Dog Bites Auburn DB Jerraud Powers During Iron Bowl

The game may have been under the radar for the national scene, but it was as important as ever in Alabama — Nick Saban’s first taste of the Iron Bowl. Sadly for Saban, the Crimson Tide lost 17-10. On the other side of the ball, Auburn sophomore defensive back Jerraud Powers had a pick in the first half, helping his Tigers get the victory. In addition to gaining bragging rights from the win, Powers ended up with quite the battle scar:

After successfully defending a long pass during the fourth quarter, Powers was bitten on his left hand by a police dog stationed beyond the end zone. The sophomore celebrated by mimicking the referee’s signal for an incomplete pass, which the dog interpreted as an aggressive act.

“I saw blood coming out of my glove. I started panicking,” Powers said. ” I was looking toward the sidelines and I was screaming, ‘The dog bit me,’ the next three plays. When I went into the training room I was like: Do I need a rabies shot? Then I thought about it and it is a federal dog. I’m sure he’s the cleanest dog in America. I’ll be sure to wash it out real good.”

I guess the dog was a Bama fan. Sigh. I’m just waiting for Bevo to ram some horns up an opposing linebacker’s ass. Now then we’d be talking.

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  • Police Blotter

    Yeah Powers should sue them and get as much money as he can from the dumb mut, if it had been the other way around powers would be arrested and charged with police brutallity. Stupid Cops!!

  • http://none Kate Riley

    Whoa there… Perhaps they should take a look at where they station K-9 units in the future- like further away from the noise, confusion and aggression of the field during play… But sue? Please, let’s refrain from following the trend of being litigation-happy over an accident… And let’s try to be more supportive of the overall fine job law enforcement does to watch over the player’s (and everyone’s) safety!

  • aquaadverse

    Ever been bitten by a dog? It’s not like a defensive back has a need for full range of motion in his hand. Given the history of police dogs attacking blacks in Alabama, you would think they might be more careful.

  • http://none Kate Riley

    Why yes, I have been bitten, by a German Shepard… Fortunately, only puncture wounds. I also grew up in Mobile, AL. I haven’t lived there for some time, and could be wrong, but don’t recall that a police dog ever attacked a player at a football game, be he black or white… However, I’m sure that if it happens again, they will be more careful to make sure the player is white.

  • Logan Felts

    I was at the game and saw this happen. Other people around just thought it had tried to bite him but oh no, it got him. Often times at the games the police dogs are muzzled but this dog was not, what kinda made me REALLY ANGRY was when the cop holding the dog had a smug smurk on his faceas he began to remove the dog from the field, that was ignorance. I have seen muzzled shepards at the Auburn games before move and get excited, possibly in an aggresive way toward players on the sidelines. THis was an unfortunate happening.

  • Jon

    That’s a really unbiased picture for the story isn’t it, just makes the dog out to be a monster before any of the facts are known. It was a bad thing, but I’m sure Mr. Powers will recover fully and laugh at the memory in a none too distant future if some psycho litigation-happy lawyer doesn’t convince him to sue the dog for every milkbone he has.

  • Richard

    #1, you people talking about suing are part of the problem with America nowadays. Go for the easy money because of a simple inconvenience and never worry for the rest of your life. I am sure the ones saying sue are either lawyers that want to represent Mr. Powers, or living off the free money themselves.
    #2, Bashing the police and the K-9 is not the best way to remedy the situation either. Sure, the officer may have been too close to the field of play with the dog, or maybe the dog should have been muzzled, but bad mouthing the very same person you call on when your crack head friends steal your T.V. is not the way to go. Let his supervisors handle the necessary course of action for him, discipline wise. Everyone else should continue to support the officer and the K-9. Everyone should be thankful there is someone that would lay their life on the line for a total stranger that bad mouths them for doing nothing wrong, or possibly just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    #3, I do agree the smug look on the cops face was a little tasteless, but he is more than likely a Bama fan. You put any other Bama fan in his shoes and see your dog bite the hand of the very same guy that intercepted a pass earlier and just deflected a sure touchdown, I bet you have a smug look as well. That is pretty much human nature.
    #4, I hate to know that I am even entertaining this part of the previous posts, but my shift partner said it best a couple weeks ago. “The race card is burned out. This is not the damn 60’s or even the 70’s. Racism is still present, but not near as much as some people like to believe it is. If you think this is about the color of skin, then someone needs to knock the living shit out of you.” if that offends anyone, well, then you are just gonna have to be an offended ass.
    Jerraud Powers has said himself that it was just a couple of scratches and the dog that bit him was probably the cleanest dog in the world. The whole incident scared him more than anything. He does not sound bitter, upset, or afraid that he is gonna lose his hand. It is pretty much set in the stars that the man will be playing football on Sundays in the near future. Let it go, stop suing for every little thing, stop blaming law enforcement for all the worlds problems, and enjoy the rest of the season.