Floyd Mayweather Robbed of $7 Million in Jewelry at Las Vegas Home

No noise was made about Floyd Mayweather Jr. getting robbed a few weeks ago, probably because hardly anyone knew about it. We’re now finding out about the robbery because Mayweather’s declared there will be a $100,000 reward for anyone who has information that could lead to the suspects.

Mayweather confirmed that the jewelry is estimated to be valued at $7 million and was taken from one of his Las Vegas homes. The offense occurred on August 17, between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. The thieves apparently broke his bedroom window and entered while he was out of the house.

No one was hurt and security is working around the clock to ensure that cameras and professional guards are posted. Only the jewelry was observed to be missing.

All I have to say is you should feel blessed that you even have $7 million worth of jewelry to be stolen in the first place. Seriously, who just leaves $7 million lying around the crib? Isn’t that what safe deposit boxes are for? Or maybe this really is an indication of how well off Mayweather truly is. Didn’t he say he was heading towards being a billionaire? I guess 7 mil’s nothing when you’re loaded like Pretty Boy.

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  • http://mona-whatswrong.blogspot.com/2008/08/bretts-jet.html Bruinmom

    Come on, does a man really need $7 million worth of jewelry? Does anyone? See, this robbery is karma kicking Mayweather in the butt telling him to stop being such a dumbass and put his money in the bank. He’s going to wish he had that extra $7 million in cash when we can no longer fight. Are these boxers learning nothing from Mike Tyson?

    Common sense, this is your wake up call. Get your butt up!!

  • Gene

    I guess “slave wages” buys a lot more than it used to.

  • Ronald

    If he can afford $7 million jewelry, you think he’d be able to pay more than $100,000 as a reward.

  • stan

    Leave mayweather alone.. Some people have it and some dont and some have more than others. Know your place. We spend what we earn. And no one wants to be stolen from, however little or big.

  • tiffane

    Just think if that were you. You would not be saying what you are saying right now everybody has a special something about them just because he went off of his and it earns him the big dollars. And my mom alway6s syas that it is wrong to still it doesn’t matter if you are old, young rich, poor smart, or dumb its wrong.

  • JOe blow

    Why would you spend 7 million on jewelry, what a dumbass. I would never spend that much on jewelry no matter how much money i have. He deserves to have it stolen there is so much that money could go to, i know its his but 7 million to look cool while people starve on the streets, come on we all have needs but your just a jackass if you want to spend that much on your looks must not be that pretty if you gotta doll yourself up that much!!!!

  • http://grawse.com LOL


  • Mainmann88

    Opinions are like assholes, every bodies got one. Shut the F–k up and work on your own life. You only got so much time.

  • Floydgetitst8

    Someone came into his bedroom window and robbed him of only his jewelry and nothing else who would believe a story like that..Let me tell you the truth here the man is broke but have an addiction and it is called gambling, second he has this on open area not in the safe right so it is easy to take and the insurance company okay to get it insured without investigating it third if the man is rich he has camera so where is this invisible man who just happen to get missed by all this camera and no alarm and his security personnel didnt see anything..If you truly believe this you must more stupid then all of us who knows this is impossible, if he really did have this much jewelry he would of paid IRS some of there money..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OL3R7DDMOAYWS6DBKFGIO232V4 Anonymous

    lol @ Larry Brown’s clear jealously while writing this article. That’s pretty sad.