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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Petco Park Dog Day Becomes a Success

Pretty much every stadium in sports is sponsored by a given company, but none may be more amusing than Petco Park in San Diego. Let’s think about it for a second: the Padres’ home park is named after a pet store.

The Padres went to their naming roots over the weekend and held a “Dog Days of Summer” to increase awareness for pet adoption. I don’t know about you, but any time there’s a pet day at a ballpark, I’m hooked. Let’s think about things: are dogs really watching the games? Do we need to buy them tickets and give them a seat? Are we getting them shoes and allowing them to take a turn?

Alright, we’re not going that far, but the Padres did have their Dog Days of Summer and here are some of those pictures (the one on the motorcycle on the far left is my favorite):

James Harrison: Orton Stepped in Front of the Train, Got What He Deserved

Kyle Orton a trash talker?  I wouldn’t have guessed that, but I suppose you never know.  James Harrison insists that the Broncos quarterback was talking smack during Sunday night’s Steelers-Broncos preseason game and ended up getting what he deserved as a result.  It may only be the preseason, but Denver’s quarterbacks are taking a beating.

Harrison recovered a fumble in the game (a call that was overturned) and Orton attempted to tackle him after he scooped the loose ball.  The result was exactly the one we’d expect to see when a quarterback tries to tackle a 250-pound linebacker (hint: something similar to what Ndamukong Suh did to Jake Delhomme).  Harrison felt no remorse, to say the least.

He was running his mouth and getting in the way of the train,” Harrison said after the game, per Mike Klis of the Denver Post.  “And the train wasn’t coming off the track.”

“He was popping off down there the first time they were about to score,” Harrison said.  “So you run your mouth, expect to get something.  Everything’s between the lines, so he got what he had coming.”

Orton should have known that only James Harrison is allowed to run his mouth, even if it’s about taking a trip to the White House.  Love the whole “getting in the way of the train” thing, too.  He should copyright that phrase.  I’ve never heard it before.

James Harrison says Kyle Orton “got what he had coming” [Pro Football Talk]

Does Shaq Have a Man Crush on Tom Brady Already?

There were plenty of high profile athletes and celebrities in attendance on Saturday night at the T.D. Garden in Boston to watch James Toney embarrass himself and B.J. Penn get destroyed.  Among them were Tom Brady and Shaq.  Big Daddy Diesel signed with the Celtics less than a month ago, but it appears he’s already caught Brady fever.  He even took time out from making a ridiculous challenge to fight Hong Man Choi to Tweet his thoughts about the Patriots quarterback.  Those thoughts had nothing to do with sports.  Shocking, I know.

Sounds like a blatant man crush if you ask me.  Don’t be surprised if we see Shaq at a Pats game holding a “Will you marry me, Tom?” sign within the next few weeks.

Shaq on Twitter

Austin Rivers Tools on John Wall

If you can make a No. 1 NBA draft pick look clueless on the court, you probably have a pretty bright future in basketball ahead of you.  We aren’t telling anyone anything they don’t already know, but Austin Rivers — Doc Rivers’ son — must be as good as they say.  Just ask John Wall, whose insane hops were of no use during Boost Mobile’s Elite 24 camp in California.  Check out the video of Austin Rivers crossing up and stripping John Wall, courtesy of The Big Lead:

It’s no wonder Rivers is considered the best player in the Class of 2011.  If you can make a player like Wall look silly on both sides of the court on consecutive plays, you’re headed for a big pay day.

Austin Rivers Crossed Up John Wall, Then, He Stripped Him at the Defensive End [The Big Lead]
Video Credit: The Rookie Wall

Frank Thomas Gets Emotional at White Sox Jersey Retirement Ceremony

Frank Thomas is a man who means a lot to the city of Chicago–especially if you are a White Sox fan. On Sunday, his former team honored him by hosting “Frank Thomas Day” at U.S. Cellular Field before the finale of a three game series against the Yankees. The Sox retired Thomas’ number and unveiled his picture in the outfield.  I’ve never had my number retired, but I imagine it’s an emotional day for a player who is getting one of the highest honors that a former team can provide. They are forever immortalizing you in their organization and I see it as the biggest way a team can say “thank you.”

This isn’t the first time this year we’ve seen emotional speeches in Chicago. Lou Piniella gave an emotional retirement speech a week ago and Jeremy Roenick welled up after the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup victory. If you missed it, here’s the Big Hurt’s speech from U.S. Cellular Field:

I don’t believe anyone can judge Thomas or any other athlete for getting emotional at something this important in their career. In fact, every time I’ve witnessed emotional speeches like these, it reminds me that these guys are just human after all. As a Sox fan, I got emotional watching Thomas’ speech and I’d like to say thank you to the Big Hurt for all the amazing talent and passion he brought to our team. I don’t think anybody deserves it more.

White Sox honor all-time great Frank Thomas [CSN Chicago]

Caroline Wozniacki: Tennis’ New ‘It Girl’

From Anna Kournikova to Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic, women’s tennis is known every bit as much for their good looking women as their good looking forehands. The three aforementioned ladies have been the “it girl” on tour at one point in their career, and before them one could argue the likes of Tracy Austin, Gabriela Sabatini, Steffi Graf, or Mary Joe Fernandez held the same title. Not only are many of the women on tour beautiful, but they also are in fantastic physical shape allowing ladies like Ashley Harkleroad to pose in Playboy. While Kournikova, Sharapova, and Ivanovic have dropped off because of injuries, struggles, or to pursue a new career (in the case of Kournikova), a new leading lady has emerged in women’s tennis: Caroline Wozniacki.

Despite being just 20 years old, Wozniacki is no stranger to the spotlight. With Serena missing this year’s U.S. Open because of a foot injury, the #2 ranked Wozniacki has been elevated to the top seed at Flushing Meadows. Caroline has been on tour since 2005, got her first wins on tour in 2008 (winning three tournaments), took three more in 2009 (and appeared in five other finals), and she has been on a roll this summer, winning three of her last four tournaments.


Please Let Shaq Fight Hong Man Choi

Shaq was one of the many high-profile Boston-area athletes on hand for UFC 118 at TD Garden on Saturday. Shaq’s been a fan of MMA for quite some time and has even done some training. The massive-sized publicity whore apparently has plans to steal some non-NBA thunder after his playing days are over. He told Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting that he would like to fight Hong Man Choi.

I know Shaq is all for grabbing attention, money, and publicity wherever possible, but calling out Hong Man Choi is not the right way to achieve such goals. Choi is a 7’2″ 350lb Korean kickboxing monster who almost beat Fedor Emelianenko and smashed some guy’s face in with a vicious knee to the head. He would have done the same to Jose Canseco if steroids boy didn’t tap so early. There’s little doubt he would destroy Shaq all the same.

I don’t know what it is about MMA that all these athletes think they can do it. It’s practically become what rap used to be for so many aspiring players. Shaq may want to fight in the Octagon and receive all the glory of the UFC, but taking a guy like Hong Man Choi on is the wrong idea. After the way James Toney turned out, the Big Carpet Bagger should know better than to try such a ludicrous challenge. I hope he does and in turn pays the price. $49.99 to watch Shaq get his ass kicked? Now that’s something for which I would pay. I’m sure Kobe’s thinking the same thing too.

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Ndamukong Suh Rips Jake Delhomme’s Head Off

If you missed this play over the weekend then you have to see it. With the memory of Ndamukong Suh’s monstrous Big 12 Championship game against Texas where he had four and a half sacks and tossed Colt McCoy around rag doll-style fresh in our minds, Suh had his first “I am here to dominate” moment in the NFL. Playing in Detroit’s third preseason game Saturday, Suh got a hold of Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme and spiked him to the ground like a volleyball. Donkey Kong got a personal foul flag on the play, but boy, was it worth it. Check out this must-see video of Ndamukong Suh on Jake Delhomme:

Lions fans are hoping there’s plenty more of that to come. I can’t even remember the last player to enter the league with as much animosity towards quarterbacks. I’m guessing Suh will be on Roger Goodell’s most wanted list by the end of the year if he keeps up this act. I hope he does.

Video Credit: YouTube user CastleDragon78

21-Year-Old Tries to Pose as Middle Schooler to Play Football

We’ve all had that fantasy of going back to youth sports or high school to dominate the competition, run the school, and live up the dream life. Unfortunately for many of us, we only get one chance in life unless your name is Danny Almonte or that 22-year-old creep who went to Permian High to ball it up. Now we can add one more name to the list: Julious Threatts.

As Out of Bounds shares with us, Threatts had registered and played for the Town N’ Country Packers, a 13- and 14-year-olds team in the Tampa Bay Youth Football League. His alias was Chad Jordan which isn’t at all generic. “Jordan” actually played a few games for the team and wasn’t busted until he tried to enroll in middle school. People suspected something was up immediately because Threatts looked way too old to be in middle school and their suspicion was confirmed.

Threatts was actually busted when his mother called his cellphone and one of the administrators spoke to her. He’s probably lucky that’s all that happened otherwise potentially would have faced much worse than just trespassing charges at the school.

The story doesn’t sound too awful until you learn that Threatts went to the extents to forge a birth certificate, make up a life story about his parents dying, and compose an email from an alleged scout who labeled him as a prospect. Was the arrest worth playing a few youth games and scoring a pair of TDs? Probably not. How did he not dominate more than that??

How did this 21-year-old man believe he could pass for a middle school football player? [Out of Bounds]
Man, 21, posed as 14, school officials say [The Tampa Tribune]

I Knew I Didn’t Like Brandon Jennings

Anyone who can drop 55 points in an NBA game — not to mention one during their rookie season — is obviously a special basketball player.  Brandon Jennings is very good.  He’s just a little too weird for me.  He may be less of a tool than Bryce Harper, but he’s making it a closer competition than it has to be.  Supposedly the video of Brandon Jennings dancing to Lady Gaga is the result of a lost wager.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any less disturbing.  Thanks to You Been Blinded for the video:

Brandon Jennings Pays Debt with Lady Gaga Performance [You Been Blinded]
Video Credit: YouTube user gothazetv

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