Mike Leach Would Put Oklahoma in Front of Texas in Big 12

The inevitable happened: Oklahoma beat Texas Tech in Norman creating a three-way tie for the Big 12 South lead. Texas beat Oklahoma on a neutral field, Texas Tech beat Texas in Lubbock, and Oklahoma beat Texas Tech in Norman. Those were each team’s sole loss, yet only one team can represent the Big 12 South in the Big 12 title game against Missouri, and after that point, only one can advance to the BCS National Title game should the Big 12 South winner lose to Missouri. So how do you decipher things? Who should get the nod between the three teams? Texas Tech coach Mike Leach knows his pick between Oklahoma and Texas: “I would put Oklahoma ahead,” Leach said. “They beat us and they deserve it.”

Oklahoma can eliminate themselves from contention should they lose to Oklahoma State in their final regular season game — something entirely within the realm of possibility. Should that happen, Texas Tech would need to beat Baylor in order to capture the Big 12 South since they own the tiebreaker with Texas. Should things end in a three-way tie, I would disagree with Leach and give the nod to Texas. The reason I give Texas the leg up on the other two teams is because they beat Oklahoma on a neutral field, not at home the way Texas Tech and Oklahoma got their wins. Additionally, Texas fought back and made it very close with Texas Tech on the road in their lone loss. By virtue of their neutral field win, I would say Texas should represent the Big 12 South should things remain tied. A Texas vs. Alabama/Florida winner for the national title? I could definitely go for that.

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  • Gene

    I understand your logic, but you are missing one point. The Texas-Oklahoma game is not played on a neutral field. It is played at the Texas State fair in Dallas, TEXAS. Oklahoma has to travel a lot farther than Texas, and the game is held in Texas. While the crowd in the stadium may be 50-50, the surrounding area is strictly Texas country.

    The same thing is true of Georgia-Florida playing each year on a “neutral” field in Jacksonville, FLORIDA. Georgia has a lot longer trip and is definitely not the fan favorite in that city. UGA does not get a fair shake in those games and I am surprised their AD doesn’t ask for a change of venue.

    As far as I am concerned, they can flip a coin between the two teams, and there is a chance that Oklahoma State or Texas A&M will upset the favorites this coming week.

  • Jhan Ganyen


    As a loyal Sooner, I have to dagree and disagree with you. Dallas is about halfway between Austin and Norman. It’s about three hours from each OU and UT to Dallas.

    That being said, Dallas is NOT a neutral field. Play it in Boulder if they want a neutral field.

    Also, in that OU/UT game, Texas only one by 10 points — a kick-return touchdown, and a field goal from an interception non-call. It’s not like Texas beat the Sooners by 44 points.

    So if you want to nit-pick and talk about how “close” Texas’ loss was in Lubbock, you need to logically apply the same rhetoric to Oklahoma’s loss in Dallas.

  • Jhan Ganyen

    Also, if OU and UT finish tied, and Alabama loses to Auburn or Florida, or both, why should Florida be in the National Championship Game? They lost to an unranked team AT HOME.

    If Alabama ends up losing (they’ve never really been dominant like OU and UT all year), we should see an Oklahoma-Texas national championship.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    They’ll never give us a rematch of what we’ve already seen for a title game (least I don’t think so). Even if playing in Dallas gives UT the advantage over Oklahoma, it’s still different from playing on one’s home field so that’s where I give my edge.