Floyd Mayweather chooses Marcos Maidana even though Amir Khan won poll

Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced via his Twitter account Monday that he will be fighting Marcos Maidana next, which goes against his word.

Back on Feb. 3, Mayweather said on Twitter that he would be holding a poll where fans could vote on his next opponent. Mayweather touted the poll by saying he would “let the fans decide”:

That seemed to be a bunch of hooey because Mayweather is not the kind of person who lets anyone dictate his business. Sure enough, he was full of crap.

Khan won the poll by nearly 5,000 votes, but Mayweather still announced he would be fighting Maidana:

Amir Khan Floyd Mayweather poll

Madiana and Mayweather are scheduled to meet on May 3, which is a typical weekend for Floyd to fight. They will likely fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which is where Floyd always fights.

I’m not at all surprised that Floyd chose Maidana considering he’s the better opponent. I’m actually more excited about this fight than a Floyd-Khan bout. I just wanted to post this to remind you that Floyd is full of crap and that you shouldn’t fall for his social media gimmicks (you know, like when he tells you how much money he won on sports bets without sharing how much he’s lost).

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  • Raleighwood007

    I think that Khan would have given Floyd a lot more trouble then Maidana. Khan is a very slick boxer with lightning quick hands and a nice reach. I think it’s possible that Floyd would have possible had to go outside of his comfort zone and been more of the aggressor against Kana which will not be the case against Maidana because you know he will be coming forward. I see Floyd winning this fight by knock out. After Canelo was hit with some shots from Floyd he became a lot less aggressive it’s possible the same thing happens to Maidana. I think Maidana will stay aggressive and go out on his shield if he has too. It’s a lot more respectable getting knocked out by going for the win instead of sitting back and getting out pointed round by round and taking a lopsided decision lose in my humble opinion.