Tide comes out with new commercial after Daytona 500 exposure (Video)

If you watched the riveting two-hour delay following the infamous track fire during last week’s Daytona 500, you probably remember NASCAR officials using Tide detergent during the clean-up process. Now, Tide is capitalizing on the exposure with a new commercial that first aired during Sunday’s Subway Fresh Fit 500 Sprint Cup race. Pretty smart and timely move on Tide’s part.

The company hasn’t sponsored a car in the Sprint Cup since 2006. Perhaps the people at Tide have been counting on bizarro jet-fuel explosions for product placement on the racetrack.

Kudos, From the Marbles

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  • Anonymous

    Good for Tide, there is nothing better then a free product placement. The fire was easily the most exciting part of the race and really the only reason to watch it in HD. I work at a DISH call center and I am surrounded by HDTVs all fed by HDDVRs, the fire was pretty amazing to watch. When the wreck happened, everyone around me kind of stopped what they were doing and watched as they tried to put out the blaze. Seems like a win/win. No one got hurt, NASCAR got bigger ratings and TIDE got a free commercial.