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Friday, February 12, 2016


MLB: Frank McCourt Tried to Take $20 Million from Dodgers in April

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and Major League Baseball are embroiled in a legal argument over the irresponsible handling of the historic franchise. MLB says Frank has mishandled the franchise by keeping too much of the team’s money for himself. McCourt says the club wouldn’t have financial issues if Major League Baseball would approve the TV deal he’s negotiated with FOX. MLB rejected the deal because they feel McCourt will mishandle that money, and worse yet, lose all lifelines because the last stream of revenue for the team will be gone.

Why would they feel that way? Because as recently as April, they say he tried to take money away from the team.

From the LA Times, who seems to be spoon fed their scoops from MLB:


Paige Duke Fired as Miss Sprint Cup Girl After Nude Pictures Emerge

Paige Duke was recently fired from her job as one of the Miss Sprint Cup girls. The announcement was made through the Miss Sprint Cup Facebook page in a post on June 29th, but no reason was provided. SB Nation suggested that nude pictures which had spread on some racing sites were responsible for the firing, but that was just speculation up until now.

In an interview with FOX Charlotte, Duke confirmed that was the case.

Paige explained that naked pictures she took for her boyfriend while she was in college somehow got out.

“These were pictures I had sent an ex-boyfriend when I was 18. This is the most embarrassing thing that could have ever happened to me,” Duke told FOX Charlotte.

She says the pictures were only sent to her ex. Her attorneys are trying to figure out who’s responsible for spreading them and they’re trying to have them removed from the net. They’re still out there, and believe me, they’re not just a friendly flash from your girl next door.

Duke says she understands that the pictures violate her morality clause and she hopes other girls will learn from her mistake. And what lesson is that? Don’t distribute naked pictures of yourself unless you’re prepared for them to become public.

Isn’t that right, Greg Oden, Hilary Duff, Mike Hamlin, and Brett Favre?

No, Lionel Messi Did Not Cry During Argentina’s Copa America Game

Argentina and Colombia played to a scoreless draw in their Copa America game Wednesday night. Argentina now has just one goal and two points through their first two games in group play, and the fans are out for the players’ heads. Lionel Messi, who scored 53 goals for Barcelona this season, struggled once again. At one point he totally booted a free kick. He was seen looking sad at various points during the game, but don’t confuse things — he did not cry. This was the closest he came to leaking tears:

I know we’re used to seeing a happy Messi who pulls stunts on the pitch, so this is quite surprising. It really seemed to me that Messi had a runny nose from playing in the cold and that’s why he was wiping his face. When an athletes like Chris Bosh cry, we know it. It was a bad game for Messi, but let’s set the record straight: he was not crying.

Brooke Daniels Dumped Roy Williams for College Baseball Player David Murphy

Early on Wednesday we told you that Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams is suing his ex-girlfriend to get his engagement ring back. An engagement ring he sent her in the mail. Along with a video message that was part of his virtual proposal.

Any surprise she turned it down?

Anyway, his ex-girlfriend, former Miss Texas Brooke Daniels, is now dating someone else. The fine folks at Busted Coverage did some sleuthing and figured out that Brooke is now dating David Murphy, an infielder for the University of Houston baseball team.

And guess what? There’s an apparent trend with her boyfriends: they must have sub-par stats.

Murphy batted .241 in 13 games for the Cougars this season. Roy had 530 yards in 15 games. The difference is Murphy just completed his junior season and he’s a leukemia survivor.

For someone who underwent leukemia treatment to hit .241 in college baseball is pretty awesome, so we really do give it up to Murphy. Not only that, but he’s also dating the former Miss Texas. That’s quite a pull David, so we don’t have anything bad to say about you. Just be on the look out for Roy — if he can actually catch you.

Check out Busted Coverage for more pics of Brooke and David

Woodlawn and Plaquemine High School Teams Get into Major Brawl (Video)

Woodlawn High School and Plaquemine High School played each other Wednesday in a seven-on-seven scrimmage. Things were heated between the squads from the moment the game began. 20 minutes in, we got this amazing fight captured on tape by WAFB:

We’ve seen women’s soccer fights, two jockeys fight, and a high school player attack a ref here at LBS, but this marks our first high school football fight. By the way, that’s easily the best football brawl since Miami and FIU went at it in 2006.

To see all sports fights posted at LBS, go here

Hand slap to Peter Burns for the story

Bryce Harper Lost Focus in Single-A Because it Wasn’t Fun

Bryce Harper continues to ooze with charm. In an interview with CSN Washington prior to his second game with Double-A Harrisburg, the Nationals’ super prospected acted like his typical cocky self. He says he lost focus playing for Single-A Hagerstown and said he was doing things he shouldn’t have been doing (what? like this?). Don’t take it from me, take it from Bryce:

Gotta love Harper. He tried to get jersey No. 34 from a teammate even though he’s only going to be with Harrisburg for a few months. He makes a request like that yet he won’t pay the $1,200 price? And then he butchers the kid’s name? Man, he makes it very easy to dislike him.

Bryce Harper is one of the most talented young hitters on the planet, but he comes up tremendously short in the respect department. We’re going to have to find some middle ground here because I have a feeling we’ll be covering Harper for the next 20 years and there’s only so many times we can sack him with the LBS Nut Bag.

Thanks to Eye on Baseball for the link

Chad Qualls Angers Giants by Spiking Ball After Tagging Out Andres Torres

Padres reliever Chad Qualls upset the Giants by doing a little sack dance after tagging out Andres Torres at the plate to end the 7th inning Tuesday night. San Diego won the game 5-3 and the Giants took offense to Qualls’ celebration afterwards, as our friend at Gaslamp Ball point out.

“That’s not professional,” Torres said about Qualls’ spike. “I don’t believe in making a show on the field.”

There’s little doubt Qualls was pumped to get out of the inning without having to pitch to Pablo Sandoval (who was at the plate when Torres was tagged out). He also said his actions weren’t intentional.

“I kind of lost my mind out there,” Qualls said. “It was adrenaline. This is a big series for us.”

It’s understandable why Qualls reacted the way he did and it’s understandable why Torres was upset. I’d be upset with Qualls if he did it intentionally, but sometimes your emotions come out when you’re all hyped up during a game. If the Giants want to get back at him, they’ll have to do so on the field by getting a win.

Forearm bash to Gaslamp Ball for the story

Cardinals Hook Brandon Phillips Up with Promotional Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

The St. Louis Cardinals run a promotion where fans get a dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for $2.99 if the team has more than nine hits in a game. They had nine hits in an 8-1 win over the Reds Tuesday and Brandon Phillips tweeted that he’d like some doughnuts. The Cincinnati second baseman wrote on twitter “Since the Cards got 9 hits tonight, can someone hook me up with some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for $2.99? I saw the promotion at the game. LOL.”

He asked and the Cardinals marketing team delivered, as we learned from SI Hot Clicks. Check it out:

Though Phillips was grateful for the doughnuts, he said he wasn’t planning on eating them. Why? If you’ve seen Van Wilder you’ll understand.

The real surprise with this story is that Phillips is on good terms with the Cardinals. Remember what he said about them last year and what it caused? Yeah, probably a good idea to avoid eating those, Brandon.

Forearm bash to Hot Clicks for the story
Photo Credit: Katharine Ann Bassel on Facebook

Miami Hurricanes Brag About 10 Players in NFL Network Top 100 with Awesome Card

The Miami athletic department created this awesome infographic based on NFL Network’s Top 100 players of 2011. The Canes blew all colleges away by placing 10 players in the Top 100 (and it could have been more if they didn’t snub Ken Dorsey).

Devin Hester was overrated while Jon Beason and Frank Gore were underrated. D.J. Williams should have made the list too. Still scratching my head why the legendary Jarrett Payton wasn’t included …

After seeing that graphic, is there any surprise why Miami’s 2001 team was called the most talented college football team ever? We all know Ohio State lost that ’03 title game too.

Helmet knock to NESN for the graphic

North Korea Athletics: Dictated by Kim Jong Il

Numerous, unconfirmed reports suggest that there is a country that exists called North Korea. Only a country that is so isolated from the rest of the world can earn itself the nickname, “The Hermit Kingdom,” which, incidentally, was the working title for my unauthorized autobiography. In fact, the country is so insulated from the rest of humanity that any attention-mongering athlete wishing to don a pair of sunglasses indoors at a club has been unable to verify whether Kim Jong-Il’s shades are Prada or RayBans. The horror.

The sporting world gets a chance to come into contact with North Korea every now and then, whenever there is a World Cup, Olympics, or any athletic event where there is some kind of fermented cabbage to be had.

If your summer plans have not included the chance to beat out the sunrise in order to catch the latest action from the Women’s World Cup in — wait for it — bucolic Germany, you have certainly missed out on some spectacles. Well, yes, the usual foolish rhetoric has been spewed from Sepp Blatter; given his last name, it should come as no surprise that FIFA’s president has been prone to emit waste matter. Also, yet another mascot has been wheeled out to cause yet another sports-induced zoological crisis. In South Africa, during the 2010 World Cup, soccer gave us a leopard with green hair, because the Telly Savalas look does not jive with World Cup splendor. The 2011 women’s event mascot resembles a cat conceived during Chernobyl. But, at least, the viewing populace gets to be introduced to countries that perhaps time, and maybe Funk & Wagnalls, forgot. Yes, there really is an Equatorial Guinea, a country which has been dogged by allegations that it used male players to qualify for the Cup. After all, what would a world sporting event in Germany be without at least a few questions of gender validity?


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