Bobby Bowden Wants to Use His Junior College Wins

I’m really struggling with this story. Ordinarily when a team is forced to vacate past accomplishments, I look at that as a wrist-slap, nothing penalty because you can’t really undo games that a team won. For Florida State coach Bobby Bowden however, that seems like the absolute worst thing you could do to the man. Facing the thought of vacating 14 wins because of an academic cheating scandal, Bowden’s getting creative:

Meanwhile, Bobby is hatching one final trick play. This one involves digging up what he says are 22 victories earned while he was coach at South Georgia Junior College from 1956-58. Asterisk that, NCAA.

“I’ve got to get put in the grave here one of these days … ” Bowden said. “It don’t count to them. It does to me.”

Like I said, I’m having a tough time interpreting this. Is it pathetic that Bowden is digging this deep just because of a numbers game? Is it worse that Joe Paterno’s Penn State team full of criminals haven’t cost him any wins but an academic scandal cost Bobby? Is Bowden and Paterno’s game of career wins chicken a childish, egotistical battle that’s holding back both schools or is it a symbol of loyalty, longevity, hard work, and accomplishment? I think it’s some combination of everything I mentioned. Maybe the best thing would be to have the wins vacated just so their stupid game could come to an end. I highly doubt either one is doing much coaching these days anyway.

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  • Joel

    There is no “I” in team. You win as a team, you lose as a team. Bowden’s ego is too big to let it go.

  • SpinMax

    Uhhh so when will USC have to forfeit every game Reggie Bush played in?
    Still waiting.

  • yourmom

    “team of criminals?” you’ve got to be kidding me. there have been a few serious incidents over the years, but the VAST MAJORITY of what you cite was ridiculous targeting of PSU players by an overzealous DA hell-bent on prosecuting any large black man in State College.

    Free Shoes University
    Forced Sex University

    On and on FSU has gotten away with cheating and scandal because of Bobby B’s “awwww shucks fellers” garbage; yet you have the nerve to compare Florida State’s program to Penn State’s in terms of integrity??

    my opinion of you:
    biggest. douche. ever.