second round yet he still fought Silva off and was even trying to crank his foot for a submission at the very end of it. The ringside doctor played it safely and called a stop to the fight, leaving Fedor’s future in doubt. It also leaves us with this pressing question: which was in worse shape, Fedor’s eye, or Antonio Margarito’s eye after the Pacquiao fight?

Fedor-Silva Fight Video – Doctor Should Not Have Stopped the Fight

Saturday’s Strikeforce card on Showtime was fantastic, starting with the prelims and extending to the main event. The headliner fight between Fedor Emelianenko and Antonio Big Foot Silva provided all the excitement one could have asked for, and it delivered as big of an upset as you’ll see in March Madness. The only difference is that with the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix eight-man tournament, the upset came a month early.

Here are highlights of the fight:

Look, I’ll say this straight up: I’m a big Fedor fan and think the world of the man. He is my guy. Obviously I hated to see him go out like that and I was even more crushed when he talked retirement after the loss. But I still believe that the doctor stopped the fight too early. Was Fedor hurt? Definitely. Was he getting beaten in the fight? No doubt. But was he still capable of protecting himself and — dare I say — capable of pulling off a victory? You bet.

After suffering punishment for 4:30 of the second round, Fedor climbed out and began cranking Silva’s foot, hoping for a late-round submission. He didn’t come close, but obviously he was still in a position to compete. He had won the first round on two of the three judges’ cards meaning even if he didn’t score a knockout or submission in the third, he still had a very good chance of winning the fight based on points. As bad of a beating as he took in the second round, he still could have won that fight.

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Isaiah Armwood Punch Video – How Did he not Get Ejected for Hitting Nasir Robinson?

Pitt narrowly escaped at the Pavilion in Philadelphia on Saturday with a 57-54 win over Villanova. One thing they could not avoid however was a punch by Nova sophomore forward Isaiah Armwood who clocked Nasir Robinson. Check out the video of Isaiah Armwood punching Robinson and ‘splain to me how he was allowed to stay in the game:

Armwood only got hit with a technical foul, ostensibly because there was confusion over whether his action was intentional. It was pretty clear to me that he took a swing at Robinson on purpose. Good thing all worked out in the end with a Pitt win. As for Armwood, he landed as many punches as he scored points in the game. That’s the way it should be after a cheap shot like that.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Taunts Manny Pacquiao with Facebook Posts

This Floyd Mayweather Jr. character is beginning to look worse and worse by the day. We’ve gone over the legal issues he’s been facing lately, and most of the public has turned against him for his refusal to fight Manny Pacquiao. While Pac Man is working on his third fight since he and Money were supposed to meet, Floyd has been doing nothing but getting into trouble and betting on basketball games.

Oh yeah, he’s also been taunting Pacquiao.

Mayweather spent part of his Saturday reminding fight fans that he’s still undefeated while Manny’s record has been thrice blemished. In four separate posts on his Facebook page, he linked to videos of each one of Pacquiao’s losses, and then he topped it off by writing that he was 41-0 and undefeated.

It’s extremely irritating to see Floyd waste his time that way. We all know that he’s undefeated and that Manny has lost. But Pacquiao has been fantastic over the last handful of years, and it’s universally believed that he’s the only fighter who can challenge — and possibly beat — Floyd. If Floyd’s so good and Manny’s so bad, then why won’t he prove it in the ring?

With every fight that passes between the two of them matching up, Floyd looks worse and worse. And you know what? Even if they do eventually meet, a Mayweather win won’t have as much significance as it would have a year and a half ago when this fight was supposed to happen.

Floyd’s facebook postings pointed out by BSO. Here they are:

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Aaron Harang Says Relief Appearance with Reds Under Dusty Baker Ruined Him

Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker received a tremendous amount of credit after his ballclub surprisingly won the NL Central last season. Even the NL Manager of the Year votes (he finished second to Bud Black) won’t erase his reputation for ruining pitchers by having them throw more pitches than many people would advise. His time with the Chicago Cubs was marred by injuries to emerging stars Mark Prior and Kerry Wood, and now it appears as if we can add Aaron Harang to his hit list.

Harang went from a decent starter his first two years in the league with the Oakland A’s to one of the better pitchers in the National League with the Reds. In 2006 and 2007 he won 16 games, starting 35 and 34 games respectively. His 16 wins, six complete games, and 216 strikeouts all led the league in 2006, and he finished 4th in Cy Young voting in 2007. His 2008 season was going well (except for the win-loss record) up until an outing late in May against the Padres.

Harang was roughed up for the first time all season on May 22nd, getting hit hard by the Padres for 10 knocks and five runs over five and a third innings. He threw 103 pitches that outing and the Reds lost 8-2 in the opener of a four-game set. Three days later, the Padres and Reds were in extra innings when Harang was called on to pitch. The game was tied at nine in the 13th and Harang, with only two days of rest following a 103-pitch outing, tossed four scoreless innings in relief. He was outstanding, striking out nine and allowing just two hits while throwing 63 pitches.

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Trainer Greg Jackson Says Rashad Evans’ Knee Injury Was a Freak Incident

Legendary MMA trainer Greg Jackson was at the Izod Center in New Jersey Saturday evening to support his fighter, Andrei Arlovski, who was fighting in Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Grand Prix. Jackson was interviewed by HDNet during the prelims and was asked about another one of his fighters, Rashad Evans.

Evans had to pull out of his UFC 128 fight with Shogun Rua because of a knee injury, opening the spot for teammate Jon Jones. Not much information was given about Evans’ status other than he was hurt, but Jackson shed some light on the matter.

“People were wrestling next to him while he was wrestling” Jackson explained, “and they ran into the side of his knee.” He added “[Evans] is probably out for at least a month and a half, I think it was his MCL. Just one of those things. Instead of being bitter, he’s a fighter and he’s already looking forward to his next fight and getting into rehab and doing everything he needs to do.”

If he’s out for at least a month and a half, he probably still should be able to be ready for UFC 130 in case he’s added to that card. We passed along word of the rumored rematch between Evans and Rampage Jackson, but it appears as if Matt Hamill will receive the fight instead. Bottom line, from the sounds of things, it was just awful luck that Evans got hurt. Hopefully he returns completely healthy.

Fedor Emelianenko Training Video – An Unlikely Freak

Fedor Emelianenko seeks to regain his status as an invincible figure in mixed martial arts when he fights Big Foot Silva in the first round of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Saturday evening. In many ways, Fedor is an unlikely champion. Just taking a glance at the man, there is nothing imposing about his stature; he’s not tall, he doesn’t have any bulging muscles, and he doesn’t exchange dirty looks.

In a sport with many outlandish figures known for running their mouths, funky hairstyles, or multiple tattoos, Fedor looks very much like the common man. Heck, he even as the love handles to match. But as you can see from any of his fights or by watching this training video, he is anything but ordinary.

Take a look at this video of Fedor in training as released by Showtime prior to the Silva-Emelianenko fight:

There are a few things about Fedor that stand out from watching the video. He has excellent footwork, and superb instincts when it comes to avoiding strikes. What also stands out is how highly everyone in the video thinks of Fedor. They’re all complimentary of him and how he is as a person, and his humble personality stands out. It’s an excellent trait for such an outstanding fighter, and a healthy contrast to so many other notable fighters. It’s easy to see why Emelianenko is so popular as a fighter.