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Monday, June 25, 2018

Floyd Mayweather Jr. In a Split Decision

If you’re this far down and still reading, it probably means you have at least a mild interest in my analysis of tonight’s fight. That being the case, I urge you to read my story at The FanHouse explaining why this will be an extremely disappointing fight. Your call, you can check it out now, or after you read the following analysis:

Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Jr. is much quicker and more athletic than Oscar. He’s as fast and sharp a boxer as De La Hoya’s faced since Pernell Whitaker. And we all know how that fight turned out (Sweet Pea was robbed off a decision). Which is exactly what I fear to be the outcome in this fight. PBF will dance around the ring, wisely avoiding toe-to-toe action with the bigger and stronger De La Hoya. He will shrewdly stick jabs and quick combos before ducking away from contact. He will win the fight by out-pointing De La Hoya in what figures to be a close decision — most likely split. I am extremely confident that this fight will last all 12 rounds.

However, I would not be inclined to bet on this fight. The reason is simple — Oscar has knockout power. The Golden Boy’s good looks are deceiving; he’s as tough as it gets in the ring, coupling tremendous courage with a powerful left hook. If PBF ever starts feeling pressure to create action and excitement, it will open up the window for Oscar to floor him with one deadly punch. Furthermore, Oscar was able to steal a decision against Whitaker because he threw more punches and was constantly the aggressor — something ringside judges reward. I have no doubt Oscar will win several rounds tonight 10-9 because of his aggression. Heck, even his trainer Freddie Roach said their strategy would be to attack Mayweather.

If you’re a casual boxing fan reading this, here’s your warning: tonight will not be an exciting fight. Read this story to find out why.

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