Alabama fans turn Oregon’s ‘We Want Bama’ shirts into ‘We Forgot Stanford’


Many Oregon fans can still feel the sting from their 22-19 loss to Auburn in the 2010 BCS National Championship Game. It is widely assumed that Alabama will be back in the national championship game again this season, so Ducks fans have been walking around this year wearing shirts that read “We Want Bama” across the front of them. Yeah, about that.

Oregon’s chance of facing Bama — or any other team — in the BCS National Championship Game all but evaporated on Thursday night when they lost to Stanford. As if the loss didn’t sting enough, CBS Birmingham’s Jim Dunaway shared a photo of the new shirts Bama fans are selling to remind the Ducks that they should not have overlooked Stanford.

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“We Forgot Stanford,” the shirt reads.

That pretty much covers it. Maybe Stanford was simply the better team. Maybe the Ducks overlooked their opposition. If the latter is true, shame on them.

H/T College Football Talk

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  • Keanu Noga

    What a beatdown…what an embarrasment – what a fraud the ducks are!

  • Dave Nvm

    Dont forget also on sunday there gonna be a shirt reading “We forgot about lsu”

  • Bill Garrot

    As an LSU fan, I wish that were the case; however, I think the Tide is likely to roll over us like a speed bump. Perhaps, FSU could hang with them; however, we’ve had too many turnovers on offense the last couple of games and our defense has been porous.