Sarah Jones avoids jail time after pleading guilty to having sex with student

Sarah Jones managed to avoid jail time after pleading guilty to having sex with her 17-year-old former student while she was a high school teacher.

The former Bengals cheerleader entered her guilty plea on Monday after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors. She pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual misconduct and felony custodial interference, which was less than the two felony charges she initially faced. Her lawyer says she made the guilty plea to avoid having her “embarrassing” and “steamy” text messages read in court. Her trial was set to begin on Wednesday.

As if Jones getting off without jail time and without having to register as a sex offender weren’t enough, she and the now 18-year-old boy walked out of the courtroom holding hands. Keep in mind that Jones was married when the two began their inappropriate relationship.

If you’re wondering why prosecutors agreed to the deal, it’s apparently because the boy and his family would not cooperate with them. They seem to approve of the relationship between the two.

Jones resigned from her job as a teacher at Dixie Heights High School last November and agreed to never apply for a teaching job again. She is currently working as a legal assistant in her lawyer’s office.

So probation for five years, no jail time, and no need to register as a sex offender for Jones? Man did she get off easily. Do you think a male in that position would have been let off on such easy terms? Is that fair?

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WXA3YLHGE5ADHQXAXGZRLMRABM Sapphireship

    I don’t care what anyone thinks…it is WRONG!  Who can we trust with our children…I am now a mother of 4.  

    At 17 yrs of age a grown of 42 man approached me to start a relationship…we had a child together and he was with me till I was 20.  This man though it looked like everything was fine and loving to outsiders….He was no more then a Pedifile! Years later I am having relationship problems that I cannot over come.  I was not prepared for what a grown man would do to me.

    He was sexually abusive and I thought what he was doing was normal.   What experience would I have at 17 that would make anyone think otherwise!

    Grown men leave our daughters alone!!!  You are causing permanent damage and you cannot regain your youth …get over it and grow old.   Trophies are for your mantle and not for your arm at a dinner party to throw away like a dinner mint.

    You are every bit as guilty as  Sandusky!!  Just because it is a girl makes it no less acceptable.   Just because it is Legal doesn’t make it Moral..there is another judge that you will face for your eternal sentence!

  • Ryan Cox

    Hmmm. At 17 why would you even let a 42 year old man approach you? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/VeronicaGulbrandson.Neill Veronica Gulbrandson-Neill

    how sick!! can’t belive She got off !!!! i watched a vidio ans she says ” what bothers me the most is that poeple judge me and my morals and they dont know the situation “…umm hello you are a grown adult women ….what do you want with a 17-18 year old child????? we think you are sick beacuse he is a child and that makes you a PEDIFILE!!!!!!

  • leigh

    learn to spell dumbass.

  • leigh

    who cares?? why do you THINK it matters more when it’s the other way around? do people lack common sense?? women get PREGNANT. a male teacher having sex with a female student is way worse! way worse! not to mention the size discrepancies. a young girl is powerless against an older man.

    his parents approved of the relationship. so there’s the parental consent right there.

    and i love how when stuff like this happens, a 17 year old male is a child, but a 17 year old female isn’t…. i read these stories all the time and that is often the consensus in the comments section….

    or perhaps it’s another crime altogether, and then the comments section is loaded up with people bickering on what adolescence is, and how 17 year olds are adults.

    now i am not saying this boy is an adult, and im certainly not saying a teacher should have sex with students…. but it’s all about perspective.

    if this was a male teacher and a female student the chances of her regretting it and having mental issues later is huge. you think this boy is gonna regret anything?? you think he will be damaged at all???

    give me a break!