Megan Fox star struck by ‘gorgeous’ Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook Megan FoxRussell Westbrook is not just an NBA All-Star or fashion icon. He’s also a sexy stud, apparently.

Westbrook presented at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards on Thursday in Los Angeles, and he was paired with stunning beauty Megan Fox. Even though conventional wisdom would suggest Westbrook had the honor of presenting with Fox, it apparently was the other way around.

Check out what Fox said about the “gorgeous” Westbrook in a Facebook post on Friday:

Is that even real? Or is Fox just messing with us? There’s no way that’s real, right?

Fox has been ranked one of the hottest women of all time by Maxim and FHM. Westbrook has been ranked No. 1 player most likely to piss off Kevin Durant by not passing.

I don’t know what Fox was thinking, but Russ should be beating his chest right about now. Heck, he should even send her a free pair of sunglasses for that ego boost.

Pau Gasol: It was difficult telling Kobe Bryant I was leaving

Kobe Bryant Pau GasolPau Gasol chose to leave the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency to sign with the Chicago Bulls, and he says one of the toughest parts was informing close friend Kobe Bryant about his decision.

Kobe and Pau have been teammates since Gasol was traded from the Grizzlies to the Lakers in 2008. Pau became a three-time All-Star with the Lakers and won two championships with the team. The two were leaders on the squad, and every time Pau was mentioned in trade talks, Kobe was there to back and support him.

But this was Pau’s first time as a free agent, and the allure of playing for a more competitive team and different organization was too much, so he signed with the Bulls — even though he would have made more with the Lakers.

Telling Kobe about the decision was tough for him.

“It was difficult. We have a close friendship,” Gasol said Friday via ESPN. “We’ve been through a lot together, and I’m sure I will miss him. But we talked to each other and our relationship goes beyond basketball and we’ll always have a friendship.

“It was difficult to talk to him, but he was very supportive and he understood. He just said I had to do what was best for me and what felt right for me and he was going to support me no matter what. That’s what friends and brothers do, and that’s what we are.”

You might have some questions about whether or not Kobe would be supportive of a friend leaving him, but it says a lot about their friendship that Kobe understood. Heck, how could anyone blame Pau for finally leaving? The Lakers shopped him year-in and year-out the last several seasons. Why wouldn’t he want to test the market and see what other franchises have to offer?

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Lakers spectacularly botch alley-oop attempt during summer league game

GIF: Lakers attempt off the glass alley-oop at the buzzer, fa... on Twitpic

Due to the nature of the NBA’s two summer leagues, tuning in and expecting high quality basketball is probably being overly ambitious. However, they do give fans a chance to see the top draft picks of their favorite teams and provide something that resembles NBA hoops in July.

lakers-summer-league-alley-oopOn Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Denver Nuggets in the final summer league game of 2014 for both teams.

During the game, the Lakers providing a lasting moment when an attempted alley-oop didn’t quite go as intended. DeAndre Kane lofted the pass, then in came both Julius Randle and Xavier Gibson for the finish.

Unfortunately, neither was successful, but the result will probably end up being one of the more memorable highlights of this year’s Las Vegas Summer League.

GIF via Twitter/cjzero

Tim Howard wants to know if Knicks have cap space for him

Tim Howard diveLooking ahead to 2015, the New York Knicks will have a considerable amount of salary cap space available thanks in part to the contracts of Amar’e Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani expiring next year.

Unfortunately, at the moment there isn’t much wiggle room for Phil Jackson to work with in terms of adding worthwhile pieces for the upcoming season.

Not that Jackson was necessarily looking in his direction, but U.S. Men’s National Team goalkeeper Tim Howard seems interested in taking up a piece of that available cap space, according to this tweet he posted on Thursday.

Based on his heroics in the recent World Cup, Howard’s value likely will never be higher so it may take a max deal to bring the 35-year-old on board, which means Phil Jackson has a while to ponder the possible addition. Given the loss of Tyson Chandler, the Knicks will need defensive help. If Howard can protect the Knicks’ basket like he did the United States’ goal, it might be worth it.

Just a thought.

Delonte West thinks Twitter shots at Brian Windhorst big reason he is out of NBA

Delonte WestDelonte West has not played in the NBA the last two seasons, and the longtime Cleveland Cavaliers guard thinks he knows why.

According to the Orange County Register, West attributes a January 2012 Twitter rant in which he took shots at ESPN writer Brian Windhorst as a “major reason” why he was out of the league.

West was in the middle of his first season with the Dallas Mavericks when he went on the rant. He complained about media bias against him, vented, and called out Windhorst by name for following LeBron James from Cleveland to Miami. West was suspended by the Mavs following a locker room outburst during the preseason and did not play a game for the team the next year.

West, 30, played last season in China. He’s now in the NBA summer league with the Clippers, but that does not mean he’ll be on their roster next season.

While he thinks the Twitter rant is a major reason why he is not in the league, I think it’s a confluence of multiple events. West is kind of out there similar to a Metta World Peace. He was pulled over on his motorcycle and was found carrying multiple weapons in a guitar case while riding the bike. He had the supposed outburst with the Mavericks. He said the White House wouldn’t let him visit. He gave teams many reasons to be leery of him, and his talent is not enough to outweigh the risk of signing him.

LeBron James reached out to Kevin Love about playing together

LeBron James Kevin LoveIf there were any doubt about who’s running the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s been cleared up.

The same day a report emerged saying the Cavaliers were willing to include Andrew Wiggins in a trade for Kevin Love, we also learned that LeBron reached out to the Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star.

Yahoo! Sports reports that James reached out to Love to express a desire to play together on the Cavs.

Love is entering the final season of his contract and has told the T-Wolves he will not re-sign with them. He has tried to pressure the team into trading him, but Minnesota is holding out for the best possible offer.

Yahoo! also says the Cavs are now willing to include Wiggins in a trade for Love, but they say Cleveland would need an additional team to be involved in the deal.

So far James has gotten James Jones and Mike Miller to sign with the Cavs, and he’s working on bringing Ray Allen to Cleveland, too. If he’s able to get Love on the squad, the Cavs will definitely be a championship-quality team. As a great rebounder, passer and outside shooter, Love is a perfect complement to James.

Trading Wiggins would not be easy. I think he’s going to be an awesome player. But Love can help bring the Cavs a championship in the next couple of seasons, and that’s what the Cavs are going for.

Tracy McGrady retires from baseball after recording first career strikeout

Tracy McGradyTracy McGrady retired from professional baseball on Wednesday after recording the first strikeout of his career.

McGrady, who was a 7-time All-Star during a 15-season NBA career, began a secondary career as a pro baseball player this year. A high school pitcher who called baseball his first love, T-Mac worked with coaches on his pitching and even trained with Roger Clemens. He made his debut for the independent Sugar Land Skeeters in April and started four games for the team.

McGrady started the Atlantic League All-Star Game on Wednesday and told the team that would be his last game.

“It has been a tremendous ride,” McGrady told CBS Houston. “It is my last game today. I informed the team this would be my last outing and I appreciate them giving me this opportunity to start the game and enjoy this great mid-summers classic.

“This has been an awesome year. Not having my basketball career end the way I wanted but having the opportunity to be friends with some of the guys and get to know them and compete with them, learn from them every day, it’s been an honor.”

McGrady gave up a hit, walk and run in 1.1 innings. He struck out All-Star Bryan Pounds for the final out of his career and only strikeout he recorded in pro ball. McGrady went 0-2 with 4 hits, 10 walks and 5 runs allowed in 6.2 innings for the Skeeters.

When you figure how little training and preparation McGrady had compared to everyone else in pro ball, he put together a respectable career. Good for him that he got to enjoy a second career.